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The Coca Pulse Test

The book on the Coca Pulse Test is available for free and it’s 110 pages long – this is an attempt to simplify the test so that you can use it to see if you are allergic to something or herxing/detoxing.

Allergies are dangerous. Detox is necessary.

Holding onto toxins can make us very sick. Lyme Disease and other infections expel toxins into our bodies. Just think about these organisms living inside of us – they pee and poop in our bodies and this alone can add to how sick we feel.

Many chronically ill people get reactions when they take supplements, use products and even when they eat foods. It is important to be be able to distinguish between allergic reactions and detox symptoms.

The Coca Pulse Test

Purpose: A simple 2 1/2 minute self-test to determine if a particular food or supplement causes a stressful reaction. Note: This test may not be valid if you are taking a drug that controls your heart rate, such as a calcium-channel blocker or a beta-blocker.


  1. Sit down, take a deep breath, and relax.
  2. Establish your baseline pulse by counting your heart beat for a full minute and record your pulse in the “Before” space in the Pulse Test Record
  3. Put a sample of a food or supplement to evaluate in your mouth (on your tongue). You may chew but refrain from However, you do need to taste it for approximately one-half minute.
    Note: The sensory information taste signals from your mouth will inform your central nervous system (brain) as to the nature of the test substance. If the test substance (food or supplement) is stressful to the body, you will have a brief reaction that causes your heart to beat faster.
    Test only one food at a time. Testing individual ingredients will yield specific information, compared with testing foods contain- ing multiple ingredients. Testing a banana, for example, yields more specific and therefore more valuable information than testing banana bread
  4. Retake your pulse (the food or the supplement remains in your mouth). Write down your “After” pulse on the Pulse Test Record below.
    Note: An increase of 4 or more is considered the result of a stressful reaction. For 0 Blood Type people an increase of 3 or more is considered a positive reaction. The greater the degree of stressfulness or reactivity, the higher the heart rate will be.
  5. Discard the tested ingredient (do not swallow) and repeat the procedure to test other foods or supplements. Repeat the procedure as frequently as you like, as long as you always return to your normal pulse before testing the next food.
    Note: If a reaction occurred, rinse your mouth out with some purified water and spit the water out. Wait two minutes, then you can retest your pulse to see if it has returned to its baseline. If it hasn’t, wait a couple of minutes more and retest, continue to retest until you have returned to your normal pulse. Once your pulse has returned to its normal rate you can test the next food

Download these instructions for the Coca Pulse Test in a pdf (printable)

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Man with Heart

Healing Naturally from Chronic Illness

The first thing we did was an ERMI test from Mycometrics… we found out that we had toxic mold.

Now you can do the HERTSMI-2 for half the money of the ERMI and plug your results into the HERTSMI scorecard and see if your house is safe to stay in. Each of us has a different tolerance level for toxins, so take that into consideration too.

We moved out and took nothing with us. I don’t think that is necessary anymore. I have found an air reactor that is allowing people to stay in their homes and regain their health.

You have to detox from whatever toxin is causing your illness.
If it isn’t mold, breathing clean air and eating clean food and using safe personal products, you are moving toward health.

You will have ups and downs,
aim for more ups than downs.

The only way out is through.
If some treatment makes you sicker,
most of the time, you can press through
and get to a better place in health.

Use the Coca Pulse Test to make sure you don’t have an allergy… and then keep on going.

When you are going through hell, keep on going.

Get the book “Clean” by Alejandro Junger
Follow that for AT LEAST 21 days…
I did 13 weeks.
You could also watch the movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” — but unlike the “Clean” protocol, that is straight juicing. They call it a “reboot.”

My liver and kidneys were clogged from all the toxins. Drink lemon water with lemon and xylitol, milk thistle tea, detox teas, solidago drops added to water, lots of filtered water with minerals added.

Get 2-4 bottles 4 ounce of LiverLife.
Start with one drop. Slowly progress to 60 drops, 3 times per day.

Do a Liver/Gallbladder Flush when you feel stronger and are looking for progress. If there is any question of parasites, do a parasite protocol FIRST!

Check your saliva pH – first thing every morning
before you eat or drink anything. Temporarily & artificially
raise your pH by taking baking soda:
1/2 tsp, up to 7 times a day for up to 2 weeks.
Your first morning saliva pH should be 7.34

If your pH is lower you have some kind of infection:
fungal, parasitic, bacteria, or viral

Sodium Bicarbonate: A Full Medical Review is a good book on pH

If you are not sure if you have heavy metal issues
and you are chronically ill… you probably do!
Get a Hair Test through Doctor’s Data
Use Direct Labs if you don’t have a doctor who will order this test
Then use this book to Interpret the Hair test

I’ve just learned of another way to hair test with analysis and treatment plan included with some testing — this may be a better way to detox from Heavy Metals. It makes sense to me and many people are having success with it.

Get the book “Amalgam Illness

In a neti pot, with warm distilled water,
add 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp sea salt
and 1 teaspoon xylitol. – do this up to 4x daily.
More info – Allergies and Asthma Disappear

Take binders whenever you get a hit.

If you develop MCS… treat infections with
Buhner Herbs.
I get my herbs from 1st Chinese Herbs
I buy a pound of powdered herbs and veggie caps and make my own pills.
This saves money.

These are the main 4 herbs for Lyme Disease:

Your decision to take the herbs one at a time to see how you respond is brilliant, a very good way to check your system.

Andrographis is the one herb in the protocol that can cause side effects that can be uncomfortable. I would suggest starting with Japanese knotweed, then cat�s claw, then eleutherococcus, and only then adding in the andrographis.

The knotweed will act to reduce the inflammation in the nervous system and that should help your nervous system deal with the andrographis. Still, it may be that you are one of the few for whom the herb does not work well, your approach will let you know this as you go on. The other herbs in the protocol will act to reduce the lyme symptoms considerably or even totally, even without the andrographis.

I tested positive for Mycoplasma and Bartonella too. I used Buhner herbs for those and we had success with a tincture from Beyond Balance called Bar-1 — you do need to be working with a practitioner to get Bar-1 so stick with the Buhner herbs if you don’t have a practitioner trained in Beyond Balance.

Probiotics are a must.
Find a good one… or several.

If food is undigested, take Betaine HCL with meals

If you can’t sleep, take melatonin or Chinese Skullcap before bed.

Gentle exercise is needed. The goal is to get to
an hour of non-aerobic exercise every other day.
You may need the entire next day to rest.
Start with 5 minutes if you have to and build up
your stamina. Be gentle and celebrate the gains.
Yoga, Pilates, weight lifting are all good. I got a Total Gym

Put xylitol in lemon water all day long to tolerance.
Start with 1/2 tsp and build up tolerance. Xylitol is
and antifungal, anti bacterial, anti viral so if you have
infections, it may give you the runs… back off and then
start again. Better out than in.
Get a 3 pound bag at

Sublingual B12
multi b vitamin
Vitamin C
Vitamin K2
Vitamin D3
Evening primrose oil
Seaweed/Kelp (non-radiated)
liquid essential minerals (selenium)

Glutathione cannot be easily supplemented but a quality
whey protein is the precursor to glutathione.
Isagenix is the only whey protein powder I found that
did not upset my stomach.

Bulletproof has another whey protein powder that I
have heard good things about.

Do some kind of energy testing to see what works
for your body.
Zyto testing with Michael Payne (yes, the practitioner matters)
Kinesiology/muscle testing – check local chiropractors

Pay attention to your body. It tells you things.
Cleansing and Acne

Natural Antifungals
Coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, theives oil, garlic,
xylitol, D-Limonene, Caprylic Acid, Olive Leaf Extract,
Malic Acid, Pau D’Arco, oil of oregano, diatomaceous earth

Truthfully, this is the tip of the iceberg of what I have
done for my health and my family’s health.

I’d love to hear your questions or comments below!

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Health and Body pH

When I first learned about pH – it was from a Vernon’s blog who was successful treating his cancer with Sodium Barcarbonate, better known as Baking Soda. A box of baking soda is fairly inexpensive — and can be very helpful in raising body pH.

After reading Vernon’s blog, I read a book called, “Sodium Bicarbonate: A Full Medical Review” by Dr. Sircus and “Cancer Is a Fungus” by Dr. Tullio Simocini. I find it interesting that Dr. Simoncini’s book is no longer available through Amazon or Ebay’s — you can still get Cancer Is a Fungus through Dr. Simoncini’s website.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and pH Medicine – Dr. Sircus

What is Body pH

Body pH measures the number of hydrogen ions in solution within the body. Most doctors don’t measure body pH. As a matter of fact, I mentioned body pH to a doctor once and he told me body pH effecting health was a myth.

An acidic pH has a low ability to attract hydrogen ions, while an alkaline solution has a high ability to attract hydrogen ions. “p” stands for potential and “H” stands for Hydrogen; henceforth, the potential of the body to attract hydrogen ions to secure balance and health.

When you measure your urine pH – you are going to see if your diet (food and drinks) are alkaline or acidic. Urine pH changes much more quickly than body pH and it does not give you an overall view of your body pH.

The best way to measure your body pH is to take a saliva pH measurement each morning before taking anything to drink and before brushing your teeth. Even water will effect a pH reading.

You can take pH measurements throughout the day but make sure it has been 1-2 hours since you have had anything to eat or drink, including water.

When we first measured pH, my son and I were very sick and my husband and daughter were only showing mild symptoms of mold illness. Our pH measurements were very reflective of our health. My son, who was the most visibly sick was 4.5-4.75; I was 5.0-5.25; my husband and daughter were between 6.75 and 7.0. A healthy person should have a pH of 7.36.

How To Test Body pH

I tried several pH strips – starting with a trip to my local swimming pool and pet store – in my experience, these strips did not have the range or the accuracy needed for testing pH.

When local stores did not have what I needed, I bought a few different pH strips from Amazon and pH strips for saliva and urine are the ones I found to be the easiest to read and use.

We kept a journal recording our morning pH and any other body pH readings we took throughout the day. We also recorded what we ate, drank and any supplementing with baking soda that we were doing. If we were doing anything else to help with detoxing, we recorded that too. By making accurate records of your efforts to raise body pH you can look back and see what is working and not working.

Why Measure and (Attempt to) Raise Body pH?

Cancer thrives in an acidic body and cannot survive in a body with 7.36 pH.

Chronically ill people tend to have low to VERY LOW body pH.

Typically, a reading of pH 7.35+ is considered perfect, pH 7.0 is good, pH 6.5 is acidic and below pH 6.0 is very acidic. My son was 4.5 – that is the lowest I have seen and his condition was grim. His WBC was below 3 for months and he lost a third of his body weight. I was pH 5.5- I was functioning chronically ill of 20 plus years.  Most of the time, I looked fine.  7 times in 20 years I was hospitalized with emergency treatment resulting in many prescriptions, specialists, surgeries and diagnosis-es – including, “it’s all in your head” and “why don’t you exercise more?”  The other two people who lived in the house when my son and I tested acidic were not sick – or at least not disabled were pH 7.0+ — closer to 7.35.

We found out we had toxic mold and we left the house on April 16, 2011.
My son and I both tested positive for Lyme, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and mold.

We were NOT ABLE to raise our pH or get our health back until we got out of the mold and I still recommend people get out of the mold by leaving and taking nothing with you- because it is the quickest way to figure out if mold is making you sick.

Every chronically ill person I know who has tested pH correctly, by morning saliva and with reliable pH strips, has a low pH.  The sicker they are, the lower the pH. The pH is low in many sick people.  I have have seen extremely low pH levels people with cancer, Lyme Disease, EBV, mold illness, MS and more.  If you test your pH and DON’T have a low pH and you are chronically ill.  PLEASE contact me.

Test once (saliva) to get an idea of where your body pH is…

If you are acidic by saliva test (6.5 and below)

Test 2-3 times per day and over long periods of time to get your average reading. Always test 2-3 hours away from food AND drinks!  Even water has a pH level that can throw off your reading.

Raising your body pH will make it very difficult for whatever toxin, pathogen or infection that is negatively affecting your body to survive.

When you are truly well… your pH should stay at around 7.35 to 7.40 without any effort or supplementation to manipulate or artificially raise pH.  Ours did.

How To Raise Body pH

  • Eat and drink Alkaline – Here is a video that goes over the foods and drinks you need to alkalize your body with diet. It can be done. It takes discipline and you can change your pH with diet alone.
  • Supplement with Baking Soda – 1/2 tsp in 4 oz of water, up to 7 times daily for up to 10 days of a time. Continue to check your pH levels throughout the day (away from food, drink or supplements) and especially every morning upon waking.
  • Detox, detox, detox! As we worked on detox and healthy living, pH naturally went up. As we discovered infections and pathogens our bodies were harboring, our pH has been moving toward that healthy pH of 7.36
  • Cleaning the air you breathe – Toxins that can be in the air can bring pH down so it makes sense that clean air helps us to keep our pH in that healthy range. We have had many people tell us that their pH and their health improves using Hi Tech to clean the air.
  • Raising the pH of your water – I tried Kangen water for 10 days and I felt great when I was drinking it. Kangen is a high pH water created by running it through a machine. This machine is quite expensive ($4-$6K) but if there is someone near you with a Kangen machine, they may be willing to give you water to try. There are other ways to raise the pH of water. Recently, I have been looking at alkaline water bottles that raise the pH of water and I would really like to try it… but I haven’t yet.

Electrolyte Imbalance

I did a ton of research and did not move forward until completely comfortable with self treatment. Reading one blog and giving a treatment a “try” without educating yourself can be dangerous.

Even with all the reading and research I did on Body pH, I had one day that I thought I was going to have to go to the ER because my electrolytes were so far out of balance. I took too much baking soda at one time and I was sick to my stomach, dizzy and near passing out. I learned to go slow and be careful.

There is a mineral balance in the body that must be maintained and that things like infections, toxin overload and heavy metal toxicity can upset this balance with or without supplementation.

Electrolytes exist in the form of calcium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, and sodium

Baking soda is “Sodium” Bicarbonate and taking too much sodium can put you in a state of electrolyte imbalance.

If your electrolytes are imbalanced, you may experience muscle spasm, weakness, twitching, convulsions, irregular heartbeat, confusion, blood pressure changes, nervous system, bone disorders, weak or twitching of the muscles, numbness, or fatigue. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, re-evaluate what you are doing.

When I took too much baking soda, I was able to turn around that awful feeling I got by supplementing with potassium. Make sure you have some on hand, just in case.

And everyone with chronic illness should be supplementing magnesium… yes, everyone.

Stomach Acid

All this talk about alkalizing the body…

If you are drinking baking soda, or taking alkalized water… you are neutralizing stomach acid.

When I was alkalizing I would

  • Never drink alkalized water or baking soda right before eating
  • Take Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) supplement and/or digestive enzymes
  • Take some kind of good probiotic to replenish good flora

[amazon text=Body pH Books&template=carousel&asin=B005347ZFQ, 0988820668, 0446556181, 1519357591, 1569756074, 0972063617]

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Clean Green Bean Casserole

In my quest to avoid all canned and processed foods, I was missing one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes… Green Bean Casserole. I did a search online and found a recipe for “Clean Green Bean Casserole” at a blog called Detoxinista.

I didn’t want to post here about it until I tested it out…
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Fully Raw Pumpkin Pie

Not sure if I am going attempt this one… depends on if I can find the ingredients. It looks really interesting. From “Fully Raw Kristina”

And a special thanks to Barbara Asante at Transition to a Healthier You for turning me on to Fully Raw Kristina and this awesome recipe.
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