Clean Indoor Air – 6 Kinds of People

I just read an article called, Four Lyme Experts Share About Mold, A Common Lyme Disease Co-Condition and each of the experts say you have to get away from mold exposures. What I don’t see are any details on HOW to get away from mold.

I think that is because they don’t know!

I have found 6 different kinds of people when it comes to toxic mold and indoor air quality.

1.) There are the “extreme avoidance” people – When we got sick from mold, we were told there was one way to get well from mold and most of the time, that even failed. Leave and take nothing with you. Practice extreme avoidance. Clean, clean, clean, wash, wash, wash, HEPA vacuum, HEPA filter, try anything to clean the air and surfaces.

tentsExtreme avoidance goes along with minimalist living. Don’t buy much of anything because you might have to throw it out later when it starts making you sick.

The goal of “extreme avoidance” is to live in a completely toxin free environment by throwing out or cleaning anything toxic, keeping things clean and/or enclosed in plastic bags and plastic containers.

Living in tents, empty metal boxes and environmentally friendly tiny homes is the norm.
Living in a modern, stick built home is often frowned upon in the extreme avoidance mindset.

2.) There are the “mold experts” – Mold inspectors, mold remediators, and people who work in indoor air quality – they all think their way of cleaning up mold is the best way. I have seen more botched mold remediations than successful ones. Some mold experts are out to help people and some, unfortunately, are out to make a dollar and don’t care who they hurt.

I hired one self proclaimed mold expert to do the original testing on my home. That testing cost me $2700.00 – I now know I could have done that testing for about $200. I have never hired another mold expert. I don’t trust most of them. There is a saying among people who work in mold, “Mold is Gold” and I think people should not take advantage of other people.

Get recommendations from people who have success stories with a “mold expert” before you hire anyone. Get several different opinions and trust your gut instinct.

People who are sensitive to mold cost mold remediators time and money. Sensitive people need things extra clean, they take extra time. Most mold experts don’t want to deal with people who are sick from mold. Many don’t believe we get as sick as we do. They work in mold all the time and they are “fine” so these people who get sick must be hypochondriacs and fakers.

I have been to several indoor air quality conferences and there is very little agreement on the best method of cleaning for mold… there are written guidelines for mold remediation and inspections, but those guidelines don’t go far enough to protect the consumer from the mold “expert” who does an insufficient job. An air test to “clear” a building is not sufficient.

no guaranteeThe ultimate test of a successful remediation should be that people in the building that were sick before the remediation are not sick after the remediation. A HERTSMI every 6 months for the next 2 years or blood tests every 3-6 months depending on the severity of the illness of the inhabitants.

Right now, if you get sick from mold again after a mold remediation the only guarantee you have is that there is no guarantee.

3.) There are the “bleach it and paint it with Kilz” people – this one is by far the most dangerous. The bleach makes mold disappear but the water in the bleach feeds the roots of the mold, far below the surface. The mold continues to grow beneath the surface and then the Kilz is actually mold food too.

4.) There are the “indoor air doesn’t make me sick” people – they will just stay in the toxic home, school or building. They figure they won’t get that sick. Someone else might get sick, but they’re fine. They may get sick with cancer or MS but they don’t believe it is from the air they breathe.

5.) There are the “I can’t afford to move” people – They don’t have the money so they stay in mold. Sometimes it’s homes and sometimes it’s a job. They have no where to go. They need the job. So they stay, and get sicker.

These people need help. Our communities should be reaching out to shut-ins and chronically sick people and doing environmental testing for them. Public buildings should all have to test once a year and more often if people are sick in the building.

The air we breathe is making a lot of people sick.
It’s a silent epidemic that very few are talking about.

When a test told us we had toxic mold and we were sick… we got out!
We figured out how to pay for it later.

6.) There are the “Hi Tech” people – we don’t have to run from mold, or be afraid of mold. We have Hi Tech and we just turn it on and breathe. It cleans the air, it cleans our stuff, it cleans our cars.

Money Back GuaranteeI’ve tried dozens of HEPA filters, diffusing oils, diffusing propolis, ozone blasting, fogging, cleaning and encapsulating – and nothing works like Hi Tech. That’s why the company can give a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 5 Year Warranty. It works.

Got Mold? No problem. Hi Tech it.

It’s not always that simple. Sometimes you need to do repairs and use Hi Tech.

For someone who is sensitive, like me… Hi Tech is a great tool.
I know my air is clean because I run Hi Tech in my home.

I think every home should be proactively cleaning their air all the time.

If anyone is sick they should test, test and retest until they find the environmental toxin that is making them sick.

Why wait until you GET sick?

We breathe 7-8 liters of air per minute. Wouldn’t you like the air you breathe to be CLEAN?

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