Mold Produces 600 Times More Bio-Toxins with EMF

“Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, is known for his successful treatment of neurological illness and chronic pain with Integrative Medicine. In this video, he explains how electromagnetic fields (EMF) interfere with your biology, and how EMF contributes to the creation of autism. ” ~Dr. Mercola

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF):

I have several friends who are sick from mold, lyme, electromagnetic radiation and more who have hearing challenges and/or seizure disorders and therefore cannot listen to or benefit from the video.

For all of you, I made a transcription of this video
[Dr. Klinghardt is speaking]:

“Now I’m going to make this link and then we get into the solutions. Now I am going to make the link to the elecromagnetic fields.

An acquainted physician in Switzerland who is a main mold researcher in Europe made a beautiful experiment. He grew mold cultures under a farraday cage. Simply a silver cloth… it looks like a mosquito net made out of silver coated cloth draped over the mold culture.

Then he measured how much mycotoxins how much toxins are these molds producing on a daily basis, very easy to do.

Then he lifted the mosquito net and exposed the mold culture to the ambient electromagnetic radiation in his laboratory that was caused by the lights that were on, the computer in the corner and especially he found out later the ambient cell phone radiation. You know, from the nearby cellphone tower that was broadcasting cell phone radiation.

He found out that the production of biotoxins in this culture went up more than 600 times. Not only that the mold suddenly put out significantly more mycotoxins to protect themselves but also much more virulent, much more viscous, more poisonous mycotoxins

And I took that experiment as it was for me a big light bulb went on. And that is, when you have a mom, I bring it back to the mom… who has maybe low-grade Lyme Disease you know clinically, not relevant Lyme disease… she has an infection, there is a few microbes in there that shouldn’t be there… but mom is doing well.

Now, you expose this mom to significant amounts of elecromagnetic fields of the same nature as in this laboratory in Switzerland.

The molds inside us and the Lyme spirochetes inside this mom suddenly believe they’re being attacked or they feel they are being attacked and they respond to that attack with the only mechanism they have and that is to produce more potent biotoxins.

More biotoxins and more potent biotoxins and with that suddenly mom’s system is overwhelmed with the biotoxins. And also the molds, the spirochetes and the mycoplasmas start to multiply. They are thinking they are being attacked. They are threatened to be extinguished so their response is to make more babies so there is more of them so chances of their genes to survive is higher.

The simple, pure, biological response can be seen anywhere in nature.

And so, what we have now. And to give you some numbers… Joe, I know you are familiar with this. We know that in the last 20 years if you measured the density of electromagnetic fields that we are exposed to. If you measure the amount of cell phone radiation in a cubic inch of air, it is now several million times higher than it was just 10 years ago.

Millions of times higher than it was 10 years ago. These are unbelievable exposures. As you are familiar with, the research, the true research done on cell phone radiation shows it is not safe. There is significant biological effects inside the cell.

Cell phone radiation disrupts the communication inside the cell membrane. The mechanisms that we have to transport signals from the cell wall to the DNA and backwards. It has been shown that cell phone radiation exposure to a fetus tweaks a number of genes. Exactly what we find in autistic kids and so forth.

So, I am postulating and I can back it up with my clinical results that the combination of mom having low grade infections, it may just be viral or mold, yeast or it may be Lyme Disease.

This mom that is pregnant today, is exposed to millions of times more electromagnetic radiation then she was just 10 years ago. And the increase in electromagnetic field exposure in combination with the growth driving effect it has on the microbiome in us explains the incredible avalanche of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, not just autism, that we are seeing right now.

And so, this puts the point of intervention much earlier. Before mom gets pregnant, I want to establish, does she has Lyme Disease? Does she not have Lyme Disease? If the answer is yes, she needs to be treated during the entire pregnancy.

Then, secondly, during the pregnancy, I can do wonderful things by decreasing the electromagnetic field exposure…”

More info at:
Dr. Mercola’s website
Dr. Klinghardt’s Website

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21 thoughts on “Mold Produces 600 Times More Bio-Toxins with EMF”

  1. If someone has systemic mold disease, and mold carries an electronic charge, would being in an environment with a lot of electromagnetic radiation (wi fi , wireless lights, fans, cell phones, computers) in an apartment complex where these devices are in every apartment- so close they actually cross over each other and affect the neighbors wireless lights and other electromagnetic devices, is the person with the mold disease being harmed? Are more mycotoxins being produced by the mold? Are the cells in the body being affected, especially Endocrine systems, being harmed? Does mold grow faster in this environment? Can Pacemakers be harmed?

    1. Heather Plude

      All great questions. I believe the answer is yes, on all counts. Electronics are contributing to the growth of mold on a large scale.

      1. Lisa Marie Smith

        interesting I find this that you commented on in 2014 when I’m in a RV mold group telling them about the EMFs and 600 times and they wanted links

        1. I have heard that the physician in Switzerland that Dr. Klinghardt mentions did not publish the study before he died. The information out there is very limited on this research. I am so glad I made a transcription of Dr.K’s actual words in the video because I can’t find another copy of that video anywhere!
          Heather Plude recently posted…Natural Candida Yeast Infection TreatmentsMy Profile

  2. So this is the reason for the flu-like symptoms sensitive people get when going shopping or otherwise go where there are high levels of microwave radiation. A great insight!

    An insight on a similar note that I would like to share is that if you press your palms against the grass on the ground you will get rid of positive ions. Too many of these give you headache and make you sick. You get too many from radiation, toxins etc. Try it if you have a headache, doesnt cost anything.. If the feet are naked and grounded its even better, but it must be the hands also.

  3. Curious learner

    Hi there,

    All very interesting. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t be in the same room, when the microwave is in use. Would you say that this is true? This electromagnetic radiation; does this cause us harm when coming from laptops, tv’s, and how about solar flares? Would solar flares have a damaging effect on our neuroreceptors? I found that when there was a lot of solar activity, particularly in 2014, I became really forgetful all the time. What other effects can electromagnetic radiation have on our bodies? Is there forms of electromagnetic energy that can be beneficial to us? I understand that we all vibrate to a electromagnetic frequency. We emit electromagnetic waves. I wonder if the form that we emit is quite different from electronic forms? I understand that it’s the high frequency that’s damaging for our bodies.

    1. All great questions!

      I do not use a microwave because it is harmful to us — and it destroys nutrients in food!

      Yes – the electromagnetic frequencies from laptops, tv’s and other electronics in the home are harmful. Check out grounding pads for protection. There are even more tools for protection and detection at

      I’m not too sure about solar flares. I don’t know a lot about them. That’s interesting that you had forgetfulness around them.

      The earth’s electromagnetic frequency is beneficial — so walking barefoot, and touching the ground — plus, using grounding mats when indoors can help us to come back to the earth’s frequency.

    2. I stood in front of my microwave with my EMF meter and turned the m/w oven on ‘normal’ power to boil a cup of water. My meter lit up to highest red warning. I walked away from the m/w until the red lights went off and turned to green, about 15 meters! I unplugged my m/w from the wall inside the cupboard, and I haven’t plugged it back in!

  4. I’m curious if you’ve been able to find a link to the actual research paper or abstract written by the Swiss mold researcher referenced by Klinghardt with the experiment relating Wi-Fi routers to a 600-fold increase in mycotoxin production? I’ve only come up with people quoting Klinghardt’s statement about the research, but no actual published study.. Thanks for any leads on links to the research!

    1. I’ve also been looking for this study A.P. I’m shocked as to how many people just copy the same video & transcript with no real science behind it.

      While I believe it’s true, that’s not the point.

      Where’s the evidence?

      It shouldn’t even be this difficult to re-produce the study.

    2. Frustrated Researchers

      Three years later, and not a single valid study cited for this 600-fold increase claim. I don’t doubt it’s true, I just wish people would do the science correctly so proper arguments can be made. So frustrating.

  5. We live across the street from a large electric power terminal. I have an ongoing battle with systemic Candida yeast infection. Is there a possible connection? Also, There seems to be patches of mold developing on the indoor outdoor carpeting on our cement patio, We have remarked that it is odd, unusual. Of course we do have WiFi and as we grow older we find ourselves issuing device more frequently. Might we speculate connections?

    1. Absolutely could be a connection! I would do all I can to remove mold. We use Hi Tech Air Solutions air reactors which will clean air and surfaces. You might want to invest in some EMF protection too. Contact me if you would like to talk about possible gizmos and gadgets that protect you from WiFi. If I wind up writing a blog on it – I will link it here.

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  7. I have read about this Klinghardt “experiment” several times and have been emf careful (avoid) as much as possible. I have a mold burden and feel that it is worsened by emf. However, I am also a trained scientist and I cannot find any studies on mold and emf. I cannot convince family and etc without more studies. Do you know of any published studies on mold and emf? I have done a lit search and not found much of anything. I found this site with a pdf of emf studies reported from 2016 until 2018 – none involve mold.

    Do you know of any peer reviewed studies that indicate a correlation between emf exposure and increased mycotoxin exposure?

    Thanks for your time!
    Mark Heitchue
    Carrying a sinus and GI mold burden and my ex just bought my daughter a wifi laptop!!

    1. Here was the studies link I found:

      1 Wireless Radiation & EMF Studies Published from August, 2016 …

      Google search result: Would not let me paste in the url. › download
      Mar 7, 2018 – published in peer reviewed Journals concerning this topic to better …… exposure to potentially neurotoxic chemicals, especially mold.

  8. Hi Heather,

    Thank you for a great post. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme in 2017 but probably contracted it around 1996 when I was (mis)diagnosed with Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    I’m a big fan Klinghardt. He’s one of the reasons I started my EMF awareness website. However, I focus more on the detection and EMF mitigation – not so much on mold. I honestly had no idea that EMF increased mold proliferation. It makes sense though.

    It’s connections like these that make me so passionate about educating people on electromagnetic radiation. People just don’t know! Thank you for your part in raising awareness. I think I’ll write an article soon explaining the EMF-mold connection, and I’ll be sure to link to this article. Thanks again!

  9. Yep.. I never knew the dangers of mould until I entered the restoration industry. Now I see the affects of mould in the home on a daily basis and it boggles my mind that I could have been so naïve. In most cases, it’s as simple as keeping your space dry and well ventilated. My heart goes out to property owners trying to make good investment decisions only to have their tenants turn the place into a veritable forest. It’s bad for the tenant’s health and owner’s pocket.

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