Comparison between UV Lights Alone and Hi Tech Air Solutions, LLC

Hi Tech Air Solutions equipment employs UV-C2 germicidal lamps and photo catalytic with a special formula on the reactor pads(proprietary secret). This combination is far more effective than UV light alone.

UV light is produced by the sun and also by specially designed lamps. The three types of UV lamps in the market produce UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-B is used in medical applications to treat patients with jaundice, psoriasis, and other skin disorders. The high cost of the bulbs precludes their use in HVAC systems or for indoor air quality. UV-A is used in HVAC systems to irradiate the coils and in rooms to treat the upper level air next to the ceiling. UV-A is less effective in killing bacteria than is UV-C. UV-C at 254 nm wavelength is the peak absorbance of DNA and RNA; therefore, the most effective in eradicating indoor air quality contaminants, including mold, bacteria and formaldehyde.

Hi Tech Air Solutions equipment chemically destroys organic contaminants , including mold and bacteria, by both oxidation and reduction reactions. It also destroys some mold and bacteria by direct UV irradiation. Hi Tech Air Solutions uses UV-C2 and a reactor pad that is manufactured with a proprietary secret formula. This system actually cleans the reactor pads while operating. Contaminants are not collected or even killed but are broken down at a molecular level to where they do not exist. This new cutting edge technology is second to NONE!!!

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4 thoughts on “Comparison between UV Lights Alone and Hi Tech Air Solutions, LLC”

    1. Hi Gene, it’s new technology. I just heard about it 3 months ago and started using it in November of 2014… I am seeing some great improvements in air quality.

  1. I am concerned about the effect of the machine’s oxidation on my skin, breathing the hydroxyl molecules, and general safety of being exposed to the output of the machine. Of course I understand the benefits of having bacteria, viruses, mold, etc. destroyed – I’m not at all questioning that.

    1. I totally understand your concern, Michelle. I was concerned about safety too. I research Hi Tech for months before I finally purchased and there are scientific papers on the PCO technology arguing both safe and unsafe. One of the things that impressed me is that this technology is approved to be used in hospital settings and food preparation. It was developed by NASA to use in the space shuttle and has been used in Navy submarines to clean the air. The technology was discovered and is based on the way the sun cleans our outdoor air. My son and I were both very sick from mold exposure and there are blood tests that can help monitor exposure. After buying Hi Tech we had those blood tests monitored for months and our numbers went down and normalized because we are now breathing clean air. We all have to make decisions based on the facts we have available to us. I choose Hi Tech for my family and I encourage others to do the same.

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