Global Warming and Climate Change Would Destroy Any Freedoms We Have Left

Our Last Year of Freedom? – Christopher Monckton's Warning

In this video Christopher Monckton begs Australia to support their Prime Minister in standing against Global Warming and Climate Change at the Paris Climate Conference 2015.

This is not just a message for Australians… this is a global problem created by the UN. We have to stop this madness that is Climate Change Hysteria!

The data is presented in an easy to understand way. I recommend watching the video if you have any questions about climate change.

I've talked about the 97% of Climate Scientists agree talking point — it's the figure everyone keeps repeating. I run into some people who even bump that number up to 99.9% agree so they can really marginalize the 99% who REALLY DO NOT agree. (If they can make up numbers, so can I)

@58:00 the method for coming up with this 97% figure is explained.

climate change obama

Terrify the population into agreeing with them…

Lord Monckton – GreenPeace is a Marxist Front

climate change unThis video goes into the desire for government to reduce the population of the world. They are not looking out for your best interests!

For many years, our United States government has been giving more and more of our freedoms away to the United Nations. It's time to take our freedoms back!

Individuals should have choices of things like the right to farm, collect water, use energy, & the type of light bulbs we use.

The global elite wants to use Agenda 21 to allow them to control the world.. It's all about power. They are increasing their power and functioning as a global government to the absolute fury of people who want to be free.

world-dominationGradually set up more and more bureaucracies and sending the bills to government. Expand the center of this global government so that they are very powerful. [EU, UN]

The Goal:

World Domination

The climate change argument should be over. There is enough science proving that there is no man made climate change, there never was global warming and there never will be any consensus since the facts show there is no reason for alarm.

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