The Science of Being Well

I can remember a turning point of when we were all very sick and when we seemed to take a turn toward healing. My son was too sick to go to school and I was spending every waking moment researching how to get him well. I was pretty sick too… but all my focus was on getting him well.

cullen wellThe folder that I was putting my research in I had named: Cullen-sick. I read the book, “The Science of Being Well” and decided to rename the folder: Cullen-well.

I started to find answers very quickly… and everything seemed to be working in our favor.

For months before that, I had been doing much the same research… and my son was only getting sicker.

“We were living in poisonous conditions: which is mentioned in the book:

Your getting well does not depend upon the adoption of some system, or the finding of some remedy; people with your identical ailments have been healed by all systems and all remedies.

It does not depend upon climate; some people are well and others are sick in all climates. It does not depend upon avocation, unless in cases of those who work under poisonous conditions; people are well in all trades and professions. Your getting well depends upon your beginning to think – and act – in a Certain Way.”

Even though it only says “work” we eventually found out that we were living in a “sick building” and that we lived under poisonous conditions. In this case, you cannot think yourself well if you are being poisoned. You must remove the source of the poison or remove yourself from the poison.

What changed?

I was still researching like a mad-woman… but instead of focusing on what was keeping Cullen sick, I began to focus on what was going to get him well. A slight shift in thinking… that made a big difference.

I don't mean to say that this book got either of us well… that would mean that our sicknesses were all in our heads and they certainly were not. We tested positive for bacterial infections, spirochetes, viruses, parasites, and fungal infections that were making us sick.

We were in pain. I had been in pain for over 20 years. Pain is difficult to deal with when you are in constant pain for long periods of time. The Science of Being Well helped me deal with the pain:

Do not resist pain; recognize that it is a good thing. Pain is caused by an effort of the Principle of Health to overcome some unnatural condition; this you must know and feel. When you have a pain, think that a process of healing is going on in the affected part, and mentally assist and co-operate with it. Put yourself in full mental harmony with the power which is causing the pain; assist it; help it along. Do not hesitate, when necessary, to use hot fomentations and similar means to further the good work which is going on. If the pain is severe, lie down and give your mind to the work of quietly and easily co-operating with the force which is at work for your good. This is the time to exercise gratitude and faith; be thankful for the power of health which is causing the pain, and be certain that the pain will cease as soon as the good work is done.

I highly suggest you read this book!
You may not agree with everything in it (I did not!)

You might just find something…
or many things that help you to feel better.

Best of all… the book is free!

Get the Science of Being Well for free!

When man thinks only thoughts of perfect health, the internal processes of his body will be those of perfect health. Man's first step toward perfect health must be to form a conception of himself as perfectly healthy…

The Science of Being Well By Wallace D. Wattles (Full subtitled)

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