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There are two kinds of illnesses today. Acute illnesses that have a name diabetes, fractures, appendicitis and these are being treated and released at hospitals. Then there is the much larger category of chronic illness which is being denied to exist by the medical community.

This can be explained by a loss of zest, loss of enthusiasm, loss of joy, loss of sex drive, these people are still living but living a half life.

These chronically ill, don't dance, don't sing, they are usually not suicidal, but they have lost the vibrancy of life, color, smell, excitement, sensuality and motivation.

These are notes from a video: Smart Meters & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

I suggest you open the video in a separate window and use these notes for reference. There are some very important facts that Dr. Klinghardt talks about… I tried to highlight them here for your convenience.

What has changed in illness that is causing this

  • Increasing numbers of chronic infections
    • denied by medical comunity
    • chronic lyme
    • chronic mold
    • chronic epstein barr
  • Increasing electro-magnetic fields
    • smart meters
    • cell phones
    • high frequency range
    • tetra network (police)
  • number of children diagnosed with autism doubles every five years

The only development that parallels the exponential increase in increase in neurological chronic illness is the increase in these electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic waves are penetrating our bodies and causing this. Over the past 80 years over 6,000 studies have been published on electromagnetic fields… the majority of these studies show biological damage is being done to our bodies.

One notable study by the University of Athens, shows the results over an 8 month period – 143 proteins in a mammalian brain were altered after exposure to cell phone and other electromagnetic fields including proteins which have already been linked to Alzheimer's, stress and metabolism.

The lead author, Adamantia F. Fragopoulou states, “this study is anticipated to throw light in the understanding of such health effects like headaches, dizziness, sleep disorders, memory disorders, brain tumors, all of them related to the function of the altered brain proteins.

Electromagnetic fields permanently alter the DNA and alters the body forever.

    Smart meters can cause

  • weight gain
  • cancer
  • more symptoms talked about later

Dr. Klinghardt is certified in “building biology” – science in Germany where they learn how to use different instruments to measure the levels that are coming into the house. Most of the damage is done at night when we are sleeping. Decreases body voltage. Get rid of cell phones. Cell phones and cordless phones emit a devastating form of radiation.

Measure the density of microwave radiation in the sleeping location. Measured in microwatts/square meter If the level is over 5 – it is an unacceptable sleeping location.

EMF Paint YShield High Frequency Shielding Paint– Wall paint that contains graphite, fiber, carbon fibers, and conductive particles that creates a farraday cage in the bedroom. It's a pitch black paint that can be painted over with other paints for aesthetics. The paint itself has to be grounded with a ground wire into the ground.

Windows must be covered with a silver coated fabric that reflects the incoming cellphone radiation to the outside.

2 kinds of autistic kids… ones that recover and ones that don't recover. The ones who recover are the ones that protect their sleeping area.

In America, husbands refuse to accept the possibility of this helping so they refuse to do this.

Can predict whether children will be born with autism by measuring the ambient electromagnetic fields where the pregnant mother sleeps.

Could not publish study. Possibly because the the communications industry is the largest lobbying industry in politics… larger than Big Pharma by 3 times.

Pre-conception health care is important. Protect the sleeping location of the mother from the electromagnetic waves.

At night, all the fuses must be shut off. Turns off everything. (except smart meter) Protection from incoming cell phone radiation.

During the day, Stetzer filters in the outlets. Reduce the dirty electricity. Reduce the biological damage that the electromagnetic fields are doing to us.

No cordless phones. Destructive to human health.

No wireless internet.

Energy saving lightbulbs are devestating to the brain… mercury vapors in the bulbs. Can stir up mercury and place it in the brain.

Find incandescent light bulbs which are available on the internet as heat lamps.

“I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in chemicals in the environment.”

~Dr. Robert O. Becker MD, twice nominated for Nobel Prize

Smart meters send a microwave impulse at 900MHZ – up to 190,000 microwave pulses a day. (average pulse: 4.5 milliseconds)

Upper Safe Limit: 1,000 microwatts/square meter
Smart Meters: 198,000 microwatts/square meter

Everyone is sensitive to these electomagnetic fields. Some people notice the electro-sensitivities… some people just die quietly.

    Upon smart meter install, we've seen:

  • TGF-Beta 1 increase (Inflammatory marker)
  • MMP-9 increase (inflammatory marker)
  • Copper increase (inflammatory marker)
  • Hormone abnormalization
  • Neurotransmitter abnormalization
  • high blood pressure
  • irregular heartbeat
  • nervous system ab-normalizing

Send a legal letter – information at www.takebackyourpower.net
Utilities (electric, gas, water) need to know the truth of the situation

80% of health problems that we see now are caused or contributed by the electromagnetic fields.

Primary strategy: Detox for heavy metals
Treat infections, rebuild the myelin shield, amino acid IV's

Healing mushrooms have the ability to protect people from electromagnetic fields: More about the healing properties of Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake mushrooms.

Fiber-optics is a clean solution to dirty electricity.

This is the big issue of our time.

Everything on this page except what I have written in italics here and in one other place on this page are notes from the interview with Dr. Klinghardt on Smart Meters which is embeded and linked to above. I highly recommend anyone interested in this subject watch that video as it gives a more complete version of what is really going on.

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