Military Mold and Shelley Federico

It started with a stomach ache. Intestinal problems. Asthma. Headaches. Trips to doctors with no answers and no relief.

Sound familiar?

I talk to so many people who are going through the same thing. They don't get answers… so they give up.

Not this lady. She is something special. She's a firecracker. And giving up is NOT in her vocabulary.

I talked to Shelley Federico today and I was inspired by her story. Inspired because she is doing what I would like to be doing. She is getting the word out there about mold illness, bad building practices and how mold can ruin lives if not taken VERY seriously.

She has gotten the attention of senators, congressmen, lawyers and news reporters… all because of her tenacity. She has prepared for a war on mold and she is winning the battles one by one, she jumps another hurdle to get to the finish line. What that finish line is, we don't know yet.

She is in a court battle right now… and who knows what comes next. She is focused. She is driven… and I am grateful to have her as a mentor and a friend.

CNN Military Mold

Originally aired April 16th, 2012.

Part 2 – CNN Special Report – Military Mold

Here is the latest update from September 13, 2012:

The day this last news report aired was September 13th– one of the first days I had gotten my health back after my Mold Illness.

I have found a way to get well from the headaches, stomach pain, chronic fatigue, severe allergies, asthma, and brain fog.

I am well and my entire family is well.

I am so grateful for my health because I know how fragile it is.

Mold Illness is serious… many people are sick and they don't know why. Mold may be contributing to your illness. It was the major factor in why my family was sick. Getting well is not out of reach. Reach out to someone who has gotten well… and join us. You don't have to be sick. Together we can help the world live healthier lives.

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