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Cleansing and Acne?

I never really had too many problems with acne. I still don’t have a problem with it… but I have been getting a few zits… and I believe they have to do with cleansing. Toxins are releasing and they have to go somewhere!
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MTHFR or Mercury Poisoning

No. I’m not swearing at you.

That’s what I thought when I first saw this being talked about in the lyme, mold illness and chronic illness support groups.

MTHFR = methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. If you think, “mother, father” than you can keep your mind clean.
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Mercury Poisoning Detox

Tomorrow, at 6:00am… I will start taking round the clock oral supplements to detox the mercury I have in my body. I am following the protocol outlined in the book “Amalgam Illness” by Andrew Hall Cutler. I expect to be mercury free in 18-24 months.
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Allergies & Asthma Disappear

My daughter had been suffering with allergies and asthma all of her life. We had been (unknowingly) living with mold all of her life too. We had no idea how much mold affected her breathing. When we got out of the mold and applied natural treatments her breathing improved so much she no longer needed asthma medication or allergy shots. Continue reading

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Natrual Help for Chronic Reactive Arthritis

I got in a car accident in 1990 that almost took my life. My jaw was broken in 6 places and every tooth in my mouth was moved. They had to wire my jaw shut for 10 weeks and when they took the wires off, I had extensive dental work done.

I asked the dentist to just pull the remaining teeth… but they insisted fixing them would be better for me in the long run. Within weeks, my mouth was full of root canals and 16 amalgam fillings.

The next tragedy in my life was when a Rottweiler took hold of my left wrist and shook it like a rag doll. Later, surgeries would reveal that I was missing ligaments in my wrist and tendons were partially severed.

After surgeons and specialists did all they could for the wrist injury, I continued to have debilitating pain that radiated from the left wrist but went all the way up to my shoulder and beyond. Eventually, I was diagnosed with “chronic reactive arthritis.”

No arthritis medicine helped me, although the doctors prescribed several different medicines for arthritis. I tried glucosamine and chondroitin and every other anti-inflammatory supplement that I could find information on. I went back to school to study nutrition and anatomy so I could fix myself.

I wound up taking 8-12 Ibuprofen a day and Percocet when the pain got to be too much. I had to go to “pain management” psychologist in order to get the heavy duty pain meds… but it was the only way I could sleep because the pain was that bad.

GrapeSeed Extract

In 1997, I finally found that if I took enough grape seed extract, which is a pycnogenol, that I could make the pain disappear. The first brand I was taking, I had to take 27 pills a day in order to stay pain free. That cost me $30 every other day or $450 a month to stay pain free.

I quickly found a higher quality grape seed extract so I could save money. The one I settled with is made by a network marketing company called USANA and I took this product for 15 years. I only had to take 1 or 2 pills a day to stay pain free… and I knew when I needed more because the pain would come back slowly and then full force if I ignored it.

I have tried all the cheaper brands from CVS, GNC, and even some from vitacost, Nature’s Way and Source Naturals… none of them took the pain away like the USANA brand Proflavanol.

***I am no longer a distributor for USANA although I once was.***

If you are interested in immediate relief for arthritis pain look up Proflavanol on ebay – this is the grape seed extract product made by USANA that I took for the last 15 years. There are tons of listings for this product.

Japanese Knotweed

I tested positive for Lyme Disease in April 2011. My doctor thinks, from my medical history I was probably born with it. He had me take 5 of the herbs Stephen Buhner talks about in his book Healing Lyme. The first one I took made me not need the Proflavanol (Grape Seed Extract) anymore because it kept the inflammation down as good if not better than the Proflavanol.

I bought a pound of loose powder and made my own pills, and sometimes I added the herbs to tea, smoothies or food. – look for Japenese Knotweed or Reservatrol.

Recently, I stopped taking Proflavanol and Grapeseed extract. I no longer have arthritis pain for the first time in over 20 years!

I no longer need anti-inflammatory herbs or any of the other herbs and supplements I was taking to attempt to get my health back. I found a nutritional cleanse that is getting the toxins out and keeps me pain free and feeling great!

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