Toxic Mold – Don’t Get Scammed!

Fox News in Atlanta, Georgia ran a series of stories on Mold starting on May 4th, 2016.

They spin the story to make it look like mold cannot make you sick.

It’s not what they say but how they say it. Mold DOES make people sick. This series of news stories makes it look like people are not getting sick from mold. And they are.

At least six states (Arizona, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia) have legislatively allowed doctorally educated NPs to be addressed as “doctor” as long as they clarify that they are NPs. According to the 2007 Pearson Report, only 7 states (Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon) have statutes or regulations prohibiting a nurse practitioner (NP) or other doctorally prepared health professional from using the title “Doctor.”

So, yes, this man may be illegally calling himself and having others call him “doctor.”

That being said, in most parts of the world and most states, all kinds of people are legally allowed to call themselves “doctor” besides just medical physicians. This includes dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, naturopaths and yes, anybody with a PHD no matter whether of not it is in medical science or in English literature.

I don’t know whether Michael Pugliese has a doctorate degree or not… so I am not going to speak on this anymore than I already have.

I am also very sorry that some of these victims lost many thousands of dollars by going to this clinic and they have not been helped. I hear this kind of story all the time… not just about this clinic but about many clinics around the United States.

I have friends who spend anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 on clinics because they are desperate to feel better. It’s not just mold clinics either. There are traditional medical clinics that are failing many people. How do you think people are getting to the point where they are desperate for someone to help them?

‘Mold Doctor’ faces investigation

Company packaged nasal spray in laundry room

In the third look at this story, Fox News Atlanta goes on to make it look like people cannot and do not get sick from mold. The title of their third piece “We had no mold”

Mold Patient: “We had no mold”

The facts are:

People CAN AND DO lose hair from mold exposure.

You don’t have to see or smell mold to have mold in your home.

If the urine tests came back positive from the lab, you have mold in your home.

I used to think you had to get out of the house and throw out all your stuff too. As a matter of fact, that is what we did in 2011.

In 2014, when we were getting sick from mold again… we found an air reactor that made it possible to stay in our home without going to the extremes of throwing out all our stuff again.

Testing the air is not a good test for mold.

People that suspect mold should do a dust test for mold.

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What Are You Doing to Survive?

Lately, I have been not feeling well when I leave my home.

I use a Hi Tech Air Solutions air reactor in my home and I feel great when I am in my house, with the windows closed and my air reactor on. When I go outside, I don’t feel good after a short time. This makes golfing, going to the beach, going for a hike, or going to a barbecue very difficult. The days of riding a bike may be over for me.

Going in buildings that are water damaged makes me sick too… but this is not about water damaged buildings. This is about outdoor air. Air that is so toxic everyone is being poisoned every time they breathe.

The way I feel has caused me to look up to the skies and notice lines in the sky.

If you have seen them too but you have dismissed them as “normal” please take a moment to educate yourself. Not the propaganda you will find on the internet and on the news, but the honest to God research by people like Clifford Carnicom and Kevin Galalae.

Our skies do not look like they did when I was a child. I remember when horizons were blue and clear. I grew up 26 miles west of Chicago and anyone who knows that area knows how flat it is in the mid-west. I used to be able to see Chicago on a clear day. I’d be surprised if I could see 10 miles today.

Look at the white at the edge of the horizon in the “Before” picture.

survive this poisoning

That haze never goes away. This is a global issue.

Some people call these lines in the skies chemtrails.  Some, rightfully call them poison.  Others go a bit further and call them a part of the depopulation plan.

Many fraudulent sources masquerading as trustworthy sources will dismiss them as contrails or conspiracy theories.  This is a smoke screen to make you look the other way.

Whatever you call them, they are poisoning us.

The following is a documentary on the poisoning of our skies that has increased exponentially over the past several decades.  Below the video, I transcribed some of the suggestions made by

Aerosol Crimes

I transcribed a part of the documentary that goes into some of the things you can do to counteract the poisoning.  These suggestions could help you survive despite of the poisoned air we are all breathing. If you are feeling sick, weak, forgetful, or you have been diagnosed with any disease… look for the cause.  Don’t take some pharmaceutical that masks the symptoms.

Transciption begins at 57:19 Gwen Scott, N.D.

“I never thought I’d live to be seeing these times. As you know, recently, information was brought to us that is critical in terms of health. So, I want to deal with that first and then we can go back and talk about the other contents of this aerosol spray and the impact to the body and perhaps some mitigating medicines.

“We have found out through a very credentialed research doctor that perhaps what we are seeing occasionally show up in our air supply is a fungus. The reason this is so critical is apparently this fungus dramatically compromises the immune system by consuming those nutrients the immune system uses to repair and rebuild. Like every system in our body, the immune system has to keep rebuilding itself. It will wear out, it will wear down and it has to keep regenerating. If it doesn’t have those nutritional tools to do that, your immune system becomes dramatically compromised unable to deal with any kind of invader. That’s why I think we’re seeing so many more colds and flus then we have seen in the last five and a half, six years… then we’ve seen in a long time. I know in my clients, these things are epidemic. Sinus infections, colds and flus, that’s on the lighter side. On the heavier side, we are seeing a lot more cancers and some very devastating disease implying an extremely compromised immune system. Part of that has to be this fungal kind of invasion because, as I said, this fungus eats the nutrients that the immune system uses to rebuild itself.

“People say, well, what do you do about a fungus. Well there are some things that we know that are very good, natural medicines for fungal invasions like that. Garlic kills fungus pretty much on contact. The Chinese mushrooms, Reishi, Shitaki, Maitaki(sp), particularly in extract form have been very… have a lot of efficacy. Caprylic Acid, which you can find in any health food store. There are a number of things. And, finally colloidal silver, we know, is a major anti-fungal. When people are looking at their bodies and saying, why am I always feeling run down and tired… it may be —We are being told now that this person is looking at the blood of many, many people and almost everyone, this fungus shows up in their blood stream. So that’s something we can take care of. If it becomes something in the lungs, we can do the tea tree oil inhales. We also know that we are getting a lot of particulate heavy metals. All of which are not good for the body. And I would like to just quick run through them, their potential damage to the body, then also some mitigating medicines we can do. We know that there is some Aluminum in this. And we also know that aluminum, unfortunately can cross the Blood Brain Barrier. And, we know through research, it has been correlated to diseases like Alzheimer’s. If not so extreme, certainly short term memory loss. So, sad to say, the Blood Brain Barrier does not recognize aluminum as a toxin and let’s it go through into the brain. The good news is, if you have enough essential fatty acids in your system, your brain has the ability to take that metal (aluminum) and push it out of the brain, into your hair. And I think that is why so many people who are getting hair analysis are seeing high, high concentrates of aluminum in their hair. It’s the brain, doing it’s job, trying to get this toxin out. Some good, essential fatty acids that you can consider are flax seed oil, evening primrose oil and most recently brought to me, very profound, is Krill K-R-I-L-L oil it’s a fish oil that is fairly pure. These essential fatty acids allow the brain to get rid of that aluminum. We also know that Barium is part of the mix and Barium (besides being a carcinogenic) knocks pretty much all the potassium out of your body and we’re seeing — I’m seeing in my clients a lot of muscle weakness, a lot of heart palpitations. All related to either a complete loss of potassium or way too low level of potassium. So we know since we’re bringing Barium in, we need to supplement potassium in. And I would say, for anyone who is listening to me that the responsible thing to do would be to share whatever you are to do with your health care practitioner. Because if you are on certain medications, it can contraindicate. But these are just general guidelines and information, not prescription, not diagnostic.

“There is also, apparently, some titanium in this mix, from your research, again, another heavy metal. And magnesium. For a long time, I could not understand why that would be a bad thing because we are always encouraging people to take magnesium. However, my brother, who is a physicist accidentally, gave me an answer that I have been seeking two or three years, why I was seeing so many blood clots and thick sticky blood platelets. It’s epidemic now. They are constantly running commercials for blood thinners and on and on. Well, he tells me that when you combine an aluminum ion with a magnesium ion — IT CLOTS THE BLOOD. With both of them in this mix, my personal choice is ginger root for blood thinning. I take ginger root capsules every day. There is also an herb called ginko biloba that also thins the blood. But, I wouldn’t — this is a very important cautionary — if anyone is on a pharmaceutical blood thinner — do not — DO NOT ADD IN ANY OF THESE OTHER REMEDIES — because you could get your blood so thin that if you cut yourself your blood won’t clot. So it’s dangerous. So if you are on any pharmaceutical blood thinner do not add in ginger root or ginko biloba and those kind of things. But if you are not on a pharmaceutical these are good, natural things you may want to consider in terms of thinning the blood.

“And then, I get this question all the time, ‘What can I do to mitigate some of this?’ It’s in every breath I take. That is something I think it is hard for people to understand. This is not something that previously I could say to people, ‘Please don’t eat margarine’ ‘Please don’t drink tap water’ these things are not good for you. I cannot ask people not to breathe. What I can say are there are things that you can do to mitigate the amounts of it that you are taking in. One thing that you well know I do… when I am outdoors, I wear a mask. It’s not comfortable. It looks silly. I get stares. But I have to tell you since I have been doing that, I’ve noticed a big improvement in what kind of symptomology I’ll have to deal with. Also, there is something, a very natural substance called diatomaceous clay that has the unique property of attracting heavy metals to it, then binding with them and allowing your body to then, send it out through your bowel. In most health food stores you can find it under the name of bentonite. You have to make sure, though, that this Diatomaceous clay that you are taking in is food grade because they do have Diatomaceous clay at the nurseries and that’s not pure. If you go to your health food store or you know somebody who has food grade diatomaceous clay that is something that I do daily to try to remove these metals because all heavy metals are detrimental to the system. Again, flax seed oil, krill oil, the omega 3-6-9 oils, very important. Particularly for brain function during these times. Potassium supplementation.

“And another epidemic is sinus infections. Colloidal silver nasal spray –I use and I’ve had a lot of friends use it. It’s very effective with helping to clean up those sinus infections caused I’m sure by all these particulates.

“I don’t know if you know… one of the top respiratory specialists in the United States was recently on the Today Show. He has written a book called –something about the breathing crisis in this country and he told I think it was Katie Kuric. I don’t recall who was interviewing him, maybe Ann Curry. That death or mortality from respiratory disease had gone from number eight — five years ago to almost number three. That’s huge. That means that the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THIS COUNTRY IS BREATHING. And one has to wonder… what could have happened in five years. To have created that kind of crisis is the only word I can think of.

“So, this is something anybody who breathes and I am assuming that is anyone who may be seeing this documentary needs to be concerned not only for themselves but everyone they love. This isn’t like a firing squad. Where everybody goes down and you get to watch it at one time. This is a cumulative poisoning. That will demonstrate in different people in different manners depending on how strong their immune system was to begin with, what their genetics are and many other factors. This is something that will demonstrate in a lot of different ways– you are not going to have as I said the firing squad effect — but what you will have over time — more and more debilitated people, more and more people who don’t feel well, more and more younger people which I am seeing quite a bit of now — in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s with problems that we never saw in that age range — or rarely, I should say saw. When this began 5 1/2, almost 6 years ago, 24/7. We know that maybe it’s been going on longer. But the 24/7, heavy spraying, during that time, at the beginning, I saw mostly older frail people and infants suffering and leaving the planet. But, now it’s coming down the old chronological scale here… so we’re dealing with people… teenagers, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s with a lot of debilitating problems. I know in Albuquerque alone, five or 6 years ago, 6-8 percent of the children were diagnosed as asthmatic. Today, as of now, it’s 70 percent. It’s devastating. These are children.

“I would say to anybody listening, one of the first and most important things you can do is start to eat your medicine, get rid of the junk food, get rid of the empty food, get rid of the zapped food. And begin to eat, if you can organic and free range. If you can’t at least goood whole, pure food. Don’t zap it in the microwave. That removes all the good digestive enzymes and many of the nutrients. Start with your diet. Your body is under an assault that never in the history of man, I don’t think we have seen before. In order for you to stay healthy and those you love you’ve got to really pay attention to what you are eating and the water that you are drinking. That is the first line of defense. I would also encourage people to consider a good vitamin and mineral supplementation program. Again, our bodies need every bit of help we can give them in these times.

“You know, it’s interesting. One of the most frequently asked questions, for those who are conscious and aware of this aerosol operation, is – ‘Is this intended to harm us?’ and I can’t answer that. I don’t know. What I can say is do they know it is harming us? Unequivocally they do at this point in time. And so one who lives in a free and democratic country would want to wonder, why would the people who we trust to care for us and keep us safe allow this kind of thing to go on. I personally have gone way deep inside and had many sleepless nights and can’t come up with any plausible reason why you could, for any reason, harm so many people in such a dramatic way. And so, I would say if you are like me, you love this country, you are deeply patriotic, that take advantage of that freedom we are given here in this beautiful land of democracy. Make your voice heard. Ask for an explanation. Ask for a discussion. So that we can determine if this is something we want in our air supply. We can’t just keep ignoring it. It’s not going to go away. It’s just not going to go away unless people of consciousness and conscience decide to get off the couch and do something and they can decide what that something is. Because if they don’t… as they watch the people around them and they look at their own health and they see the deterioration, they are going to have to wonder at some point… ‘well, gosh, why didn’t I do something… when I could?'”
–End transciption 1:11:

The entire video is an hour and 39 minutes long. I only transcribed a little less than fifteen minutes of it. The part that can actually help you to survive. There are tips on detoxing — a lot of them I did! If you want to learn more about the why are they poisoning us, who is poisoning us and what you can do to help stop this, watch the whole video.

Charles Darwin wrote what was once a very controversial book: The Origin of Species. He states, “In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.”
What are you doing to survive?

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Surviving Mold – The Book That Saved My Life

My son had been very sick for 9 months.

I had been sick… but not as sick as him… for 20 years.

We had both been told it was all in our heads. We both had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and many other things. I had 3 surgeries which, in hindsight, were all avoidable. My son had been on IV antibiotics that nearly killed him. Those were some scary times. Especially the last couple of years before we found the mold.

Everyone was sick. Including the dog. Seizures, throwing up, bloody noses, heart attacks, pain all over, fatigue, fainting, asthma, you name it, we had it. I thought I was losing my mind.

We found the book Surviving Mold in February of 2011 and we finally figured out why we could not get well. If you are living in toxic mold, you will get gradually sicker and many will even die living in mold. Many have died.

“It’s all in your head” was something we heard from many doctors.

In a way, it was. Our heads (and bodies) were full of toxins. Mold toxins, mercury, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses… all of the above! When you are sick from mold, your immune system is suppressed and you can catch anything that crosses your path. Somewhere between 50% and 80% of buildings have some sort of water damage that was not repaired quickly enough and caused mold. Most people think it’s no big deal. I am here to tell you it’s a very big deal and it can make people very, very sick!

Many closed minded doctors tend blame the patient (or the patient’s mother) when they can’t find a pharmaceutical or a surgery that fits your symptom list.  Believe me.  I’ve seen dozens of doctors who did not help us! And we were very sick.

We never did go to Dr. Shoemaker as patients. Since I have been well, I have met him at a couple of different “indoor air quality” and “mold” conferences. He’s a brilliant man who paved the way for millions to have a path to wellness.

This video interview goes over many of the points from the book “Surviving Mold” and if you want more info, his website is fantastic.

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Toxic Mold at the Spartanburg County Courthouse

They found mold at the Spartanburg County Courthouse in South Carolina and they have a clean up crew on the job. This news story is titled “Nontoxic mold closes parts of Spartanburg Co. Courthouse”

Sounds like no big deal, right?

That’s not necessarily true.

The people who work in that building are concerned that the clean up will not be good enough and they have a good reason to be concerned. Some people will get sicker than others in buildings with toxic mold. About 25% of people are more sensitive to toxic mold. Those people will not be able to work in that building unless it is cleaned up and the air purified so that ALL the toxins are gone. If they do return to work, they may experience headaches, nausea, seizures, strokes and even cancer.

moldy papers and files

Moldy Papers and Files

See, all those papers that they keep in government buildings?

They have mold on them too.

If you don’t do something about the surface mold and the mold that is hidden in file cabinets, furniture, behind walls and in the heating and cooling systems… you are going to have at least 25% of the people who work in that building having some kind of symptoms from toxic mold.

After the work is done to stop leaks and clean up the mold… You need to measure the square footage of that building and install an air purification system… preferably one that purifies air rather than filtering air. Filters get clogged, collect toxins and redistribute them. If you want a system that cleans the air, check out the air reactor I use in my own home.

Here is the original news story of the mold that is in the Spartanburg County Courthouse, in case you missed it.

Right in the beginning of the video, they stress that the clean up is of non-toxic mold.

I beg to differ. People tend to think that Stachybotrys is the only toxic mold and that is just not true. I’d like to see the air testing results and look at the mold that was found. I bet there is some aspergillus and other toxic molds in that report.

So, then a little later in the video they mention that they have been saying it has been non-toxic mold all along but last night they found “black mold” (a.k.a. stachybotrys) in an air test and in a second test they didn’t find it at all.

They are estimating to be done with the remediation in three weeks and the date of this video news report is September 6th.

That puts a re-entry date of September 27.

The company that is doing the work is JMAC Environmental, LLC. owned by John McNamara

I did a search of his name and found this earlier news story on the workers wearing masks because of mold at the Spartanburg County Courthouse

One of the quotes from the news story:

“This particular courtroom, I’ve had a judge, just a couple of weeks ago say, you know, I can’t go back in there, I feel sick every time I go in there.”

The photos show how the air vents in that room were covered in black.

Even after being replaced, the recent indoor environmental quality investigation revealed “Microbial contamination within the wall cavity” of the courtroom.

The Solicitor’s wing has elevated levels of mold in the air.

Judge Turner’s room has toxic black mold in the walls.

But what concerns employees the most is the fact that there are spores in the HVAC system.

That is a legitimate concern. And let me tell you, the mold is everywhere.

Unless you get an air purification system in there, or you REMOVE EVERY BOOK, PAPER, OFFICE CHAIR, SHEET ROCK, RUG, CEILING TILE, INSULATION AND ALL POROUS MATERIAL… people will continue to get sick.

The air purification system I use in my home can be sized for any building and it cleans the air. Not filtering. Cleaning.

The article goes on to say that they are concerned the fix may be more a band-aid than a permanent solution. They have to fix the leaks! If they are not fixing the water leaks, no amount of mold remediation, filtration or air purification will clean up the mold.

Once the source of the water intrusion is fixed and the mold is cleaned up to the best of this mold remediation company’s ability…

Get the permanent solution. An air reactor. Purify the air.

No matter how good any mold remediation company cleans that building (or any building) there will always be some mold and other toxins left behind. It’s best to install a system that works in the background to insure everyone is breathing clean air!

Here is the video that began the story on July 18th, 2016.

More on the toxic mold at the Spartanburg County Courthouse
Judge monitoring courtroom mold levels
County officials watching courthouse air quality
Toxic Mold Problems Plague the Spartanburg County, South Carolina Courthouse
South Carolina Boys Medically Kidnapped Still Not Returned to Parents – Suffering in State Custody

I’d love to hear your comments on the toxic mold found at the Spartanburg County Courthouse!

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