Toxic Mold Symptoms

It took me weeks to put this video together. Every time I finished… I would find something missing or lacking. I pray I did a good job of conveying the truth of the symptoms that can be caused by toxic mold.

Toxic Mold Symptoms include but are not limited to fatigue, headache, sinus infections, bloody noses, pain all over, arthritic joints, digestive problems, confusion, anger, personality change, learning disabilities, allergies and asthma, hot or cold body temperature, and more. The biggest problem we face is most doctors don't recognize mold illness. They send people home with pills to cover up symptoms while they continue to get more sick from the toxins in their environment.

I couldn't just end the video without giving a glimmer of hope. My whole family is well because we learned how to rid our bodies of the toxins… and avoid toxins as much as possible using natural foods and supplements.

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4 thoughts on “Toxic Mold Symptoms”

  1. Great video! Before my experience with Toxic Mold Syndrome, I had no idea how sick mold could make someone. This video will be great for raising awareness for mold illness! I was the only person living in my house who showed any symptoms from the mold so I think it’s great that you put in the video that mold can make some people sick while others may not seem to have any symptoms. So glad your family is well now.

    1. Heather Plude

      Thanks, so much for sharing, Lisa! I had no idea either before my family got sick from mold. That’s why I wanted to put this together. Please share it with friends and family. Awareness is the first step to better health! 🙂

  2. Shape is principally identified in two colors, black annd white.
    That done it may be beneficial to work with a dehumidifier.

    Prolonged exposure can be dangerous because
    it can seriously damage body organs.

  3. Great Video! “Moldy” people’s brains don’t work well and this video is a nice way to get the information across to them. I sent it to my family members that suffer from Biotoxin Illness.

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