3 Steps to Focus on Getting Well

When you are sick and have been for a while, it can be hard to see past the pain and the torment of chronic illness. When you focus on pain and symptoms, you get more pain and symptoms. The universe gives you what you focus on. Focus on getting well.

Every time you realize you are in a negative thought, stop, interrupt that brain pattern and replace that thought with a positive one. That interrupt should be something that feels comfortable to you.

  • stopClap your hands or snap your fingers
  • Say, “NONSENSE” or “Bullsheet”
  • Get up and walk around
  • Imagine a big, red stop sign

After the interrupt comes the positive thought

“I am getting better and better every day.”
“I am a Spiritual Being – my body is perfect, made in His likeness and image.”
“The Light now streams through every cell.”
“I give thanks for my radiant health.”

So, the steps are:

1 – Stop


3Positive thought

SIP your way through life!

(Stop – Interrupt – Positive)

The hardest part is the stop. You have to recognize that you are having negative thoughts to be able to stop them. And know what to replace them with.

Probably the hardest mental shift I had to make to get well was to be thankful for pain.

I actually shifted my thinking so that when I feel physical pain, the first thing I think is,
“Thank you for this pain. I am so lucky to feel this pain. It alerts me that there is something I can work on to get to better health today.”

That may seem weird but if you get a pain and you get mad at it you are literally making it worse. However you can shift that thinking to get to a thought pattern of healing will accelerate your healing by leaps and bounds.

Other ways to Focus on Healing

One of my favorite ways to focus on healing is to be around like minded people who are also focused on healing. When two of more gather with a like-mind, great things happen. We are all influenced by those we surround ourselves with… so get yourself around other positive people who are focused on wellness.

If you are not getting out much – get an online support group, an accountability partner you call once a day to check in, and watch videos that are focusing on wellness.
YouTube is a very good source for inspirational videos.

The Secret
What the Bleep
Joe Dispenza
Tony Robbins

The book that helped me the most with mindset is The Science of Being Well
I used to read this book aloud to my son and I still read through it for inspiration.

Exercise to Expand Love and Light

heart lightA great exercise to do is to picture love and light in your heart and expand that light to your entire body, then your entire house is filled with this light coming from your heart.
Expand more and your whole neighborhood is filled with light, and then your town, your country and the world.

If you can shift your thinking, even part of the time
to better thoughts that serve you and bring you to wellness,
you are serving yourself well, and this is the best type of self-care.

Use the AO Scan to focus on Health

The AO Scan does so many things, it's easy to get stuck in what's wrong.
– here is a playlist of YouTube videos on Solex/AO Scan

It's more important to give thanks for

  • daily improvements
  • healing frequency audios
  • supplement suggestions
  • broadcasting healing frequencies

While not getting stuck on what shows as out of balance in the scans.

Yesterday was a day that brought up a lot of past trauma.
I found it interesting that my Body System scan showed Trauma from the past as a possible emotional cause in more than one

Because I connected with this emotion, I worked on releasing it. I believe the trauma has eased a little bit but I may still have work to do in this area.

I am grateful for the lesson,
I release the negative

and receive the positive.

The scanner is meant to guide you in your healing, the frequencies will assist your healing by balancing mind and body, and the frequencies that you broadcast can be felt anywhere in the world. It's quite amazing to think how our health can be helped with frequency. I've dreamed of this my whole life. I admit, it's rather Star Trek like!

I'd love to give you a free scan – it can be done remotely, over the phone or a zoom, your choice. Contact me with any questions, or sign up for a free scan here.

May your life be full of health and happiness.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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