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clean air

Clean Indoor Air and Lyme Disease Recovery

How important is clean indoor air?  In the article, Four Lyme Experts Share About Mold, A Common Lyme Disease Co-Condition – each of the experts say you have to get away from mold exposures. What I don’t see are any details on HOW to get away from mold. I think that is because they don’t …

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Accentuate the Positive

Even when I am not feeling my best, I try to stay positive. As someone who is sensitive to the environment… it’s not always easy. We are sensitive to toxins in the air. We get sick in places others might not realize are sick buildings. The toxins hit hard and we have symptoms flare. For …

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Hidden Toxic Mold Behind Your Walls

When I mention mold to some people they get defensive. “MY HOUSE IS CLEAN!” They don’t understand that your house can be clean and you can still have Toxic Mold. Have you ever had a book or an antique that smelled of mold? Some molds are harmless.  Others are toxic. If one toxic mold spore …

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