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Perils and Problems with Dirty Electricity Filters: What to be Aware of!

Since I have learned about how dangerous Electrosmog can be, I have been looking for the best way to test and protect ourselves and our family from the damaging effects of electrosmog.  EMF, ELF, VLF, whatever you call it, it messes with the brain, the hormones and the health of humans, pets and plants.

ALL LIVING THINGS are threatened by high levels of electrosmog.  Not only that but EMF exposed toxic mold can give off 600 times as many mycotoxins – making toxic mold more dangerous.

The Stetzer and GreenWave filters are talked about in places where people know about dirty electricity – but I wonder how much they know about these filters – like they can actually add to magnetic fields if the wiring in the house is not done correctly.

I found this video – where Michael Neuert is testing a couple of these Dirty Electricity filters using the Trifield meter AND other meters. The entire video is below – a couple of my notes from watching it.   At 15:56 – he shows how sensitive the meters are to the body. He says – “you actually have to be careful about how you hold the meters how you influence the test.”  How do you test a house, then?  Do you shield yourself from the meter with silver glove?

I’ve always wondered why different people have the same TriField meter I have and we all have different results from testing a common electrical appliance.  I am beginning to get an understanding.  Each house is unique, each person is unique and results may varywidely!  It doesn’t make either test wrong — it is all data we can use to improve our living situations.

Not only that – but the TriField meter is not enough.

This is on the EMF Center’s website (which is Michael Neubert’s company)

What to be aware of:  We have found that the lower priced meters – especially the cheaper models that test several kinds of EMFs at once like the TriField and the Cornet meters – are almost more trouble than they are worth, because you cannot trust the measurements and there are recurring quality/variation problems.  Thus we do not carry or recommend them.

What Meters Does EMF Center Recommend?

Here is the video that shows details of the testing of these dirty electricity filters–

Perils and Problems with Dirty Electricity Filters: What to be Aware of!

From the description on Youtube:
Some people actually feel worse when they use Stetzer and GreenWave filters, here is why. By Michael Neuert, an EMF test engineer with 23 years experience.

Go to the times below to go directly to any chapter, …
Part 1: Introduction: Potential problems from dirty electricity filters 0:12
Part 2: How the dirty electricity filters work 5:15
Part 3: The filters make their own magnetic fields 9:54
Part 4: The filters can increase the magnetic fields from your wiring 12:02
Part 5: There is little or no reduction in the strength of the electric fields 15:04
Part 6: Wiring problems: Situations where filters can create very high magnetic fields 17:51
Part 7: Filters can make the magnetic fields even “dirtier” 25:00
Part 8: Audible sounds and noises you can hear from the filters 30:27

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What meters does EMF Center recommend

The alpha gaussAlpha UHS gaussmeter, used to measure the ELF magnetic fields from power lines, electric panels, electrical wiring, and appliances, and the VLF magnetic fields from fluorescent lights, LEDs, electronics and computers, sells for $299 on EMF Center and Less EMF.

I did not find better prices on this gaussmeter anywhere else on the Internet. Even directly from AlphaLab, this meter is $310 – so this is a very good deal from EMF Center. There are some options for data collection on USB and recallibration services at the AlphaLab website if you are interested.

ELF = Extremely Low Frequency

VLF = Very Low Frequency

With this meter you can separate the ELF from the VLF. (watch the video below @16:45)

In most cases – there will be very little VLF – because you would have to be very close to a computer or another electrical appliance.

3- axis meter that can switch to 1 axis to find directional electrical frequencies. Most of the time, you are going to measure on the 3-axis setting.  1 axis is only for narrowing down sources – advanced testing.

Write the data down – remember this is Milligauss!

How to use the Alpha UHS Gaussmeter – How to Measure Magnetic Fields Using the Alpha UHS Gaussmeter

body voltage meterThe Body Voltage Meter, used to measure the electric fields that are often anecdotally associated with EMF sensitivity and transport the dirty electricity signals through the air from the electrical wiring to your body, sells for $149 on EMF Center -we found the Body Voltage Meter for $89.95 or $129.90 with the grounding stake on LessEMF. – there is another add-on at Less EMF that says 50’ Banana Extension (Cat. #A291-ext)………………..$19.95 – so if this is included in the EMF Center order – that adds up to approximately the $149 they are asking. I’m not actually sure what all these add-ons are… still researching. I would love some info if you have any.  

On Amazon – the Body Voltage Meter – with none of the Add-ons is $99.95 plus $13.50 shipping – for a total of $113.45

From the video below, where he Michael from EMF Center is unpacking the Body Voltage Meter – it looks like it may come with all of the extra add ons – but I would ask EMF Center if I were going to order… and I may just do that.  The phone number is 707-578-1645, or toll-free 1-800-638-3781 and this is the EMF Center’s Contact Page

Helpful video instruction by Michael Neuert, an engineer with over 23 years experience testing electromagnetic fields – how to test using the Body Voltage Meter.

To go directly to any chapter, go to the times links below …
Part 1: Why use a body volt meter, what is body voltage? 0:12
Part 2: How to set up the test meter and take a measurement 2:36
Part 3: Where to take measurements and how to use a data form 7:39
Part 4: How to check that the meter is working properly 11:40
Part 5: How to find and determine the sources of the electric fields 16:58
Part 6: Common ways to reduce the electric fields 21:02
Part 7: What if there is no nearby accessible soil for the ground rod? 26:19
Part 8: What level is safe, what do the numbers mean? 28:27

For measuring the radio frequency fields, there are three meters EMF Center recommends.

For most people, we (EMF Center) recommended the Acoustimeter, which sells for $399. (same price at both LessEMF and EMF Center)

There is a new Acoustimeter on Ebay for $362.58 and Free Shipping – this can change daily – but worth a look!

The Acoustimeter is a user-friendly accurate RF measurement instrument which provides LED light and LCD text displaying peak, peak hold, and average levels of radio frequency electromagnetic fields, covering the spectrum from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies. It has a digital readout which is sensitive0.02 V/m – 6.00 V/m and a sound output enabling you to hear the signal modulation. These features make the instrument the most useful one available to even those with severe electrosensitivity.  Read more at LessEMF…

If you are on a tight budget, the Acousticom is usually sufficient and sells for $199 on Less EMF and $229 on EMF Center.  This is s $30 savings if you purchase from Less EMF – this negates the savings you would get if you get the 3 meter combo package from EMF Center(below).  Knowing this, you would still have to compare shipping rates between Less EMF ($)? and EMF Center ($15) to see which is the better overall deal if you want to get all 3.

A reliable meter with an economy price. Great for checking radiowaves from smart meters, wi-fi, cellphones and towers, and just about every RF source you are likely to encounter at home or in the office. Covers an amazing 200 – 8000 MHz with ±6dB accuracy. 8 LED light bar indicates field strength in V/m so it is very easy to interpret and has a very fast reaction time. Best of all, it has a dual sound feature which you can turn off if you want: Demodulated sounds allow you to hear intensity, and with a small amount of practice, what type of device is creating the microwave signal. Plus, an “alarm” sounder which emits a pulsing warning at higher exposure levels. Read more at LessEMF..

And the more professional TES 593 sells for $499. (same price at both LessEMF and EMF Center)

I found the TES 593 for $389.97 & Free Shipping on Amazon – prices can change daily.

On Ebay – there are TES 593 shipping from China and Hong Kong for as little as $346.39 if you want one that (supposedly) ships from inside the U.S. prices start at about $419 on Ebay. Still worth looking.

Need to measure the new 5.8 GHz phones, baby monitors, DECT phones, wireless routers, surveillance bugs or other frequencies up to 8 GHz?

This breakthrough in higher frequency RF measurement covers 10 MHz to 8 GHz and great for digital and analog RF signals. 3-axis (isotropic) measurement. Includes audio alarm with adjustable threshold and 99 point manual memory function. Extremely sensitive: 20 mV/m to 108 V/m (equivalent to 0.1 nanoWatt/cm² to 3 milliWatt/cm²). 4-digit LCD display offers V/m, A/m, W/m², or µW/cm². Choose to display instantaneous value, maximum value, or average. ±1dB accuracy or better. Uses 9V battery. 1 year factory warranty. Model TES-593.

Discounted 3 meter combo packages from EMF Center:  We (EMF Center) also offer discounted prices for packages which include all three meters needed to measure all three different kinds of EMF.  All the packages include the Alpha UHS gaussmeter for the magnetic fields, and the Body Volt meter for the electric fields.  Your choice is which radio frequency meter to use.

For most people, we recommend the 3-meter package with the Acoustimeter.  This sells for $819, at EMF Center — which is a savings of $28 compared to purchasing individually. This same package from LessEMF is $883.25 – more if you are in New York State because there is $75.08 tax in NYS.

For tight budgets, the 3-meter package with the Acousticom is adequate for most people.  It sells for only $649, saving you $28 compared to purchasing individually.

And the 3 meter package with the TES 593 sells for $919, saving you $28.

In all cases, the shipping fee is only $15 for the entire 3-meter package.


My conclusion, as of October 25, 2017 is that the best deal would be to get the Body Voltage Meter and the Alpha UHS gaussmeter from EMF Center – and get the TES 593 from either ebay or Amazon. I haven’t ordered yet.

I might order for my own experiments… but it’s a big investment with no return.

I am trying to decide whether this is a business I could help people with, given my sensitivities to mold. I would have to enter people’s homes to do the testing and mold messes with my brain. I am not sure I would want to expose myself to moldy buildings – and in my experience over 50% of buildings are moldy.

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Mold Produces 600 Times More Bio-Toxins with EMF

“Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, is known for his successful treatment of neurological illness and chronic pain with Integrative Medicine. In this video, he explains how electromagnetic fields (EMF) interfere with your biology, and how EMF contributes to the creation of autism. ” ~Dr. Mercola

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF):

I have several friends who are sick from mold, lyme, electromagnetic radiation and more who have hearing challenges and/or seizure disorders and therefore cannot listen to or benefit from the video.

For all of you, I made a transcription of this video
[Dr. Klinghardt is speaking]:

“Now I’m going to make this link and then we get into the solutions. Now I am going to make the link to the elecromagnetic fields.

An acquainted physician in Switzerland who is a main mold researcher in Europe made a beautiful experiment. He grew mold cultures under a farraday cage. Simply a silver cloth… it looks like a mosquito net made out of silver coated cloth draped over the mold culture.

Then he measured how much mycotoxins how much toxins are these molds producing on a daily basis, very easy to do.

Then he lifted the mosquito net and exposed the mold culture to the ambient electromagnetic radiation in his laboratory that was caused by the lights that were on, the computer in the corner and especially he found out later the ambient cell phone radiation. You know, from the nearby cellphone tower that was broadcasting cell phone radiation.

He found out that the production of biotoxins in this culture went up more than 600 times. Not only that the mold suddenly put out significantly more mycotoxins to protect themselves but also much more virulent, much more viscous, more poisonous mycotoxins

And I took that experiment as it was for me a big light bulb went on. And that is, when you have a mom, I bring it back to the mom… who has maybe low-grade Lyme Disease you know clinically, not relevant Lyme disease… she has an infection, there is a few microbes in there that shouldn’t be there… but mom is doing well.

Now, you expose this mom to significant amounts of elecromagnetic fields of the same nature as in this laboratory in Switzerland.

The molds inside us and the Lyme spirochetes inside this mom suddenly believe they’re being attacked or they feel they are being attacked and they respond to that attack with the only mechanism they have and that is to produce more potent biotoxins.

More biotoxins and more potent biotoxins and with that suddenly mom’s system is overwhelmed with the biotoxins. And also the molds, the spirochetes and the mycoplasmas start to multiply. They are thinking they are being attacked. They are threatened to be extinguished so their response is to make more babies so there is more of them so chances of their genes to survive is higher.

The simple, pure, biological response can be seen anywhere in nature.

And so, what we have now. And to give you some numbers… Joe, I know you are familiar with this. We know that in the last 20 years if you measured the density of electromagnetic fields that we are exposed to. If you measure the amount of cell phone radiation in a cubic inch of air, it is now several million times higher than it was just 10 years ago.

Millions of times higher than it was 10 years ago. These are unbelievable exposures. As you are familiar with, the research, the true research done on cell phone radiation shows it is not safe. There is significant biological effects inside the cell.

Cell phone radiation disrupts the communication inside the cell membrane. The mechanisms that we have to transport signals from the cell wall to the DNA and backwards. It has been shown that cell phone radiation exposure to a fetus tweaks a number of genes. Exactly what we find in autistic kids and so forth.

So, I am postulating and I can back it up with my clinical results that the combination of mom having low grade infections, it may just be viral or mold, yeast or it may be Lyme Disease.

This mom that is pregnant today, is exposed to millions of times more electromagnetic radiation then she was just 10 years ago. And the increase in electromagnetic field exposure in combination with the growth driving effect it has on the microbiome in us explains the incredible avalanche of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, not just autism, that we are seeing right now.

And so, this puts the point of intervention much earlier. Before mom gets pregnant, I want to establish, does she has Lyme Disease? Does she not have Lyme Disease? If the answer is yes, she needs to be treated during the entire pregnancy.

Then, secondly, during the pregnancy, I can do wonderful things by decreasing the electromagnetic field exposure…”

More info at:
Dr. Mercola’s website
Dr. Klinghardt’s Website

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