Propolis Diffusers and Essential Oils for Toxic Mold

This post is in response to a question: “I have been meaning to ask about the propolis diffuser from Dr Klinghardt Ki Science. Am I understanding it does not work or it does, also essential oils.”

A3 propolis diffuserI used to travel with a propolis diffuser before I found Hi Tech 2012-2014. Now I travel with Hi Tech. The propolis diffuser I have says it covers 647 sq ft but I think it's closer to 400 sq ft maximum. It's the A3 and I got it from

I learned about it from Dr. Klinghardt. In numerous experiments conducted by the ASL of Collegno (Italy) in a classroom showed that the molecules of propolis, thanks to their acknowledged antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, inhibit bacterial and microbial presence.

I was not healthy in my home with a propolis diffuser alone. I also did not have 7-8 of them, I only had one. If you are going to go with a propolis diffuser, I would get one for ever 200-400 square feet. If I remember correctly, the cartridges last 4 full days.

It looks like the A2 at beehealthyfarms and the PropolAir at KiScience are the same model with different branding.

$165.50 plus shipping at
£160.00 to USD = $209.30 at

So, I guess it depends on the shipping where you would want to purchase from.

propolis cartridgesThe other issue with propolis diffusers is the refill cartridges are not cheap. They are small metal cups, no more than 3/8 inch wide and 3/4 inch deep – you can see in the image to the right 5 small cups.

I used to scrape the used propolis out and add propolis I got from a beekeeper.
This saved money.

Here are the prices for refills at

At KiScience, I only found the non-organic kind (same as above, blue box) and the price is £19.80 which is equal to $25.90

Essential Oils

I tried many brands of Thieves oil cleaners and other essential oils in 2014 when I was feeling sick in my home again – nothing worked. I like the smell of thieves and I sometimes still add it to my natural cleaners at home just for the smell, but no, I don't think they help with mold or mycotoxins at all.

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