Shemane and Ted Nugent – Killer House

I stumbled upon Shemane Nugent's blog the other day because of a post she made about finding Stachybotrys in her and Ted Nugent's former home.

Shemane and Ted NugentShemane has been married to the rock star, Ted Nugent for 23 years… and as she says on her blog, she's waiting for my sainthood induction!

They knew enough to leave everything behind and I am so happy for them! Most people don't know that when you have mold it is difficult to get rid of completely. If you bring your things with you, it can contaminate your next home and you can stay sick for a lifetime.

Shemane gives a lot of great details of the symptoms that she had, where she went to detox and even mentions that she still has headaches, possibly from the mold exposure years ago. Her blog, “Killer House,” is well worth reading!

I would love to get a group of people who are interested in brainstorming on how to help people get out of toxic mold exposures. Shemane talks about military heroes being exposed to mold and that is devastating…

So many people are dying in their homes because of toxic mold. Some know their homes are killing them but they don't have the money to get out. Others are dying at a young age… with no idea that mold killed them.

It all could be prevented if the truth were told about mold.

Health departments, news stations, government agencies, courts, insurance companies and most doctors are ignoring the pleas for help.

  • What can we do to change that?
  • Is there a non-profit to help?
  • Should we create one?

Most people who saw water damage from Hurricane Sandy, Irene or Katrina or any get any other water damage… don't know that water was only the beginning of their problems. If mold is growing, the health problems that will follow can ruin your life!

A flood is annoying… mold can kill you.

I am surprised at the number of people who don't believe mold can cause major health problems… my son was completely disabled for almost a year. He had pain all over and was having neurological issues. He had trouble thinking, reading, talking, sleeping, eating, and couldn't play or enjoy life because he was too sick to muster up a smile. When we moved out, he started getting better four days later.

I wasn't so lucky. I got worse before I got better. 18 months after we got out of the mold, I was still very sick. I finally found a nutritional cleanse that effectively got the toxins out of my body so I felt better.

Most of our friends and family were very understanding… some just couldn't believe that mold could possibly cause the problems we were having. Some of my friends and family are living in mold, having health issues and they don't believe that mold could be making them sick.

At one point in her blog Shemane says, “I don't think I'd be alive today if we hadn't taken aggressive action and moved out of that Killer House.” I have thought this many times about our own experience with toxic mold. If we hadn't figured out mold was making us sick, we might all be dead.

I am so grateful that Shemane and Ted Nugent got out of the mold and are speaking out about toxic mold and the serious adverse health effects it can have. I pray that someday it will be widely accepted that mold can cause disabling sicknesses and can even kill if ignored.

In the meantime, let's help some of the people who are sick from mold.

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  1. I was also poison the mold extreme poison in rock Hill South Carolina outs 20 minutes from Charlotte I am now under a doctor Natasha Thomas in Myrtle Beach South Carolina treating me I just would like to know more of what they done because it seems to be growing back monthly I’m losing my eyesight my kidneys hurt my hair is gone well damaged my toenails fell offI’ve been sick for close to 10 months now

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