HomeoK Trio

I found this video – put out by Dr. K in Europe – and was not at all surprised that it is in his native tongue, German.

Instead of giving up and not getting any info from it, I decided to put the closed caption on and tell it to translate to English.  We may not get every golden nugget he shares — but at least I will come away some great information.

From my understanding – there are many versions of the HomeoK and in this video – he goes over the HomeoK Trio (use thankyou20 for 20% discount)

Translation of this video below!


The most important antioxidant for the brain. It also has the effect of detoxifying the brain of poisons like lead, cadmium, nickel, aluminum, mercury – these things and brain parasites, viruses, bacteria are detoxified from the brain

Melatonin is a peptide hormone – peptide hormones cross the blood brain barrier.  If I give melatonin by itself as a treatment, it only has peripheral effectiveness outside the brain and the melatonin level in the brain is not enough to fulfill homeopathic frequencies that give melatonin the ability to block smells- the melatonin was blocked by electromagnetic pollution by smelling chemicals again.

By itself, it still has a mild detoxing effect from the brain but of course so that each body cell has what it need of melatonin and also has an overall antioxidative and detoxifying effect on every body cell, that one ingredient, we must add a second ingredient.

Antidiuretic  Hormone

(in the translation by youtube – this was translated antitheoretical hormones – it was suggested in a group I Admin for and where I shared this blog that it is probably Antidiuretic Hormone – I did a search for antitheoretical hormone and found nothing -therefore I am changing all references from antitheoretical to antidiuretic. ADH or antidiuretic hormone is measured in mold illness, causes diabetic like symptoms of dire thirst plus peeing a lot and also causes electric shocks – like static electricity)

The antidiuretic hormones regulate the water balance in the body and not just that. Regularly going to the toilet, people with a lack of going or was so pressing all the time or have so-called diabetes.  Also, they drink lots and the water which runs down immediately back out to pee.  The problem here is the water they are drinking is not rich in minerals and electrolytes.  The deficit of minerals comes from the bone and from the tissues and the patient has a lack of antisemitic hormone depleted throughout the body. Lack of Minerals and electrolytes with thousands of diseases are related – this is not the only success.

Known aspect of antidiuretic hormone – the antihormonal theory also regulates the water balance in the cell mitochondria and in helping the water to organize along the membranes. The fourth phase of the water for the responsible is that membrane cultivate potential to the cells, build up, they are necessary so that the whole transport of materials in the cell – works from inside out cell – but also that the transport of the material transport into the cell organelles.

For example, through my own works and transport of materials to these membranes – potentials needed to be built – solely by the presence of the correct quality and quantity of water and that is all regulated by the antidiuretic hormones.

phases of cellSidenote – I believe this is what Dr. K is talking about – he says the 4th stage – which may be G2 or mitosis. if you wish to understand the cell process, division, etc – do some more research.: Second gap (G2) phase: In the G2 phase, preparations are made for the nucleus to divide. Mitochondria and other organelles replicate. Hollow protein fibers called microtubules are assembled. G2 phase ends when mitosis begins.
Mitosis: The process during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell is divided into two nuclei is called mitosis, each with a complete set of the cell’s chromosomes.

And again why should there not be in physical form.  In physical form are the molecules too large that barely cross the cell walls, the barriers in this.  The cell is, however, the frequency medium that stimulate their own measured production as regulative medicine, thus leading to an enormous improving when the amount of the water and balance of the water quality and the structure of the membrane balance the potential of the electrical voltage in the system.


The third substance provided is oxytocin – most known as binding – yes hormone if the mother is giving birth to a healthy child at the time of birth a high oxytocin may be present – the psychologically one for the mother connection to the child triggers for the baby persists for life.

A problem was when oxytocin is following through situation in is injected birth to the baby – initiate what is done frequently is simulated the system of child that a huge offer of oxytocin because and is the time of birth oxytocin recipes of the total number attached to the cell where much oxytocin.  There’s too much – there is only one. Very small number of receptors at the cell wall, the time for life so continue and this is kind later if not in adulthood capable of binding to partnerships to address the long remain problem that we see more and more often which is a part of it.

 Sidenote: Some intersting info on Oxytocin

Then there is a whole list of other functions that also oxytocin effects in our metabolism.  Oxytocin has a parent functioning of all this —receptors in the cell wall are insulin receptors, the receptors for hormones thyroid hormone, etc.  These grants? have receptors will need to be activated by the presence of even them pull? and If we oxytocin in proper form on how done it in conventional medicine happens again the same as in the birth is faking the system. There is too much pull on them and the number of recipes on the will itself reduced down-regulates the even more so that ever higher doses must be given to this effect. (this paragraph is difficult to translate – I could use some help with what he is meaning here. My understanding is that if we give the wrong form of oxytocin – it will make the body not produce on its own and therefore we give the homeopathic form as he goes on to state…)

To achieve the desired if we the give in homeopathic form regulated by the body itself – exactly the right form to the body so that the recipes the cell needs and all other receptors have the material for they are wanting.

Why the Trio of Substances?

Why we have these three substances together these three substances have joined in our whole system in a higher-level function, actually for everything else that we know for the production of neuro transmitters. These three materials are an overriding factor for the production of all hormones. These three have an overriding factor and if materials such as regulation mechanisms not only what I just said about the materials have but that we regulate all hormone and  new transmitters and all emotional mental states of the patient. Of course the hormone of the longevity organism and it has a huge antiaging effect. and halt effect of many, many aspects that we ourselves wish, making it one of the perhaps affordable anti-aging drug and or disease preventive medicines or feel-good drug.

This is the moment the dosage so pi times thumbs wide at the frequency-forward (need help with this translation) the dose is not so crucial as perhaps the abundances and frequency is taken in.  We generally recommend this medium to take before sleep in front five to ten drops depending on the treated in our system work when we work with ART (a type of energy testing that is very effective in dosing)

We can often find out that it is favorable to take three four times a day in a small amount to give 2 -3 drops three or four times a day and night so after time a larger amount. There are for me no patients, it does not get through because the moment it just when I moderate this inserts disappears the necessity for 15 and 20 other things we otherwise have used. All massive intervention in the biochemistry of patients so that would .

What Causes The Need for Supplementing This Trio?

This is an elegant way very many to bring back order the question that might open it on end yet why we all have a lack of regulation of these three substances.  The answer to that is relatively easy: that both frequencies yields the so wifi systems of radio frequencies used for cell phone transmitter radio have an enormously destructive effect on the enzymes that are necessary to regulate into us the right establish dosage.

Then there are quite a lot of pesticides, hebicides and organophosphates which also, again block this same enzyme which are necessary for these materials to get to the right spot in the body in the right dosage at the right time. These make it that we always influences this can control less in electrosmog 24 hours we can but it failed to prevent them. Reduce these contaminants: the organic food today gets 80 percent of the same contaminants as the non organic food!  We are all taken from.

This trio mix means that it is a good moment a good way out additional drug to revive this insane time and so here it is again Trio means what it says and it comes with a pipette dropper bottle and is placed under the tongue occupied under the tongue is important because there under the tongue certain aspects of the active immune system operates and other are that allow that a homeopathic medium very much more by strikes and much more is taken stronger and body.

–I hope you enjoyed the translation – it is not perfect – and I am open to suggestions of edits or better translation.

(above, translated through Google Translate)

Note: In all of the above-mentioned methods, the basic active ingredient is exclusively in an energetic form. By means of a self-employed by the company biopure.eu in co-operation with Dr. Klinghardt developed process, the frequencies of the original substances are increased.

The statements of Dr. Klinghardt rely exclusively on his experiences. In this case, this interview gives a promise of healing for one of the above-mentioned remedies. None of the remedies is intended for medical treatment, or as a substitute for a medicinal medication. The interview shown here is in no way intended for self-medication.

If you are sick, you must go to a doctor or medical practitioner!

You can obtain all of these materials from Biopure.eu

I am going to add here the link I added at the beginning – plus one more – and I receive ZERO commissions from any of the links in this blog.

naturepurenutrition.com – 20% off with thankyou20 code


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If Someone is NOT getting WELL with Lyme Treatment

What seemed like a nightmare began in June of 2010, my son was having trouble walking, swollen knees and ankles, very tired, and generally not feeling well.  He was Lyme Disease positive and put on 28 days of antibiotics.  At the end of that first 28 days, he was worse than when he started the antibiotics… so the family physician put him on Prednisone to help with the swollen joints and pain.  On day 3 of Prednisone, the seizures began.

He was diagnosed with Lyme, Bartonella, RMSF, Ehrlichia, Babesia, Mycoplasma pneumonia, strep…

I can’t remember all the combo antibiotics he was on…  treating Babesia, Bartonella, and Lyme… and he continued to go downhill. He didn’t herx. He just got worse.

His LLMD said he has to go on IV, the orals just are not working. He got a picc line. IV rocephin… his WBC dove down. That’s when I noticed over the whole treatment period, his WBC had been dipping and his liver enzymes had been climbing. 45 days on the picc line his WBC was 0.8 – we pulled the picc line just before Christmas.

That’s when I found this video on HPU/KPU – Kryptopyrroluria (aka Hemopyrrollactamuria) – and the supporting slides for this presentation on HPU are here

A quote from my HPU research which had me excited about treating HPU successfully:
“Once all of the bodily systems are back online and functioning properly, a few months after introducing the HPU protocol, patients are essentially made invulnerable to Lyme disease, to molds, and even to heavy metals. Their bodies are now much better equipped to deal with these conditions when they have appropriate levels of zinc, biotin, manganese, vitamin B6, and arachidonic acid to support optimal functioning of numerous bodily processes.”

I felt that doing the HPU protocol – which we modified – keeping in mind that the end goal is to rid the body of toxic metals and allow the essential minerals to settle into the jobs they were meant to do — was KEY to healing from Lyme, coinfections and even helped in healing from mold illness – although getting a clean environment is VERY important too.

leukodyniaAt about 56:25 – Dr. Klinghardt goes over the slide titled Leukodynia with pictures of white spots on the fingernails.  He says:

“Called also Leukonychia, these white spots on the fingernails, they are present in about 60% of all HPU patients.  Please, if you don’t see them that doesn’t mean they don’t have it.  If they do have it, you don’t have to go any further with making a diagnosis of the zinc deficiency.”

He did have the white spots on his fingernails… and so did I.

“Interesting thing is, when someone has been lifelong zinc deficient and you actually give them zinc – this gets worse for a whole year.  Because the system wakes up in a different way and now fills in zinc levels in places that were completely substituted with cadmium, nickel, mercury, lead and the zinc goes into those places. And the person wakes up in a strange way where certain aspects of the zinc deficiency may get worse for the first 6 or 8 months.”

That was scary.  May get worse?

Ugh.  He was already so sick!

Practically every treatment warned of getting worse before getting better.  Treating HPU was no different. What a horrible way to heal.  I was really helped by changing my thinking to knowing that on the other side of pain is healing.  The body having pain from treatment is then easier to go through.  Pain sucks though.  Best not to have any!!

Some of the symptoms that HPU can cause:
Symptoms in bold are symptoms I was seeing in my (then) 11 year old son
* Poor Dream Recall
* Nail spots (Leukodynia)
* Poor breakfast appetite
* Stretch marks (striae)
* Pale skin, poor tanning
* Acne, allergy
* Constipation
* Eosinophilia
* Light, sound, odor intolerance
* Tremor, shaking, spasms
* Hypoglycemia, glucose intolerance
* Delayed puberty, impotence
* Anxiety / Nervousness
* Pessimism
* Depression
* Paranoia / Hallucinations
* Perceptual disorganization
* Obesity
* Course eyebrows
* Knee and joint pain
* Cold hands or feet
* Abdominal tenderness
* Mood swings
* Amenorrhea, irregular periods
* B6-responsive anemia
* Stress intolerance
* Emotional liability
* Explosive or episodic anger
* Poor short-term memory
* Crime and delinquency
* Substance abuse
* Attention Deficit / ADHD
* Autism
* Withdrawal
* Abnormal fat distribution

I asked our pediatrician to check some of the other markers  for HPU

(we ran the tests in bold type – which confirmed the need to treat for HPU)
*WBC < 5000/mcL (due to low levels of zinc)
*High LDL / Low HDL
*Low normal alkaline phosphatase(<60U/L)
*Low omega-6 fatty acids in red cell membrane test
*Low taurine in amino acid profile
*High MCV (size of red blood cells)
*WBC and RBC zinc and manganese levels may be normal while biopsies from bone and CNS are completely deficient
*Bone biopsies are a reliable predictor of HPU
*Severe deficiencies of zinc, manganese, lithium, calcium, magnesium, and molybdenum are often found

We did hair testing to check for levels of toxic metals and levels of essential minerals.

cullen hair toxic

Toxic Metals

Toxic metals were very high while essential minerals were very low – which helped us confirm we needed to treat HPU. The toxic metals are making the body toxic and pushing the essential minerals out of the cells making it impossible for the body to work properly.

cullen hair essential

Essential minerals

HPU is a major factor in people not getting well from chronic disease.  HPU is heavy metal poisoning and it can be treated effectively with oral chelation at home.

I read a lot on mercury poisoning, HPU, KPU, zinc deficiency and safe chelating.  I consulted with several doctors before I put a plan together that worked for us.

From a support group – The Better Health Guy wrote:
The right amount for most people is about 40-50mg elemental zinc a day. More at the beginning up to around 60-80mg of zinc a day. So that’s up to ~8 capsules of Core at first and then ~4 for maintenance. I personally would never do more than this without being closely monitored by your doctor and a heavy detoxification program in place. I did 200+ for a long time and it was one of the most difficult times of my recovery. Many other people have really struggled with KPU at high doses and I personally don’t feel like it is necessary to push that hard and fast as it isn’t easy.All zinc dosages in the US are elemental. So if you get 50mg Zinc Picolinate, that’s 50mg of elemental zinc. If you get 25mg of Zinc gluconate, that’s 25mg of elemental zinc. In Europe, they label differently, but in the US, they list the elemental zinc regardless of which salt is used.


Dr. Klinghardt recommends Core by Biopure – we took the ingredients in that supplement and broke them down to individual supplements and bought the most pure supplements we could afford.  I look for veggie caps and as few fillers as I can find.  I use vitacost, amazon and iherb – and sometimes I  use other sources I have access to.

We started taking zinc at increasing doses while increasing vitamin, mineral and taking 2-4 Tablespoons of organic cold pressed oils per day. We got our final protocol by comparing the protocols that were similar (Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Yu, Cutler, Hubbard)

We did not do IV chelation because there is too much out there about the dangers DMPS by IV and my biggest concern was that I did not want to harm our brains.  When detoxing heavy metals, mobilizing mercury and other extremely toxic substances that are IN YOUR BODY, you want to make sure it is leaving the body, not redistributing to the brain.  Slow, oral chelation, is not risk free either.  That is why I read so many sources before I started any protocol.  I believe the one we chose was effective and safe.

Oral Chelation Rounds

Amalgam Illness

Amalgam Illness – Andrew Cutler

We did around the clock oral chelation with DMSA and then ALA – taking low dose – every 3 hours – 4-5 days a week with a 2-3 day break

We used the book, Amalgam Illness to set up this plan.  If you are going to attempt it, read the book, or work with someone who has read the book who can help you with the details.

We started with low doses of DMSA – did a round, then upped the dose in the next round if there were no reactions during the 4-5 day round.  If there is anything uncomfortable going on during a round, the next round stays at the same dosage or backs down.  It is tedious because you must wake up every 3 hours during the night to take pills.

The gains are worth the difficulty! We saw heavy metal levels decreasing in overall body burden and major mental gains.  The brain fog was lifting after each round.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is found in a lot of over the counter supplements and in stand alone supplements. Alpha lipoic acid is unique in that it is both water- and fat-soluble; thus it can be used throughout the body. It is a strong chelator (binds to metals) and the only oral chelator known to cross the blood brain barrier.

From my research, no one with heavy metals should take supplements with ALA until they are SURE they have detoxed the brain of heavy metals. This means doing AT LEAST a few rounds of round the clock (every 3 hours) ALA – before taking ALA as a once a day supplement. If you have any reactions taking supplements with ALA – it could be because you are heavy metal toxic, specifically, your brain is heavy metal toxic.

Since the air we breathe has mercury and other cancer causing toxins – assume you have heavy metals unless you have actively detoxed them and/or done proper testing to make sure you are not heavy metal toxic.

Some people tell me they had blood testing that showed they have no heavy metals – that’s hogwash and the doctor that suggested testing blood for body burden is mistaken.  If you have heavy metals in your blood, you have an active poisoning going on.  You are being exposed or were recently exposed to whatever toxin is in your blood.

After an exposure, heavy metals tend to park themselves in the fat cells and the 2 fattiest organs – the brain and the liver.  You won’t find past exposures in blood.  IF you are able to detox heavy metals, you may be able to find a representation of body burden in the hair.

Some of the sickest people are holding on to those metals and cannot detox them at all, their hair will be harder to read.  It may show very little heavy metals until detoxing agents are applied.  I have seen autistic children test hair and almost not treat heavy metals because the amount found in the hair is so low – they do a couple of rounds of oral chelation – test again and the hair is loaded!

If you have trouble reading your hair test, you can contact me, join one of the support groups for oral chelation that are in this blog, or read the book: Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities.

When DMSA has been used in enough chelation rounds (as outlined above) and the body is somewhat cleared of the heavy metal burden, it is okay to start using ALA in around the clock oral chelation rounds.

On days when doing the round the clock rounds of pills, every 3 hours – I would put the pills in pill boxes with times labeling each individual pill box. I would set my alarm on my phone for every 3 hours – and take the pill immediately when the alarm goes off.  It is VERY easy to forget if you have taken a dose. Especially if you are very metal toxic – the oral chelation rounds can make you even more forgetful than you were before – and for me that was a major handicap.

Infrared Sauna Detox

We would take Niacin 2-3 hours before we got in the infrared sauna and we would sweat for 60-90 minutes in the sauna. If it took 15-30 minutes to start sweating we would stay in for an hour or more after the initial sweating.

The first sauna we got was a portable infrared sauna that is like a tent around a chair.  Then we got an infrared dome sauna that you can lie down in and now we have a Clearlight full spectrum infrared sauna

Sauna has been very helpful in getting well.  If you are going to use a sauna, it is important that you replenish essential minerals and eat whole foods with plenty of nutrients.  Most food is depleted of nutrients so please be responsible with making sure your body has what it needs to thrive and be healthy.

The book Clear Body Clear Mind and the research of Simon Yu support sauna detox and give lots of great info for getting well using the sauna to sweat out the toxins and high doses of vitamins and minerals to replenish what is lost when you sweat.

We used binders like activated charcoal, bamboo charcoal, bentonite clay, zeolite, chlorella, diatomaceous earth — these need to be taken away from food and supplements so they don’t absorb nutrients the body needs.  Bedtime is a good time to take binders if you are not taking other supplements at bedtime.

Binders bind! If someone is not pooping regularly and they add a binder, they may have a bigger problem than before.  A couple of natural things that can make poop move – magnesium oxide and vitamin c.  Neither are toxic – so take them until poop is moving regularly.  Regular cycle is at least once per day.  Some say 3 times a day – but I find that inconvenient.  Once in the morning… every morning… is enough.  If you are not moving your bowels – or if you are not peeing – do not start any oral chelation protocol until you are getting toxins out through pee and poop.

When I say “we” did chelation – my son and I were both mercury toxic and we did out treatments at the same time.  We treated HPU from January 2012 to April 2012 – in April, we did a hair test on my son that showed his toxic metals were almost at zero and his essential minerals were in the normal range.  He was still throwing up, having seizures and very sick.

That’s when I started looking for other things that could be keeping him sick.

We found toxic mold… my son was 100% well 4 months after we moved out of our home that was full of toxic mold.  Could he have gotten well so quickly if we had not already treated the toxic metals?  I don’t think so.  I do think the toxic metals have to get out of the body  to let the body release these other toxins (mold, Lyme, other infections).

Here are some other blogs about mercury poisoning:

Natrual Help for Chronic Reactive Arthritis

The Liver is Connected to the Teeth?

Mercury Poisoning Detox – links to Yahoo support groups

Kryptopyrroluria (aka Hemopyrrollactamuria): A Major Piece of the Puzzle in Overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease

My working HPU protocol with some product and dosage specifics

None of this is medical advice. I am sharing what we did in the hopes that it can help you or someone you love who is suffering with chronic illness.  See Disclaimer

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Sizing Hi Tech for Your Home or Building

Hi Tech air reactors have to be sized correctly for your building or your home. If your building is not equipped with the right number of Hi Tech machines, they will not clean the air adequately. Mold, mycotoxins and other tiny toxins that we can’t see move quickly. If you have a Hi Tech air reactor that is rated for 1,600 square feet (Model 101) in a home that is 2500 square feet, it will clean some of the area while the toxins are still active in the other areas and the toxins will blow around so you don’t have a clean area.

I love clean air1,600-3,200 square feet = TWO Hi Tech Model 101’s.
3,200-4,800 square feet = THREE Hi Tech Model 101’s.
…and so on.

The square footage is based on 8 foot ceilings. So if your ceilings are higher or you have cathedral ceilings, we need to figure out cubic foot area!

Example: If your square foot area is 1600 square feet but your ceilings are 16 feet – you need TWO Model 101’s.

When figuring out the size of a home, many make the mistake of NOT basement or crawlspace in the square footage. If there is air exchange with these areas, they will need to be included in the square footage.

We do not include attic space in square footage. If people have a mold problem in their attic, the Hi Tech air reactors will keep the air in the home safe to breathe but when the machines are shut off, whatever mold is in the attic will seep back into the house. Some common problems that can cause moisture/mold in the attic: roof leak, bathroom fans are vented improperly or the HVAC unit has a moisture problem. If the attic has a known moisture or mold problem (past or present) – you may want to put an air reactor in the attic to take care of it at the source.

At an Indoor Air Quality Association conference, I found out that 50% of a home’s indoor air comes from the basement. That is why we did a full basement/crawlspace encapsulation – we have a partial dirt floor and there were toxins coming out of the dirt that were contributing to our poor indoor air quality.

If you have hostile situation – you know there is something active going on – you will need to:
1. Make repairs or remove and replace the items that are toxic
2. Get extra Hi Tech air reactors – sometimes in hostile situation having a 101 for every 800-1,000 square feet will be necessary to clear the air.
it is always a good idea to contact a Hi Tech expert
It is always a good idea to contact a Hi Tech expert to be sure of how many machines you need for your home.

Hi Tech 101Most of the time, in a home over 1,600, you are going to want to get multiple Model 101’s, rather than one of the larger models. 101’s are portable, 20 pounds with sturdy handles for easily moving them around if you want to relocate them. They do clean at a distance, so moving them around constantly is not necessary.

The Hi Tech air reactors do clean better closest to the machine, so if you have an area you know is a problem or something that you bring in that you know is a problem, it is best to put the machine near the problem.

Hi Tech Model 110Another option is getting a Model 110 – which is the workhorse of the Hi Tech machines – it is rated for up to 5,000 square feet and is often used with one or several Model 101’s. I have seen the 110 clear a hostile environment in two weeks – so you would never know there was an indoor air quality issue in a building!

The Model 110 is larger and is on wheels. If you need to pick it up and move it into a vehicle for transport or another area, you will need 2 people. It is great for larger areas like gymnasiums, schools, commercial buildings, hospitals and other areas with large square footage/cubic foot area.

While the Model 101 will eventually clear the air and leave you with clean air, the Model 110 will do the job quicker. One family I work with lives in a New York apartment building and most of the time, the 101 is enough to keep up with the toxicity… if they feel the apartment has gotten toxic, which often happens because neighboring apartments are toxic, the building is toxic and the outdoor air is toxic, they will run the 110 to do a thorough decontamination.

We also use the Hi Tech 101 in our car… if you are sensitive to mold and other toxins and you are cleaning the air in your home, you want to clean the air in your car, too. Some people don’t even realize that their car is a source of toxins. I run the Hi tech 101 in my car at least once a month… or after I give someone a ride who lives in a sick building.

If you have any questions about your particular situation, contact me directly or set up a phone consult.

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The Coca Pulse Test

The book on the Coca Pulse Test is available for free and it’s 110 pages long – this is an attempt to simplify the test so that you can use it to see if you are allergic to something or herxing/detoxing.

Allergies are dangerous. Detox is necessary.

Holding onto toxins can make us very sick. Lyme Disease and other infections expel toxins into our bodies. Just think about these organisms living inside of us – they pee and poop in our bodies and this alone can add to how sick we feel.

Many chronically ill people get reactions when they take supplements, use products and even when they eat foods. It is important to be be able to distinguish between allergic reactions and detox symptoms.

The Coca Pulse Test

Purpose: A simple 2 1/2 minute self-test to determine if a particular food or supplement causes a stressful reaction. Note: This test may not be valid if you are taking a drug that controls your heart rate, such as a calcium-channel blocker or a beta-blocker.


  1. Sit down, take a deep breath, and relax.
  2. Establish your baseline pulse by counting your heart beat for a full minute and record your pulse in the “Before” space in the Pulse Test Record
  3. Put a sample of a food or supplement to evaluate in your mouth (on your tongue). You may chew but refrain from However, you do need to taste it for approximately one-half minute.
    Note: The sensory information taste signals from your mouth will inform your central nervous system (brain) as to the nature of the test substance. If the test substance (food or supplement) is stressful to the body, you will have a brief reaction that causes your heart to beat faster.
    Test only one food at a time. Testing individual ingredients will yield specific information, compared with testing foods contain- ing multiple ingredients. Testing a banana, for example, yields more specific and therefore more valuable information than testing banana bread
  4. Retake your pulse (the food or the supplement remains in your mouth). Write down your “After” pulse on the Pulse Test Record below.
    Note: An increase of 4 or more is considered the result of a stressful reaction. For 0 Blood Type people an increase of 3 or more is considered a positive reaction. The greater the degree of stressfulness or reactivity, the higher the heart rate will be.
  5. Discard the tested ingredient (do not swallow) and repeat the procedure to test other foods or supplements. Repeat the procedure as frequently as you like, as long as you always return to your normal pulse before testing the next food.
    Note: If a reaction occurred, rinse your mouth out with some purified water and spit the water out. Wait two minutes, then you can retest your pulse to see if it has returned to its baseline. If it hasn’t, wait a couple of minutes more and retest, continue to retest until you have returned to your normal pulse. Once your pulse has returned to its normal rate you can test the next food

Download these instructions for the Coca Pulse Test in a pdf (printable)

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Mold Remediation or Hi Tech?

–> If you’ve ever had a flooded basement, a leaky pipe, or a leaky roof.
–> If food tends to mold easily if you leave it on the counter.
–> If you are achy all over and blaming it on “old age”
–> If you are forgetful bordering early Alzheimer’s Disease

There may be hidden mold or other airborne toxins:
VOC’s, formaldehyde, bacteria, viruses, radon, pesticides, fire retardants, carbon monoxide… our air is just not guaranteed to be good. If you have not tested your indoor air quality, you may have a problem.

Some questions that came up during our $40,000 remediation:
How much is enough?
How much is too much?
Will this work?
How am I going to pay for this?

Why are there so many sick buildings?
1.) rising cost of repairs: some people don’t have the money for adequate repairs
2.) unskilled workers: anyone with a hammer can build a house – no education required
3.) increasingly tight houses: rising costs of fuel, insulate more, stagnant air
4.) outdoor air is not good: even with air exchange, outdoor air is getting worse
5.) not enough people know you can safely clean indoor air of all organic toxins

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Why should we be concerned with air quality?
~92% of people worldwide live with excessive air pollution, contributing to problems like strokes, heart disease and lung cancer ~ World Health Organization, September of 2016

~Americans spend over 90% of their time indoors.

Indoor air has 2 to 5 times more pollutants than outdoor air.

~At least 30% of the buildings in the United States experience indoor air quality problems. ~The World Health Organization, 1984

~Indoor air pollution, commonly called sick building syndrome, costs businesses $60 billion annually ~ U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

In 2007-2011, my family became so sick from mold that when we found out what was making us sick, we did whatever it took to breathe clean air again. We threw out almost everything we owned and spent a ton of MONEY and TIME on mold remediation.
We were homeless, between motel rooms and tents, for 300 days.

The First Time – We Did Mold Remediation
Collectively, our diagnosis and symptoms were: Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Epstein Barr Virus, Mycoplasma, Babesia, Cysts, Lesions, Asthma, Allergies, walking pneumonia, high liver enzymes, nausea, diarrhea, food allergies, headaches, extreme pain, extreme fatigue, seizures, chest pain, depression, mood swings, temperature dis-regulation, weight gain, weight loss, memory loss, dizziness, tinnitus and acne.

We left and took nothing with us.  We practiced extreme avoidance.  Everything was in Ziploc bags and we took very little.  We threw a lot of our stuff out.  We tried to save some stuff by cleaning with various mixtures made for mold.
Here is a detailed blog on what we did to get out and not take the mold with us.

The only thing I found that was working to clean clothes and the few non-porous things we took with us was ammonia.  So, we stuck with ammonia for the remediation.

We owned a home we could not live in.  And so, we lived in tents, motel rooms and my husband worked on the house that made us sick. I did the research on what to do, and he did the work.

We were sick.  Camping and living in hotel rooms is not “fun” when you are sick, the kids are sick and the dog is sick. We had to do it because we could not find a safe place to rent.

We looked at dozens of homes and apartments.  And I got sick at ALL of them.

A 1984 World Health Organization Committee
report suggested that up to 30 percent of new and
remodeled buildings worldwide may be the subject
of excessive complaints related to indoor air quality

He threw out three quarters of what we owned and ripped the house down to studs.

It was financially and emotionally gut-wrenching. Never-mind how sick we were. Try being homeless when you are sick. It’s almost too much to bear.

Mold remediation was difficult and expensive.

The whole house had to be decontaminated.  This was the system that worked for us.
1.) Ozone blast- which means you have to get all people, plants and pets out of the house because ozone, at the levels you need to kill mold will also kill anything living.
2.) Clean every surface with ammonia and cotton rags – wear mask & gloves
3.) HEPA vacuum

Here are the details of how we did Mold Remediation back in 2011-2012.

It took over 10 months, and over $40,000.  Finally, we were not getting sick in the house anymore.

We moved back in.
We continued to practice “extreme avoidance”  by bagging up all papers and throwing things out or banishing things to the porch or back to the storage unit if they made us sick.

We went back to the 3 step system if I started feeling sick.  Ozone. Ammonia. HEPA.

We were constantly cleaning.

I had to hire someone to do deep cleaning once a week.

We did a HERTSMI test every 6 months or so. For the first 2 1/2 years after the first remediation our HERTSMI’s were a 4 or a 6 – consistently low and enough to keep me feeling our house was fairly safe.  Anything under a 12 is considered safe for most people.

Mold Remediation Has NO GUARANTEE
If you are not testing for toxic mold, you will not know if you have it. I recommend doing the HERTSMI every 6 months… whether you think you have a problem or not!

August, 2014, 31 months after we moved back into our home, our HERTSMI score was a 20.
(anything over 12 is NOT SAFE)

I didn’t want to lose all my stuff again.

I didn’t want to be homeless again.

I didn’t have the money to do another remediation!

I found this testimony of Bill and Ruth Pillings using Hi Tech Air reactors. They had a flood and the mold inspector told them they had to replace the walls. They decided not to. They got Hi Tech. They had mold testing done at their house for a year after and the levels were very close to zero. Listen to them tell the story. 🙂

We Were Getting Sick – Something Had to Be Done!

I remember thinking, “If they can put one of these machines in their house after a flood and they can feel better and the mold can actually disappear… maybe this thing will work?”

Then, I clicked on the name, Ray Robison, which brought me to a page with all the videos Ray Robison uploaded to youtube – and they were all about this machine that was getting rid of mold and pet odors.  One of them was an “Environmental Expert” named Dick Lee who teaches at the college level. He said he saw mold counts and formaldehyde levels go down dramatically.

There was not a company name or a link to any website from those youtube videos — so I had to do my research.  I found out Ray Robison owned a company called Hi Tech Air Solutions out of Moore, Oklahoma.

I got Ray’s phone number off the website and gave him a call.  I told him about our situation and asked him if he thought his machines could help me.

He said, “Yes. – without a doubt”

From August 2014 to November 2014, I researched and asked around to people I knew who had been sick from mold.  No one I knew in the mold community had ever tried a Hi Tech air reactor. I called Ray a couple of more times. He was very helpful answering questions.

I was devastated.  I was frightened.  I did not want to have to leave my home and go live in a tent again.  If I was going to live in a tent I wasn’t doing it in upstate New York again.  Too cold.  I had just spent 3 months on Kauai and my two oldest daughters are living there.

I told my husband, we either get one of these machines or I’m flying back to Kauai and I will camp on the beach, stay with my daughter or stay with friends until I find a place.  The weather is beautiful all the time and I felt great when I was staying in Kapaa.

Then, I went one step further.

I told him we had to buy a machine for my parents.

Here was my thinking: If this does work, I want to help my parents too.  And I want to be able to visit them again.  My mom had been very sick and I could not go into their house without getting very, very sick.

I bought 2 Model 101’s.  With the feeling that these were going to work… but if they didn’t, I could send them back.

There was a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

So, I was still doubting.  But extremely hopeful.

I remember the night they arrived.  The tracking number said they would be arrive Wednesday, November 19th – the day after my birthday.  I had a class to teach online at 7pm and I was not feeling good from the mold in my home.  I couldn’t wait for those machines to get here.

The UPS driver got here at 6:40 – I had already called UPS at 5:00 because the package had not gotten here and they explained that they deliver until 7pm and my packages were out for delivery.  I met the UPS driver at the truck.  I wanted my machines!

The Second Time – We Got Hi Tech
We had some of the symptoms coming back: brain fog, nausea, and fatigue.

Our HERTSMI was at 20 in August.

In November of 2014 – we got a Hi Tech air reactor, installed the bulbs, plugged it in and turned the Hi Tech air reactor on.

healthy personThat was the first day of the rest of my life.  We have been breathing cleaner air ever since.  I felt better almost immediately and definitely felt better when I was in the room with the machine for the first few weeks.

Now, I can be any where in my house and the air just feels clean and light.

Our follow up HERTSMI was a 6 – down 14 points.

If somebody comes over from a mold house or brings moldy things in the machine cleans the stuff that comes into the house.  I might feel an initial reaction to mold and other toxins on stuff… but the machine cleans it up.

I travel with Hi Tech and I clean my car with Hi Tech.

I can shop at thrift stores again and the machine cleans the moldy smell off stuff.

I have saved books, artwork, photos, clothes, papers and so much more.

When the Hi Tech 101 helped me so much, I called up Ray, the owner of the company and I said, “I’m going to tell people about these.”

And Ray said, “Then, I’m going to pay you.”

You don’t have to worry about me just telling you about something because I might get a commission. I know it’s instinct to not trust someone’s opinion because they might be just trying to sell something. There is no way I could ever tell you something works if it didn’t work. How could I ever make up such a story?

Money Back GuaranteeAnyway, the company has a money back guarantee. A company just could not offer a money back guarantee if the product didn’t work!

The money back guarantee was one of the biggest reasons I bought a Hi Tech Air Reactor.  If you have any doubt whether or not this could work, the money back guarantee should seal the deal.

I am thrilled every time someone gets to experience clean air the way I have been able to enjoy clean air.  I think every school, library, public building and home should be properly sized for clean air with Hi Tech Air Solutions.

Contact me to Get a Size Estimate for Your Home or Commerial Building.

Because of Hi Tech:

Many people are able to live and work in safe buildings, not sick buildings
Many people have started to heal from chronic illness because they are no longer being poisoned by their air.

It gives me great joy to see people be helped by Hi Tech!

No one should ever have to throw their stuff away and be homeless.

I have a friend who threw her stuff away 5 times over 15 years.  I gave her a Hi Tech 101 and now she and her daughter will never have to throw their stuff out and be homeless again.

Plug it in and Breathe!!!

Every building has some mold or other types of indoor air pollution. Hi Tech can always improve the quality of your indoor air.

Sometimes I recommend some repairs/remediation and Hi Tech.

Never, would I recommend mold remediation only without getting Hi Tech.

Mold remediation has no guarantee. Hi Tech has a guarantee.

You decide.

There is a Spring Sale through Friday, March 31st. 10% off.   Contact me Today.


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