Say NO! To The Lyme Vaccine

The first 1/2 of this video talks about pushing the Lyme vaccine on humans and pets. This is MASS GENOCIDE. The last Lyme vaccine infected MANY. I have friends who suffered for years and several died because of this vaccine. If you don't believe the government would allow people to be harmed from an “educational experiment” — look up the Tuskeegee Study.

The second 1/2 of this video has a guest who has chronic lyme disease and she is completely disabled. She spends all day, most days in bed. She lost a 6 figure job because she is too sick to work. Now, she cannot afford treatment. And Lyme Disease treatment is not covered by health insurance. She is sick and in terrible pain.

Say no to the Lyme Vaccine!Do you trust this vaccination enough to risk getting Lyme Disease for the rest of your life? If you need to know more about the disease, watch Under Our Skin

Listen at the 6:48 mark of the video on this page. The interviewer asks the guest who is suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease how she feels about some doctors who call people like her “LYME LOONIES”

This is such an unfair question. How do you think this makes her feel?

I feel horrible for her because I was made to feel this way many, many times. I did the same thing when talked down to… I cried. When you are in pain and seeking help and denied the care you need… crying is the only thing you are able to do.

Most people with CHRONIC PAIN from Lyme Disease and other infectious diseases get this kind of treatment from dozens of doctors before they get help.

We need to stop blaming the person who is sick and start looking for the toxins. Our bodies were made to function perfectly and without pain! When we are being poisoned, we get pain.

Lyme is a toxin. Mold is a toxin. Heavy metals are toxins. Voc's, GMO's, pesticides and many, many chemicals that are in every day products and in our air, food and water.

PHARMACEUTICALS are the biggest toxin group I can think of… and they are pushed like candy.

Our world and our bodies are full of toxins and they send us for more shots and pills. Do you see something wrong here?

Did you know that conventional medicine is actually the leading cause of death today? And that statistic doesn't even count the deaths from lack of care.

I was sick for 20 years and saw dozens of doctors who told me it was all in my head. I wound up in the Emergency Room throwing up blood, throwing up every 3 minutes, unimaginable pain and was told to see a psychiatrist, lose weight and stop “drug seeking” (all separate occasions)

I have felt insulted, ignored and patronized by dozens of doctors over multiple decades. Then my son got sick. And I had a doctor suggest he needed psychiatric care.

That's when I realized THE MEDICAL SYSTEM IS FLAWED.

How many months or years did it take you to get medical help?

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