Can My Mattress Make Me Sick?

I was on the phone today with a friend who was poisoned by mold and is now hyper-sensitive to toxins. She was still reacting to her new mattress… or maybe the mattress covers… even after putting two mattress covers over the new mattress!

I used to be hypersensitive to things… so I understand. If you have never lived with hypersensitivity… where you feel every toxin you come in contact with… you might have a hard time understanding. Some people get sick to their stomachs, others have a burning sensation, some break out in a rash, others have swollen tongues and broken blood vessels. Some others have strokes, cancer and heart attacks.

People come in contact with hundreds, maybe even thousands of toxic chemicals, molds, viruses and bacteria every day. When a body is over-burdened by toxins, (either through chronic exposure, acute exposure, or the inability to detox) the person becomes excessively reactive to every toxin they come in contact with. Some people call it Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

What chemicals are in my mattress?

mattress burn testAccording to People For Clean Beds, If your mattress was made after July 1 2007, you have dangerous chemicals in your mattress. All mattresses nationwide, including crib, have to pass a blowtorch open flame of a 12 inch wide burner on the side for 50 seconds, and a top 10 inch wide burner for 70 seconds, and then the mattress cannot ignite for 30 minutes. It requires a lot of chemicals in the surface of your mattress to pass this test.

There are no labeling requirements of the chemicals used in mattresses under the law. Some of these chemicals are Boric acid(roach killer), formaldehyde, melamine, antimony (Heavy Metal almost identical to Arsenic), vinylidene chloride, zinc borate and decabromodiphenyl oxide. This is what people are breathing in for 4-8 hours a night.

“Incredible But True” (Skeptics Click Here)

My friend, who is currently very sensitive to all toxins because of her recent exposures… has TWO Mattress covers on her mattress and she is still thinking of replacing the mattress because she starts burning just as she is sitting on the edge of the mattress.

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Accoding to CBN News, symptoms may range from a common headache or joint ache, to unexplained rashes, eczema, nosebleeds, dizziness — even severe migraines, arthritis, ringing in the ears, nausea and more. They also point out that pesticides used in cotton crops can contribute to mattress toxins. Also, just buying a hypoallergenic mattress may not be enough.

Organic mattresses that look good to me:

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  1. Thank you for the heads-up! I didn’t know there were so many chemicals on my mattress! I’m not a hypersensitive person, but my sister is and now I understand why she can’t seem to get comfortable with most mattresses. Thankfully my mattress was made before 2007 so she can still sleep on it comfortably when she comes over.

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