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Symptoms of Biotoxin Illness

This list is from the book Mold Warriors by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. These are symptoms of biotoxin illness (biotoxin definition: poison produced by and derived from an animal or plant). According to Dr. Shoemaker, “Symptoms exhibited from the exposure to biotoxins affect everyone differently. This extensive listing is here to help you understand the many …

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Toxic Mold Symptoms

It took me weeks to put this video together. Every time I finished… I would find something missing or lacking. I pray I did a good job of conveying the truth of the symptoms that can be caused by toxic mold. Toxic Mold Symptoms include but are not limited to fatigue, headache, sinus infections, bloody …

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Hair Analysis Interpretation Guide

Cordell E Logan, ND This is a short guide on interpreting hair mineral analysis if you selected to have only the chart printed. Blood generally looks at blood chemistry. Hair analysis looks more at tissue physiologyand is a more longer term picture.For the toxic minerals, it most likely means the mineral is coming from some …

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3 Steps to Focus on Getting Well

When you are sick and have been for a while, it can be hard to see past the pain and the torment of chronic illness. When you focus on pain and symptoms, you get more pain and symptoms. The universe gives you what you focus on. Focus on getting well. Every time you realize you …

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Healing ALS

Toxic Mold Presentation for Healing ALS

Yesterday, I gave a presentation on toxic mold for the community. I was honored to be invited to present and was praying that I would give the information that would help people see that toxic mold could be contributing to some of their symptoms. The longer someone stays in toxic mold, the sicker they …

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