NASAL CLEAR (WAS NASAL WASH) by Physician Standard

I have been using Nasal Clear by Physician Standard for a couple of years.  I use it whenever I start to get the sniffles, if I get a mold hit, or if something feels stuffy in my nose. It is not a substitute for neti-pot or other total irrigation therapies that clear the upper passageways — it helps with maintaining clear nasal passages.

I went on a trip and my bottle opened up and spilled leaving me without my go to nasal wash.

This is not an easy supplement to get if you don’t have a doctor.  I did find a way to order new so contact me if you don’t have a doctor who works with Physician’s Standard you are looking to get a bottle (or 2) and I may be able to help you order.

The Physician Standard website says, “With the Physicians’ Standard Healthy Patient Program (HPP), your Healthcare Practitioner can set you up as an approved patient, allowing you to purchase your nutritional supplements directly from us. Then, you can conveniently order Physicians’ Standard supplements online or via the phone. Purchasing on this site is available only to Healthcare Professionals and their approved patients.”


Nasal Clear (was Nasal Wash)

Sinus, Throat, and Respiratory Support

Suffering from nasal and sinus congestion puts a damper on your workday and your social life. Postnasal drip can leave you feeling like your head is underwater, and if sinus congestion continues, it can lead to respiratory infections.

When nasal and sinus congestion symptoms strike, irrigating or rinsing the nasal passage is the time-honored, doctor-recommended technique for fast relief. Take back your health (and your day) with Super Good Stuff’s Nasal Wash.

Our Nasal Wash is the perfect neti pot replacement that not only irrigates your nasal passage, but its proprietary formulation of botanical oils, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes also help support your throat, sinuses, and nasal passages.*

With over two dozen ingredients, including immune-supporting ingredients, our Nasal Wash works synergistically to help:

  • Promote easier breathing*
  • Support normal mucus production*
  • Support healthy sinus function*
  • Promote respiratory health*
  • Promote a normal inflammatory response*

Nasal Wash Suggested Use
Tilt head back, spray 2-3 times an hour for the first 4-5 hours. Expel any waste material. Continue to use twice a day for the next 30 days. This product is very intense during the initial flushing of nasal cavitites.*

Contains colloidal silver, L-Carnosine, MSM, Trace Minerals, proprietary blend of oils (Castor, Olive, Clove, Wormwood, Black Cumin, Walnut, Marjoram, Cinnamon, Bitter Almond, Frankincense, White Thyme, Furfural, Coconut, Primrose, Flaxseed and Pumpkin Seed) Iodine, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vegetable Surfactant, Beta Glucan, Chaga mushroom, Orange oil, Lomatium dissectum and Taurine.

Other Ingredients
Saline water

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Argentyn 23 – How & Why to Use

A few years ago, my daughter got MRSA.  It was couple of years after we had been poisoned by mold.  What started as a barely detectable pimple on her arm, turned into a golf ball sized lump just hours later… and we headed for emergency care.

The doctor she saw tested the goop they forced out of the infected area  and put her on antibiotics.  After finishing the antibiotics, she was still getting acne break outs and styes on her eyes and I suspected that MRSA infection that had violently erupted on her arm was manifesting in other ways on her face.

I scheduled a ZYTO test with Living Well International and the thing that showed up strongest was MRSA.  The recommendation was Argentyn 23 -1/2 tsp – 3 times a day until clear.

Wouldn’t you know it, a month later, she was no longer plagued with acne or styes. I have done some reading on colloidal silver and I have reason to believe Argentyn 23 is a quality product. It worked for us and it is the brand I will stick with based on my experience.

Since then, I have been taking Argetyn 23 anytime I feel a cold coming on. I give it to the kids, have my husband take it, and will suggest it for first aid in every house.  I get the 32 ounce or the 16 ounce bottles because they lasts longer and they are more cost effective. It has a 3 year shelf life so I don’t have to worry about it going bad.  I take it when I feel a bit under the weather or my throat gets scratchy.  I take a tsp, hold it under my tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow.

I also keep a bottle of the Argentyn 23 gel in my first aid kit and use that on small cuts, burns and scrapes.  I have used it on mouth sores, and even bug bites to stop the itch.  It seems to help minor irritations to heal quicker and replaces my old go to (Neosporin) which is petroleum based and not good to use.

I have been told for years that nebulizing Argentyn 23 lets it get straight to the organs that need it. I gave my nebulizer away years ago and kept looking for a replacement but kept finding nebulizers that needed a doctor’s order.  A friend sent me a link to a nebulizer and then I found some other nebulizers on Amazon.

I have been nebulized a tsp of Argentyn 23 twice now and it really seems to clear my mind.

I mean – wow.  I’ve been in more of a fog than I thought I was and this stuff is lifting a veil!

Remember that the Argentyn 23 is to be taken on an empty stomach, since food, etc. would bind it and prevent its rapid absorption

More Info:

ARGENTYN 23 — Silver Hydrosol


Argentyn 23: Silver Hydrosol

MORE, More Info

Silver in chronic Lyme Disease treatment

How I’m Using Colloidal Silver To Prevent The Flu, Cancer & Get Rid Of A Lung Infection Naturally
Nebulizing Colloidal Silver for Getting Rid of MRSA and other infections


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Hidden Toxic Mold Behind Your Walls

When I mention mold to some people they get defensive.


They don’t understand that your house can be clean and you can still have Toxic Mold.

Have you ever had a book or an antique that smelled of mold?
Some molds are harmless.  Others are toxic.

If one toxic mold spore gets into your house and attaches itself to something…
that can be enough to make you sick.  Or enough to make some people sick.

I am one of those people who gets sick from mold.  It’s genetic.  So, my son gets sick too.

My husband doesn’t get as sick but he still gets grumpy, headaches, nosebleeds and tired.

My daughter has breathing problems and shortness of breathe.  She breaks out in acne.

We all respond differently, but we are living in the same environment with the same toxins.

And when we clean the air, we all feel better.

Go figure.  It’s that easy.  Clean the air.

Find out how.

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