Bio-frequency Voice Scan

A recording of your voice helps identify imbalances in your body and emotions.
If you are able to speak, please leave a 12 second recording of yourself. 

 Say, “I AM (your name)  and then say anything else you want. (12 seconds is all that is needed)

Leave a message
 (518) 303-3779


We can still measure the energy for people who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all.  
If you are difficult to understand, leave a message and send a text message. 
If you cannot speak at all, send a text message letting us know you cannot speak.  

Send a text message to
(518) 303-3779 if:

1. You cannot speak at all – let me know so I am not waiting for a voice message to do the scans!

2. It will be difficult to identify you by what is said in the message (if you are not easily understood) 

Send me an email at or contact me here if you have any questions.