The One Thing I’ve Learned…

IAQworldToday, Susan Valenti interviewed me for her new online digital magazine, IAQworld. Susan has been reporting on the professional side of mold and indoor air quality for 22 years. IAQworld is going to be published with the indoor air quality consumer in mind.

One of her questions was, what is the one thing I have learned at this conference that has helped me the most…

There have been so many people, so many things… so much that I have learned… it’s difficult to pick just one thing. I have learned a lot, talked to amazing people, learned about fabulous products, made a lot of valuable contacts, and so much more. It’s hard to pick one thing.

What did I say in the interview?

See for yourself when it comes out next month. 🙂

I do have a lot to share with you. I will have to do it a little bit at a time.

Bob KrellSusan and her friend and business partner Bob Krell are working together on this magazine. Then have both been in this industry for over 20 years. They have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable and to introduce me to some great people.

Bob is a mold inspector and mold remediator with a lot of experience. He is based out of Buffalo, NY but just got finished with a job in Vermont. He has a lot of knowledge and he has been generous with his time by answering my questions.

Tonight, I was checking out, Bob and Susan’s site. I found some videos that Bob made and this is my way of sharing Bob’s knowledge with you.


This is another video of Bob testing in a home for mold and moisture. Looks like this one aired on PBS! I love that he talks about mold being a symptom… and moisture is the cause. He also mentions that the person who is living in this house has health concerns. Fix the moisture, clean up the mold… and get your health back. The first step to getting health back is getting rid of the mold.

Professionals like Bob and some of the other mold remediation professionals I have met at this conference are cleaning up mold and they care about the consumer. I now have an arsenal of contacts that are interested in doing mold remediation correctly. They are the best of the best and it warms my heart to know that I will be able to share these contacts with other people. I want to see my friends who have indoor air quality issues and health problems hire someone once and get the mold remediation done correctly.

When I was going through my own mold-mare, I interviewed a dozen contractors to work on our house and I didn’t hire any of them. Most of them knew less about mold and air quality than I know. My husband and I didn’t trust any of them to do the job right. My husband did the work on our home… and I did the research on what to do!

If I had a mold problem, I would want Bob Krell doing the testing and the clean-up. I’d hire him in a New York minute! Not that my husband didn’t do a great job… he did. But he has a job. He had to work nights and weekends to fix our house. He didn’t like doing it… he did it because he had to.

A special thanks to Bob Krell and Susan Valenti for befriending me and I look forward to seeing you at other conferences. I have learned so much at this event. I will continue to share all of that information with you. Let me know if you are enjoying these posts by leaving a comment!

Just a reminder: There is one more day left of this conference. The topic is mold remediation and there are many experts in attendance. Leave a comment here and I will do whatever I can to get your question answered!

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  1. Amanda Patterson

    So happy to hear that the conference is a success! I can’t imagine there being a better representative for us 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you have to share with us. Thanks for all you do, Heather <3


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