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Kidney Cleanse for 6 weeks and then Liver Cleanse

When I was first getting out of mold, I was pretty weak. I was reacting to just about everything, everybody and every herb, vitamin and food.

That’s no fun. When everything makes you sick.

That’s when you know you’re at the tipping point. Not sure if I’ve done a blog about that – but it’s a good thing to know. Our bodies accumulate toxins over years – and sometimes our bodies need help getting rid of those toxins.

If your body is so full of toxins that you are a “full cup” – every exposure will feel like torture. You may have physical symptoms like I did. I was breaking out because people around me wore perfume or hairspray. A mold exposure would make literally vomit and have the runs at the same time. No fun.

When I was reacting to everything, I wound up drinking water… and doing what some would call a water fast. Little did I know, that’s a great way to detox and it’s really good for your health.

You’ve got to eat sometime – so I started juicing. Cucumber, Beet and Carrot. I’d sip on that throughout the day. And drink water.

I had muscle testing that said I was having major problems with my kidneys and my liver. Plus, I had high liver enzyme tests from one of my ER visits when I was in excruciating pain – to the point I was vomiting every 3 minutes. Searching for a natural way to detox the liver and the kidneys led me to Hulda Clark’s book, The Cure for all Diseases.

I did things a little out of order. I started with liver cleansing and wound up with very sore kidneys and trouble peeing. That was not fun. Then, I read this warning in The Cure for All Diseases:

Cleaning the liver bile ducts is the most powerful procedure that you can do to improve your body’s health. But it should not be done before the parasite program, and for best results should follow the kidney cleanse and any dental work you need.


from “The Cure for All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda Clark, pages 549-552


1st 4 ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs and next 6 from iherb –
see complete breakdown of cost of this kidney cleanse below.

Measure ¼ cup of each root and set them to soak, together in 10 cups of cold tap water, using a non-metal container and a non-metal lid (a dinner plate will do). After four hours (or over-night) add 8 oz. black cherry concentrate, heat to boiling and simmer for 20 minutes. Drink ¼ cup as soon as it is cool enough. Pour the rest through a bamboo strainer into a sterile pint jar (glass) and several freezable containers. Refrigerate the glass jar.

Boil the fresh parsley, after rinsing, in 1 quart of water for 3 minutes. Drink ¼ cup when cool enough. Refrigerate a pint and freeze 1 pint. Throw away the parsley.

Dose: each morning, pour together ¾ cup of the root mix-ture and ½ cup parsley water, filling a large mug. Add 20 drops of goldenrod tincture and 1 tbs. of glycerin. Drink this mixture in divided doses throughout the day. Keep cold. Do not drink it all at once or you will get a stomach ache and feel pressure in your bladder. If your stomach is very sensitive, start on half this dose.

Save the roots after the first boiling, storing them in the freezer. After 13 days when your supply runs low, boil the same roots a second time, but add only 6 cups water and simmer only 10 minutes. This will last another 8 days, for a total of three weeks. You may cook the roots a third time if you wish, but the recipe gets less potent. If your problem is severe, only cook them twice.

After three weeks, repeat with fresh herbs. You need to do the Kidney Cleanse for six weeks to get good results, longer for severe problems.

Also take:
• Ginger capsules: one with each meal (3/day).
• Uva Ursi capsules: one with breakfast and two with sup-per.
• Vitamin B6 (250 mg): one a day.
• Magnesium oxide (300 mg): one a day.
Take these supplements just before your meal to avoid burping.

Some notes on this recipe: this herbal tea, as well as the parsley, can easily spoil. Heat it to boiling every fourth day if it is being stored in the refrigerator; this resterilizes it. If you sterilize it in the morning you may take it to work without refrigerating it (use a glass container).

When you order your herbs, be careful! Herb companies are not the same! These roots should have a strong fragrance. If the ones you buy are barely fragrant, they have lost their active ingredients; switch to a different supplier. Fresh roots can be used. Do not use powder.

• Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) is a common flowering bush.
• Gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum) is a wild flower.
• Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis) is mucilaginous and kills pain.
• Fresh parsley can be bought at a grocery store. Parsley flakes and dried parsley herb do not work.
• Goldenrod herb works as well as the tincture but you may get an allergic reaction from smelling the herb. If you know you are allergic to this, leave this one out of your recipe.
• Ginger from the grocery store works fine; you may put it into capsules for yourself (size 0, 1 or 00).

There are probably dozens of herbs that can dissolve kidney crystals and stones. If you can only find several of those in the recipe, make the recipe anyway; it will just take longer to get results. Remember that vitamin B6 and magnesium, taken daily, can prevent oxalate stones from forming. But only if you stop drinking tea. Tea has 15.6 mg oxalic acid per cup37. A tall glass of iced tea could give you over 20 mg oxalic acid. Switch to herb teas. Cocoa and chocolate, also, have too much oxalic acid to be used as beverages.

Remember, too, that phosphate crystals are made when you eat too much phosphate. Phosphate levels are high in meats, breads, cereals, pastas, and carbonated drinks. Eat less of these, and increase your milk (2%), fruits and vegetables. Drink at least 2 pints of water a day.

37 Taken from Food Values 14ed by Pennington and Church, 1985.

Cleanse your kidneys at least twice a year.

You can dissolve all your kidney stones in 3 weeks, but make new ones in 3 days if you are drinking tea and cocoa and phosphated beverages.

If there is enough interest in this blog about the kidney cleanse, I will do another on the parasite protocol and then the liver cleanse that includes where to buy the ingredients for those. Leave a comment below!

Read the entire book: The Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clark

From the book, The Cure for All Diseases

Cost of the Hulda Clark Kidney Cleanse

I have a few places I have ordered herbs from. My number one place did not have Hydrangea root in cut and sifted form, they only had powder.

mountain rose herbsI compared Stone Creek Health Essentials and Mountain Rose Herbs and the final price of the same amount of herbs and tincture was within dollars… so the deciding factor was the country of origin for the herbs and the fact that Stephen Buhner has recommended Mountain Rose Herbs in the past. All of the herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs were sourced in the United States. All of them.

Price before tax and shipping- TOTAL is below!
There is only one option for shipping (21 Days due to Covid)
TOTAL tax and shipping total to New York

Herbs are not cheap!

And you don’t want cheap herbs anyway. You want to know that they are from a good source so you don’t waste your time with old, weak herbs.

This is enough for two people – and I already know who I am sharing with. Who will you split it with?

Next 6 ingredients come from iherb. I compared vitacost and iherb and found iherb about $15 less expensive partly because of the Valentines Day sale going on right now through 2/15 code VDay14

Remember, I am buying 2 of everything so I can share with a friend. 🙂

And the iherb order will be delivered in 2-7 days. Much quicker than the herbs… but the kidney cleanse will have to wait until all the ingredients get here. And the total cost for 2 people: $239.17 — $119.59 per person.

There will very likely be some of these supplements left over — so the next time we do a kidney cleanse (in 6 months) – it’s not so costly.

In my eyes, this is well worth it if you are at all under the weather… or like a certain someone I know, diagnosed with serious kidney… problems.

Look at it as maintenance. You maintain your car with tune ups and your furnace in your house, why not your body. The cost of not maintaining your own health can be very costly. Why not avoid the costs of being sick by doing some well-care.

In my opinion, pharmaceuticals, whether they are pills, radiation, vaccination, or any other big pharma cash cow are not worth the risk!

The natural way is allowing your own body the chance to heal.

The poison that doctors and hospitals offer is adding toxins.

Which do you think will help your body the most?

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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Coronavirus Question and Answer with Doctor Klinghardt

Live recording with Dr Klinghardt from 9th March 2020, in conjunction with the Klinghardt Institute, covering the Corona Virus, recent history, transmission, diagnosis, treatment & prevention, alternative approaches & outlook.

Dr Klinghardt Corona interview Klinghardt Institute

A Q&A session with Dr Klinghardt following the Corona Virus/ COVID-19 recorded presentation from 9th March 2020. Join the Klinghardt Institute mailing list to stay abreast of new developments and Dr Klinghardt’s work at A second Q&A COVID-19 session will follow shortly: details to be released via newsletter.

Dr Klinghardt COVID-19 Q&A 10th March 2020

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Toxic Mold Can Make You Sick

I didn’t know… toxic mold could make us sick.

Until 2010 – when my son got suddenly sick. Everyone in our family had different health problems. Tempers, sleeping more, asthma, sniffles, nausea, vomiting, getting sick multiple times a year, headaches, bloody noses and forgetfulness, to name a few.

When my son got sick it was different. He was sick for 9 months — without any good days.

He was dangerously sick and there were days all I could do was pray and reassure my son that it would get better.

I was researching what could be making him so sick. He had a positive Lyme disease diagnosis – but why was he not getting better with treatment. We had an LLMD who was prescribing multiple – combo antibiotics and even put him on IV antibiotics when he wasn’t responding to the orals. That’s when his white blood cell count dropped to an all time low – 2.7 – and I asked what happened when he gets to zero.

No More Antibiotics!

I felt it was the medicine making him worse. So, we stopped all medication and started supplementing vitamins according to the HPU protocol – If Someone is NOT getting WELL with Lyme Treatment

We eventually discovered – after ruling out everything else – there was toxic mold hidden behind the walls and worse – it was in our air! Mold was in the air and that mold was “toxic mold”  – a mold that releases mycotoxins – and that is why we were getting some nasty symptoms.

We were breathing massive amounts of mycotoxins.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Defense, “During the 1970s and 1980s, the trichothecene mycotoxins gained some notoriety as putative biological warfare agents when they were implicated in yellow rain attacks in Southeast Asia.” Read the Entire chapter on Trichothecene Mycotoxins from Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare

We did air testing and dust testing.  Both can be helpful in diagnosing a toxic mold problem.

We had Stachybotrys (stachy for short) come back very high on air testing and moderately high on the dust testing. Stachy releases trichothecene mycotoxins – which explains how sick we were.

We had over 80% of the symptoms listed in the Stages of Mycotoxicosis.  We had almost all the symptoms in Stages 1 and 2 – and Stage 3 was a look into Scrooge – if something did not change – we would see Tiny Tim’s crutch by the hearth.

I didn’t know… toxic mold could make us sick.

What I didn’t know did hurt us.

That’s why you should test – especially if someone is sick.

A HERTSMI TEST is $150 plus shipping – you do it yourself and plug the results into a scorecard. It couldn’t be easier. If you want to test for more molds you can get the full ERMI or add a couple of molds.  For a fee, you can add the quantitative PCR detection of Streptomyces spp., which resembles mold but is a Gram-positive bacteria that is often found in people.

Full instructions on how to do A HERTSMI TEST and read the results

Another test that can be done by anyone is the HOME AIR CHECK There are tests for tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), mold and a test for all of these – it’s an air test and they send you the machine to use and the tests. I used to recommend this as a service – but the cost of 2 air tests for mold, formaldehyde and VOC’s has risen to $430 – that’s a lot!  It used to be about $300 for 2 – if I remember correctly.  Too bad.

I have a Zefon air testing machine that I bought on ebay when I found a good deal. I got mine for a few hundred dollars a little over 3 years ago.  I saw one for $500 today with a quick glance.

I paid a few hundred dollars instead of a couple thousand for the full kit with the calibration tool. It works great. The Air-o-cel cartridges are less than $50 which includes the lab looking at them. There are several labs that you can have analyze them. I use Quantem Labs.

There are monitors you can get for your home or office too – I like the Foobot – there are others too – there was a recent article in Healthy Indoors Magazine on indoor air quality monitors that swayed me to the Foobot – check it out – this should link you to the online magazine… page 23

Now that I know that toxic mold can make us sick I monitor and clean my air.  I watch for leaks and I run Hi Tech Air Solutions in my home and any building I spend time in – it’s the only thing I have found to truly clean the air.

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Stages of Mycotoxicosis: For Inhalation of Mycotoxin

Stage 1

  • burning sensation in the mouth, tongue, throat, palate, esophagus, and stomach
  • burning within the eyes, ears and nose
  • tongue feels swollen and stiff
  • Gingivitis
  • vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain
  • Excessive salivation
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • weakness
  • fatigue
  • tachycardia
  • fever and sweating
  • congestion

Stage 2

  • headaches
  • mental depression
  • loss of short-term memory
  • loss of problem-solving ability
  • various neuropsychiatric manifestations
  • meningism – the triad of nuchal rigidity (neck stiffness), photophobia (intolerance of bright light) and headache.
  • severe malaise and fatigue
  • narcolepsy
  • loss of temperature control
  • hyperesthesia or numbness of body areas
  • cerebellar dysfunction including hypotonia, attitude and gait, dysmetria, asthenia, vertigo, disturbances of speech, and loss of balance
  • ADHD
  • visual disturbances, floating objects, light sensitive, lack of tears, burning and itching
  • Ears: burning, itching, and loss of hearing
  • Immune and hematopoietic: progressive loss of white and red cells including a decrease of platelets and hemoglobin, and high susceptibility to bacterial, mycotic and viral infections, debilitating chemical and allergies
  • Gastrointestinal: metallic taste in mouth, tooth loss, gum problems, stomatitis, sores in gums and throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, excessive flatulence, abdominal distention, hepatitis, pancreatitis, and diabetes mellitus
  • Respiratory : burning and bleeding from nasal membranes, respiratory difficulty, asthma, extreme susceptibility to cold, flu and pneumonia
  • Skin: thinning of hair on head, burning on face, rashes, irritation, and edema
  • Renal: proteinuria, possible hematuria
  • Reproductive: irregular ovarian cycles, increased menstrual flow, fibroid growths in uterus, cystic development inmammary glands, and tumors of mammary and prostate glands
  • Musculoskeletal : somatitis, muscle weakness, spasms, cramps, joint pain, enlargement of joints in hand, and clubbing of fingers.
  • Cardiovascular: chest pain, palpitations, ruptures of atrial walls, myocardial infection and aneurysm of arteries
  • The skin and mucous membranes may be icteric, pupils dilated, the pulse soft and labile, and blood pressure may decrease or increase
  • Visible bruises may appear on the skin
  • Thoughts of suicide may be prominent
  • Degeneration and hemorrhages of the vessels marks the transition from the second to the third Stage of the disease and may not be consistently observed.
  • The degeneration of the vital organs including serious respiratory insufficiency or asthma and CNS degeneration will take the patient into Stage three along with development of necrotic angina.

Stage 3

  • The transition from the second to the third Stage is sudden.
  • resistance is already low, and violent severe symptoms are present, especially under the influence of stress, or associated with physical exertion and fatigue
  • lung, brain or heart failure (heart attack), with or without the appearance of petechial hemorrhage on the skin of the trunk, the axillary and inguinal areas, the lateral surfaces of the arms and thighs, the face and head, and in serious Cases, the chest
  • Aneurysms of the brain or aorta may be observed by angiography
  • Hemorrhages may also be found on the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue, and on the soft palate and tonsils
  • severe interstitial thickening or scarring of the lungs, or respiratory failure
  • Nasal, gastric and intestinal hemorrhages and hemorrhagic diathesis may occur.
  • Severe degeneration of the skin on the face, eyelids, and loss of lashes is also often present
  • difficulty and pain on swallowing
  • Necrotic lesions may extend to the uvula, gums, buccal mucosa, larynx, vocal cords, lungs, stomach, and intestines and other internal organs such as the liver and kidneys and are usually contaminated with a variety of avirulent bacteria
  • Bacteria infection causes an unpleasant odor from the mouth due to the enzymatic activity of bacteria on proteins
  • Regional lymph nodes are frequently enlarged
  • Esophageal lesions may occur and involvement of the epiglottis may cause laryngeal edema andaphonia (loss of voice). Death may occur by strangulation
  • Bronchopneumonia, pulmonary hemorrhages, and lung abscesses are frequent complications
  • Tumors may develop of various organs, including skin, urinary bladder, brain, mammary gland, bone, immune, liver, prostate, possibly resulting in death.
  • The most commoncause of death is brain failure due to both direct effects of the mycotoxin on the central nervous system and indirect effects due to respiratory failure or lack of oxygen to the brain caused by the severe caustic inflammation (fibrinous exudation) reaction with the lung tissue, rendering it non-functional.
  • The course and duration of this Stage 3 depends on the intensity of the poisoning and complete removal of the patient from the premises or source of mycotoxin. Therefore, the duration of the recovery period is variable. There is considerable cellular necrosis and scarring to all major organs of the body in which cells will not regenerate, including the brain, spinal cord, eyes, lung, heart, liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal, and blood vessels. If the disease is diagnosed during the first Stage, hospitalization is usually unnecessary, but allergies and asthma should be monitored closely. If the disease is diagnosed during the second Stage and even at the transition from the second to third Stages, early hospitalization may preserve the patient’s life. If however, the disease is only detected during the third Stage, death cannot be prevented in most Cases.

Croft, W. A., Jastromski, B. M., Croft, A. L., and Peters, H. A., “Clinical Confirmation of Trichothecene Mycotoxicosis in> Patients Urine , In: Journal of Environmental Biology 23(3), 301-320 (2002).

2. Forgacs, J., and W. T. Carll : Mycotoxicoses. In : Advances in Veterinary Science. Academic Press, New York and London, pp 273-372 (1962).

The above is a list of the symptoms described in the paper “Stages of Mycotoxicosis: For Inhalation of Mycotoxin”

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Lyme Disease, Brain Disease and Infections

Dr. Jay Davidson interviews Dr. Kenneth Stoller 

I took notes while I watched the video and supported with some links and graphics…

Medical Doctors (MD’s) for the most part are still treating with Rockefeller medicine – Rockefellers took over the medical schools and created institutionalized medicine.  This form of medicine was set up to sell patented medicine for profit.

incurable me

Incurable Me by Dr. Kenneth Stoller

Integrative, functional approach is still rare in MD’s – although Dr. Stoller has been practicing alternative medicine for 34 years – he talks about the new paradigm in medicine – treating the cause
– and the old paradigm eventually falling away.

We can all hope!  

Symptom care is sick care.
We need health care & whole person care.

Better care (now) is an out of pocket expense and if you don’t have money to pay for it you are in a bad situation.

In the book Incurable Me, Dr. Stoller goes into the stealth epidemic of Lyme Disease.  Lyme can mask as Alzheimer’s Disease and many other diseases.  Kris Kristofferson is just one case of Alzheimer’s that got better when Lyme was diagnosed and treated.

Dr. Alan MacDonald, who was one of the featured doctors in the movie, Under Our Skin found spirochetes in 100% of the brains of Alzheimer’s infected people – after they died.

Spirochetes in the brain, spinning, spinning.

Imagine a million tiny drills in the brain.

 Once the brain turns to jello – it’s pretty hard to walk back a 40 year old infection.

CDC announced they were wrong, it’s not 30,000 new people per year getting Lyme Disease, it’s 330,000 new people per year getting Lyme — that adds up.  This is a national emergency and there is very little money spent on Lyme Disease testing

cases vs funding

Bee colonies and people are dying because of Glycosphate.

We have been lied to – DDT was banned in the U.S. in 1972 and was replaced with another – very similar insecticide just as bad – DDT with a hydroxyl group attached to it- Dicofol.  We are being poisoned and lied to. Chapter 2, Incurable Me


World Health Organization (WHO) authorized the use of DDT to control Malaria!  This idea is very expensive and dangerous – DDT is a persistent pollutant – it does not go away!  This spraying of DDT is causing paralysis and entrovirus – in India 2011 – they said they eradicated polio – but the number of cases of non-polio acute paralysis went through the roof.  They are using high amounts of DDT in India.  Entrovirus is a benign family of viruses unless they find a body full of the pesticides. Then, the virus can cause paralysis.

Girls going into puberty – men having low Testosterone – this is because chemicals are not being regulated – we are all being poisoned and the government agencies are letting it happen.

monsantoThe organization that controls the seed cannot control the chemicals too.

Monsanto is the largest producer of GMO seeds on the planet. They are the world’s leading producer of Roundup- an herbicide with the active ingredient glyphosate. Roundup KILLS EVERYTHING except the growing Roundup ready GMO crop.

The government has been bought and sold.

The CDC was founded to get rid of Malaria – they haven’t done that yet!

Vaccines don’t work that well for a lot of illnesses.  (I agree)

You can’t get rid of Lyme without an antibiotic (I disagree)

We used herbs and natural treatment and we are well. I know plenty of others who have gotten well from Lyme Disease and other chronic, debilitating illnesses without antibiotics. In our case – antibiotics only made us worse.   ~Heather Plude, 

Breast cancer and other diseases are caused by pollution and our toxic environment.

Home unit hyperbaric chambers are 1.3 atmosphere – compared to 2.8 in the industrial hyperbaric oxygen chambers.  Improves immune system. In England, Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers are the #1 treatment for MS patients. [17:40]  They don’t know what they are treating – could be Lyme or a Retrovirus – they don’t cure MS – but they make those patients feel better.

Lyme mimics everything!


Heavy metal poisoning

Fungal infections

Lyme Disease (LD) leaves persister cells – Lyme vaccine woke up dormant Lyme Disease.

The vaccine could be used to see if LD treatment was successful.  When done with LD treatment – you could inject them with the vaccine and see if they get sick – The vaccine would wake up the persister cells and see if the person is actually Lyme Disease free. If they get sick again – pulse another antibiotic to kill the cells you just woke up.

Alinia is great at ripping apart the biofilm of Lyme – 30% of chronic Lyme sufferers – can get well with Alinia.

I wish there was a way of testing.  Lyme testing is looking for antibodies.  Lyme suppresses the immune system. The sickest people have no antibodies because their immune system is not producing antibodies – that is why they are so sick.

Relapsing fever will not test positive for Lyme because Lyme is checking for Bergdorferi.

PCR Lyme test has 70% false negative – if you have 10 people with Lyme – only 3 will test positive.  You could test those same 3 people again and they would test negative because there is a 70% false negative.

Lyme is an STD and it can be passed congenitally.  Lyme is passed from mom to baby.

Doctors are brainwashed that Lyme is rare, easy to detect and easy to cure.

In reality: Lyme is everywhere, it is hard to detect and difficult to cure.

25 years ago in Australia – they tested ticks and 40% had Borrelia – Australia still saying that Lyme does not exist.

Map of states with the most schizophrenia and a map of the states with the most Lyme and they are the same map. Could be other infections too.  Not always Lyme.

Just because testing may come back negative, does not mean the person is not sick.  Turn over more rocks.  Look for a cause.

The global negation of an illness. Beyond Neurenburg Trial offense.

Spraying poisons – pesticides – and not acknowledging they are poisoning us.

Zika – microcephilis – Northern part of Brazil – injecting pregnant woman n- and larvacide in the water – and they are saying there are 1,000 new cases a week of Zika – wealth transfer.  Send the money for the vaccines and CDC for drugs.

Meanwhile, there is a real pandemic – Lyme Disease, Brain Disease and Infections

People are walking a razor’s edge with their immune systems – some trauma comes – and they are sick – really sick.

Bullseye rash is caused by IGG antibodies – IGG is chronic antibodies – people who get the bullseye are already infected.  (theory)

Dr. Stoller on the Internet:

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