Cleansing and Acne?

I never really had too many problems with acne. I still don't have a problem with it… but I have been getting a few zits… and I believe they have to do with cleansing. Toxins are releasing and they have to go somewhere!

I was sick for over twenty years. For the last five years, I had major digestive problems where I was not digesting food at all and had to supplement with Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes in order to digest food.

I had stabbing pain on the right side of my torso near the rib cage. It was like someone was stabbing me all the time… and sometimes they would twist the knife and the pain would intensify.

I wound up in the ER three times with my stomach issues. Once, I was throwing up blood. Another time, the pain had gotten so bad I was doubled over. The last time I was admitted from the ER because I was throwing up every three minutes.

Not once was I checked for any of the things I found out later that I had. I had Lyme disease, mycoplasma pneumonia, mycoplasma fermentis, Bartonella, mercury poisoning and toxic mold poisoning.

Toxic mold in out house was poisoning me

We left and took nothing with us.
I tried many things to detox from the mold.
Eighteen months later, I was still sick.

Then I found a cleanse that cleared up all my symptoms. All of them. I feel 100% well. Never better… and I am so grateful for my new found health! I want the world to know you can be well.

I feel great… and I got acne?

Right around the same time I was relieved of all my symptoms… I started breaking out on my forehead and on the outer edges of my chin.

Some might have freaked out about that, but I was so happy my brain was working correctly again, my energy was through the roof, the pain in my gut was gone, and my arthritis pain was gone… the zits on my face were annoying, but not enough to make me stop taking the cleanse.

Chinese map of the face

Face mapping

Thanks to The Blog of Good Health and Fortune for this image.

The places I was breaking out were the forehead and on the outer edges of my chin. This map says the small intestines and the large intestines are associated with those two areas. I have to say… that made me happy. I am grateful that I am detoxing whatever bad things I had in my small intestines and my large intestines.

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Thanks to for this image.

About a week before I started the cleanse, my husband and I treated ourselves to massages. As our masseuse was working on my feet, she told me the spot on my foot that hurt and was tight was my intestines. I found this map of foot reflexology to confirm where that spot was.

Coincidence? I think not.

Chinese Ear Mapping

Chinese ear mapping

Thanks to for this image.

One last thing that happened to me during my cleanse. I got a HUGE zit on my left ear. I know… gross. Here's the kicker. It was right where this map says the wrist is. I was bit by a Rottweiler on my left wrist and that was where my worst arthritis pain has been… and now it is GONE!!!

I love cleansing and I love learning new things. I am so grateful to be living a pain free life and all the other wonderful things that come along with being well, feeling well and getting my life back!

I would love to hear your own experience with evidence of cleansing showing up on your face, ears or feet! Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Cleansing and Acne?”

  1. hi I have a foul taste in my mouth for over 11 yr and just cant pinpoint what is going on. seen many nat health prac and nothing has given me relief. I seem to mimic mcs people and moldies? I am sure I have a number diff things going on. but just cant seem to detox or get any better. I also have acne,joint pain and depression> help

    1. Heather Plude

      Sent you an email… whenever I see help, I try. It takes time. It took me many months before I had a few good days. Hang in there.

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