Hi Tech Air Reactor – Sale & Give Away

We have given away 5 Hi Tech 101’s since September 2014!

There is an entry form at the bottom – if you are someone in need please tell us why you should be gifted a Hi Tech.

If you are aware of the need for clean indoor air and you can afford to purchase your own Hi Tech – please visit hitechairsolutions.com and enter Heather Plude where it says “Add a Sales Representative”  — a portion of each sale goes to help people who have been mold injured and are suffering from chronic illness.

Hi Tech is the one thing I have found that helps the most with mold and other toxins in indoor air.  Indoor air quality is one of the most important things for health.  Hi Tech destroys mold, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander, MRSA and VOC’s in the air and on surfaces.

Even though we did a $40,000 remediation2 years post-remediation, I was getting sick again in my home.

Then, I found these Hi Tech Testimonies – I did some research, talked to some smart people in the Indoor Air Quality profession and called the owner of Hi Tech Air Solutions.

I decided to try the 101 in my home and my parents home and not only did it clean up the air in my home so I could continue living here – it cleaned up stuff that had been in storage because it was mold contaminated – and it cleans up anything that comes into my home – including visitors who come from moldy environments.

It cleaned up my parents home so I could go over there without getting sick- and even though they don’t “believe” mold could make them sick- they started telling me that things that had bothered them for years – pains and symptoms they attributed to “old age” – were suddenly feeling better.

The model 101 is designed for use in small homes or to be used over a longer period of time for treatment. It can be used as a whole house unit of 1600 sq. ft. or less. Multiple units can be purchased for larger homes according to square footage.

Please review this page on Sizing Hi Tech for Your Building or Home and/or contact me so we can make sure you are sized properly for your best chance at a clean environment.

There are plenty of air filters, diffusers, cleaners and other methods out there for cleaning air.  I was so sensitive, I tried dozens of things – including some of the top rated HEPA filters and many things I learned about at Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) conferences.

Hi Tech Air Solutions is the first thing that I tried that worked.  If you have questions about mold, indoor air, how we cleaned up our air and bodies after being sick for years, or Hi Tech Air Solutions— please use the Free 1-on-1 Consultation tab at the bottom of this page.  It is a simple way to schedule a call with a mold expert – for free.

Heather PludeMy name is Heather Plude. A Good Health Advocate is my blog. In November of 2014, my health and my outlook on indoor living has changed completely for the better because I am put a Hi Tech air reactor in my home.
Here is a link to the before and after testing in my home.

I decided to work with Hi Tech Air Solutions to help people who are struggling like I was.  I spent thousands on mold remediation and air filters that didn’t do much to help – and some even made things worse – before I found Hi Tech –

I would like to shorten your learning curve and get something that actually helps with mold illness – and gets you out of the endless cycle of chronic sinus infections, other chronic illness which mold can cause, mold avoidance, throwing out things, and running from mold.

I am currently accepting entries from individuals and families in need to gift a model #101 to someone who otherwise would not be able to afford it.  Share this page – so more people can know about Hi Tech – and get help to the people who are being harmed by poor indoor air quality.

People who have been made ill by toxic mold and other indoor air quality often have lost everything to this illness. If you or someone you know needs something to help clear the air… We want to help.

We have given at least one model 101 away each year and I would love to do more! We give these to families and individuals who need these air purifiers and cannot afford to get their own.
(value of each gift= $2,045.00)

If you are looking for a support group, please join us on Facebook at: Mold Support: Health Advocates Unite

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3 thoughts on “Hi Tech Air Reactor – Sale & Give Away

  1. Louise Mark

    HI there! How generous to offer a free high tech air reactor to someone! I’m a nurse working in a residential treatment center for homeless pregnant women w/mild mental illness. It’s a completely moldy, horrible, ancient building, the health concerns are going ignored by the city who has the contract. Now that the snow is melting, we have particularly high level of roof leaks, water intrusion, and obvious moldy ceilings and plumbing problems, not to mention the stuff seeping under the floors. My women are unable to find different housing, and they are experiencing all sorts of symptoms related to biotoxins. I can’t even think of the effect this is all having on their unborn children. Please consider us for an air reactor! It will be well used, and have unseen benefits into the future health of some of our children in the making. Blessings, Louise Mark, RN

    1. Heather Plude Post author

      Yours is not the first homeless shelter that I have heard about that is like this. We need large grants to supply homeless everywhere with clean air. This makes me sad… and sad for their children. Keeping these women in my thoughts and prayers and looking for ways to help on a larger scale… always. Thank you for alerting me to this.

  2. Stephanie

    I became very ill when we moved into a rental and WDB 18 months ago. We hired a mold inspector, pating for this with our own funds. The owner/landlord Also hired his own mold inspector and somehow his inspector could not find the Stachy and two other toxic molds in this house. Already had Lyme, so to say the least, I am sicker by the day. We are trying to buy a home, but of course mold is a concern and with two sons who are wheelchair bound with a progressive muscular disease, mold is of even more concern. I am excited to find this product. I hope and pray this will be our answer to this Toxic illness that destroys lives.


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