After Mold – Get Well – Stay Well

All my Toxic Mold detox methods in one place!

Well, maybe not all… but A LOT of DETAIL!

I still have many more things to share. I'm learning every day — and doing and experimenting with new methods to stay well.

So, this was the 2nd presentation on toxic mold to the HealingALS community.
This document is a pdf of the slides I used in that webinar.

This is for you if:
You want to know more about what to do after you get out of toxic mold
You want to know how to get well and stay well

I tried to put the most important things we did over the last 10+ years in one document.

You will learn what we did for our sinuses, the toxic mold infections, how we cleaned out our body with natural food and supplements, the tools and supplements we consider most important for mold detox and so much more.

We got well naturally and I want you to get well and stay well.

Thank you, Tish and Scott of HealingALS for asking me to speak. I love sharing what we did to get well. Everyone should live a long, healthy, happy life.

The ALS diagnosis is one that doesn't always come with a lot of hope.

May this bring you hope!

This information on detoxing has never been put together in one place before, so download the pdf now. The video will be published on

Here is the entire presentation!
After Mold – Get Well – Stay Well

If you have any questions at all, please reach out.
You can email me with the contact form on this site or at

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