Allergic to Everything

When I first moved out of the home that made me sick… I was allergic to everything: food, chemicals, lotions, shampoos and worst of all mold. My reactions were extreme and would take days to recover from.
My daughter was tested at an allergy and asthma doctor's office and she seemed to react to every scratch with a huge welt.  Hyper-reactive is what I would call her while we were living in the toxic mold house.

My daughter was off all asthma medications within a couple of months of moving out of the house – she was doing a lot of neti-pot treatments.  Luckily, she liked to do them so I had to limit her to 4 a day.  She was seriously a different kid in 2 months.

My son was in a wheelchair, having seizures, alzheimer like symptoms, lesions on his brain, very low WBC, very high liver function tests, lost a third of his body weight – at his sickest he was 11 and 69 pounds.  He couldn't keep anything down.

I was getting sick everywhere I went. I wore a mask or First Defense Nasal Screens when I was going out so that I could minimize my exposures.

I couldn't go into 70-80% of buildings without getting sick. Every bit of paper had to be bagged in Ziploc bags before it came into my living space. I couldn't have books, or clothing or anything that had been in a moldy building or cars.  Cars are almost all contaminated unless you are actively cleaning them.

I lived in several different motel rooms for 10 1/2 months. I had to keep switching rooms because something would happen and I would become allergic to the room we were in. I used an ozone blaster, then ammonia spray to clean,  and HEPA vacuum and filters to clean the rooms and my car if they got contaminated.  I was diffusing propolis.

I don't use ozone anymore – I use Hi Tech Air Solutions.

We looked at homes and apartments to either buy or rent them. I would schedule visits to look at possibilities one at a time so that I could have a couple of days to see if I got a delayed reaction. I couldn't find one that didn't make me sick.

If I found one that seemed alright, I would schedule a sleep over. Let me stay in it one night and I will tell you in the morning whether we will be renting it. Each time we either wound up leaving in the middle of the night or I stayed the whole night and got very sick.

In the meantime, my husband was working nights and weekends to make the home we owned livable for me. I was unable to work because trying to get myself and my children well took all my time.  Plus, I was sick around people and places that were using any kind of chemical or spending time  in a moldy building.

There were times when we nearly gave up hope that we would ever find an indoor space good enough for me to live in.  We were living between motel rooms and tents from April 2011 to February 2012.

Then, through my husband's hard work, our home was tolerable again.

We put an air mattress in, gave it the sleep over test and I felt fine the next day. We slowly moved things in, one by one, being sure that nothing contaminated our new home.

Since September 2012 – almost 18 months after we left the house that was poisoning us with toxic mold, I don't react to other buildings as much anymore…

When I am asked to recommend something for people that are reacting to everything? I recommend getting your toxin load down low enough so that you are not allergic to everything anymore.

See: 7 Steps to Detox Your Home and Body

I am not allergic to most foods – I can even cheat on gluten and I don't react like I used to.  I made detox and health a full time job and I still focus on health and finding ways to get toxins out of my body.

My main issue is my brain – 20 years of amalgams has given me some body burden.  I do think I have beaten back Lyme and Bartonella.  My last testing showed these two monsters were gone.  I still have Mycoplasma and mercury — which are buggers to get rid of.

Allergies are gone for me, my daughter and I get told by lots of people who use Hi Tech that they are having the same type of results we had.  When we breathe clean indoor air – our body burden is not getting overloaded.

We breathe 11,000 liters of air per day…

wouldn't you like that to be clean air?

If I stay in a toxic place long enough, I start to feel tired and start to get some of my symptoms back.

I take binders immediately, and continue cleansing, supportive living & detox if necessary – it depends on how bad I feel from the exposure.

There are lots of things that can help me bind and get out of the body the toxins that are circulating in my blood from an exposure.

Healing Naturally from Chronic Illness

It's great to have a solution for toxic exposures!

I still avoid moldy places if I can. Now, I am able to go places that are moldy or toxic in other ways and I recover quickly or hardly react at all.

If you would like more information on the things that helped me the most or you are looking for guidance in your own mold & toxin injury, I know I have been there, done that and we can get better and live a normal life without running from mold and staying sick.  We are well and I truly believe anyone can heal from their toxic exposures and at least get better.

If you don't believe that you can get well, you are hurting yourself.

If you need a friend, I would love to help, please contact me.

We have lost too many to toxic exposures, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary situation.  Mold is everywhere, and with the right tools and knowledge, you can live a healthy life despite mold being everywhere.

We must help each other… together we are surviving mold.

Speaking of Surviving Mold – this book saved my life because it is the book that showed us mold was the underlying problem.  Yes, we had Lyme and coinfections, but mold was keeping our immune system down and keeping us sick and unable to heal.

I recommend people use the many of the tests from the Surviving Mold book and they are on the Surviving Mold website.  The HERTSMI testing has been essential in diagnosing sick buildings and checking C4A and other bio-markers in the body when we suspect mold exposure is a great tool.   I am so grateful to Dr. Shoemaker for his contributions to bringing mold illness into the light.

I read another great book called the Science of Being Well which is all about focusing on being well to be healthy – and even that book says – if you are being poisoned, you will not get well until you stop the poisoning.

I was reading that book when I was living in the toxic mold house and I had not figured out that mold was hidden behind the walls.  I kept looking for a toxic exposure and finally found extremely high levels of Stachybotrys – one of the most toxic molds.

I called the Health Department when I found out what was making us sick – because I had tried calling them to help me figure out what could be making us sick.  The NYS Department of Health denied mold could be making us sick – according to them, mold only causes allergies and asthma.

More book recommendations 

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