What’s a Severe Reactor to Do?

A severe reactor is someone who has extreme symptoms from exposure to toxins. It usually happens after a poisoning of some kind. We had 234,000 spores of Stachybotrys (toxic black mold) per cubic meter in the house that poisoned me.

My tongue, throat and cheeks swell, I gain weight, throw up, have “the runs” and I get quite sick when exposed to mold. Everyone's symptoms are different. Here is a list of symptoms toxic mold can cause.

KauaiI spent 3 months in Kauai last year and felt better than I have in 20 years.

When I came home, my house was making me sick. My husband did not follow my strict decontamination rules while I was gone and the damage was done. I gained 20 pounds in 10 days. Within 3 months, I was up 50 pounds and feeling like death warmed over.

I was sick, so I did a mold test. I think testing for indoor air quality should be step one when anyone gets sick and stays sick… or gets sick often. My HERTSMI score was 20… anything above 12 is too high. Plus, we had Stachybotrys show up on the test. 🙁

Here is a copy of the “before” test. This is an ERMI, but you can pull the 5 HERTSMI molds out and plug them into the HERTSMI scorecard.

I did not want to throw out all my stuff again and go back to being homeless… so I started seriously researching the Hi Tech air reactors. I had known about these for years… but did not feel a need for them because we had successfully remediated.

I met someone down in Kauai who was in indoor air quality with the Navy for 30 years. I asked him to take a look at the Hi Tech air reactors. After he talked with the owner of the company, he called me back and told me he was really excited about this technology.

That's when I bought one for myself and one for my parents.

My parents had been sick for years… and getting sicker. I could not step foot in their house or I would get sick. So I KNEW it was mold that was making them sick. They are stubborn and would not do anything about it. My mother was so sick last year she talked about death constantly. It was hard to watch… and harder not to be able to go and help them.

My mom had quadruple bypass surgery in April and had been dizzy and falling down before AND after the surgery. Being dizzy is one of the symptoms of mold illness. I was worried for my parent's health.

Hi Tech #101We put a #101 in our home and one in my parent's home.

I am no longer sick in my home. I was feeling better within hours… a lot better within weeks. Continuing to feel well… I still have issues… I was sick for 20 years and cleaning up the air in my home is not going to solve all my problems. I know that.

12 weeks after I got the Hi Tech model #101, I retested with the same lab, vacuuming the same spots… except I also vacuumed some artwork I had brought in from the house that had made me very ill. The house that had made us sick with the high Stachybotrys counts.

The HERTSMI score went down to a 6. (anything below 12 is “safe”)
Here are the results of that “after” test.

I know, I know, not all of the numbers went down.  I can't explain it except that it had been months since the last test and we brought in lots of stuff and people with mold… so numbers change.  Things get contaminated.  The point is MOST of the numbers went down significantly.  And I feel good here.

I don't get sick over my parent's house anymore. I waited 6 weeks before I tried going over there… I can visit. And I don't get sick.

This severe reactor is surviving toxic mold.  And I would like to share the tool that is allowing me to do that with you.  Join us.

We had a conference call on Sunday, March 8th at 6:00pm to answer any questionsabout the Hi Tech air reactors. Or as some people have started to call them… “the machine.”

If you missed the Hi Tech Air Solutions conference call addressed to Mold Sensitive People on Sunday, March 8, 2015
I highly suggest to listen to the recording.
Playback number: (712) 775-7029
Meeting ID#: 452848126
Reference number: 1

Love to you all.

There was one thing I noticed during the call and if you listen to the recording, you may catch it.  Ray said he had people try to get a #101 and put it in a house that is 300 square feet and he would not allow that… he goes on to say you need the right machine for the right square footage.

He meant he would not let someone get a #101 for 3,000 square feet. He made a mistake there and said 300 square feet by accident.

The #101 is rated for up to 1,600 square feet and in smaller areas you could run it less. It would be the right machine for 300 square feet. Just wanted to make that clear!

I would love to hear your comments and questions on what Ray goes over in the call.

Great things are happening!

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