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Hi Tech Air Reactor – Before and After Testing with Mycometrics – HERTSMI – ERMI

In late July of 2014, I came home from 3 months away and I was not feeling well at all.

I gained 20 pounds in 10 days.

50 pounds in 10 weeks.

I had no energy.

I had a stabbing pain on the right side of my torso, near my rib cage.

I felt like I was being poisoned.  I know that feeling because I lived in sick buildings that have made me sick.  Now, I am sensitive to even small amounts of mold.

So, I did a mold test (ERMI) with a vacuum kit from Mycometrics in August, 2014.

Aspergillus penicilloides 27 10-99 (4pts)
Aspergillus versicolor 27  10-99 (4pts)
Chaetomium globosum 5  5-24 (4pts)
Stachybotrys chartarum 16  5-24 (4pts)
Wallemia sebi 290 100-499 (4pts)

I was sadly disappointed with the results, but not surprised.  See the 16 of Stachybotrys in this test? Stachy is also known as Black Mold and Toxic Mold.  This and if you add up the points on the right, (4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4) adds up to 20 points.

According to Dr. Shoemaker’s HERTSMI Scorecard

Interpretation of HERTSMI-2 Score
<11      Statistically safe for re-entry for those with CIRS**
11-15   Borderline; clean first and re-test before re-entry
>15      Dangerous for those with CIRS**. Do not enter.

**CIRS is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

I was searching for something that could make my house better without going through the remediation we had in 2011-2012.  My husband and I could not stand the thought or the expense of being homeless again.  There had to be a better way.

I found these testimonies on Hi Tech Air Solutions air reactors and I started watching every YouTube video I could find on these machines.

I called the owner, Ray Robison and he seemed very sure his machines could help me.

I started running a Hi Tech 101 in my home on November 19th, 2014.  I felt better that day but a week later, I felt really good.

I was feeling better, so I wasn’t too concerned about follow up testing.  All the testing Hi Tech Air Solutions had done was with air testing… none with dust testing like Mycometrics does.  I had the before testing… so I decided to do the after testing with the same method.

Aspergillus penicilloides 120 100-499 (6pts)
Aspergillus versicolor 6 <10 (0pts)
Chaetomium globosum 2 <5 (0pts)
Stachybotrys chartarum <1 <5(0pts)
Wallemia sebi 69 <100 (0pts)

Most of the numbers went down.  The total score on this HERTSMI is 6 points.

In 3 months of running the Hi Tech 101, our HERTSMI score went from 20 down to 6.

During that time, I had brought in lots of things, people, mail that I used to be careful with.  So the mold count (A.penicillum) that did go up could definitely be explained by cross contamination.

The most important thing?  — I feel great in my home.

The Hi Tech air reactor has changed the way I live. I used to have to be really careful about cross contamination (bring moldy things or people into my home) — I don’t worry about this anymore. I have a High Tech  air purifier that is working for me 24/7.

I still get an inflammatory response when I go to sick buildings or the air outside is very polluted. One of my personal goals is to learn how to reduce my body’s reaction to toxins.

While going outside on certain days or going to other buildings that are “sick buildings” can make me sick, I always know I can come home to air that is cleaned with Hi Tech Air Solutions air reactors.


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Comparison between UV Lights Alone and Hi Tech Air Solutions, LLC

Hi Tech Air Solutions equipment employs UV-C2 germicidal lamps and photo catalytic with a special formula on the reactor pads(proprietary secret). This combination is far more effective than UV light alone.

UV light is produced by the sun and also by specially designed lamps. The three types of UV lamps in the market produce UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-B is used in medical applications to treat patients with jaundice, psoriasis, and other skin disorders. The high cost of the bulbs precludes their use in HVAC systems or for indoor air quality. UV-A is used in HVAC systems to irradiate the coils and in rooms to treat the upper level air next to the ceiling. UV-A is less effective in killing bacteria than is UV-C. UV-C at 254 nm wavelength is the peak absorbance of DNA and RNA; therefore, the most effective in eradicating indoor air quality contaminants, including mold, bacteria and formaldehyde.

Hi Tech Air Solutions equipment chemically destroys organic contaminants , including mold and bacteria, by both oxidation and reduction reactions. It also destroys some mold and bacteria by direct UV irradiation. Hi Tech Air Solutions uses UV-C2 and a reactor pad that is manufactured with a proprietary secret formula. This system actually cleans the reactor pads while operating. Contaminants are not collected or even killed but are broken down at a molecular level to where they do not exist. This new cutting edge technology is second to NONE!!!

For more information go to Clean Air Fix

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Hi Tech Air – Video Testimonies

Here are some testimonies that helped me learn more about how the Hi Tech Air Reactors are helping people. If you are at all concerned about the air quality of your home or business, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Mold Eradication – Formaldehyde – Indoor Air Quality
Dick Lee – Tuttle, Oklahoma
Environmental Hygienist

Mold Eradication in Flooded Home
Ruth & Bill Pillings – Midwest City, Oklahoma

Commercial Use – Mold Eradication
Chris Colley – Moore, Oklahoma

Health Issues – Indoor Air Quality
Janie & Clarence Robison – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Health Issues – Indoor Air Quality
Randy & Susan Wassom Wagoner, Oklahoma

Finally, this is my testimony… after using Hi Tech in my own home and my parent’s home. I am so happy and blessed to have found this technology and to be able to share it with others.

Heather Plude Testimony

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