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The Liver is Connected to the Teeth?

The mercury that was put in my teeth in 1991 caused a ton of health issues for me. Someday, we it will be public knowledge that “silver” fillings are actually 50% mercury and mercury is one of the deadliest poisons in the world. If you haven’t seen the video, Smoking Teeth=Poison Gas it’s worth watching. …

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Natural Candida Yeast Infection Treatments

First, you have to know if you have candida, before you can treat, right? So, my stomach has been swollen for years. Some call it fat… TomAtoe- TomAHHtoe Do you know how it feels to just not feel right in the gut? I could eat nothing for days and eat one thing and gain pounds …

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If Someone is NOT getting WELL with Lyme Treatment

What seemed like a nightmare began in June of 2010, my son was having trouble walking, swollen knees and ankles, very tired, and generally not feeling well.  He was Lyme Disease positive and put on 28 days of antibiotics.  At the end of that first 28 days, he was worse than when he started the antibiotics… …

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Mercury and Our Bodies

It all started with a car accident, Thanksgiving Eve, 1990. I ate the steering wheel of my little white sports car and almost died. I broke my jaw in 6 places. I split my head open. I was alone in the car (thank God). I hit a tree so no one else was injured. I …

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Health and Body pH

When I first learned about pH – it was from a Vernon’s blog who was successful treating his cancer with Sodium Barcarbonate, better known as Baking Soda. A box of baking soda is fairly inexpensive — and can be very helpful in raising body pH. After reading Vernon’s blog, I read a book called, “Sodium …

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