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Natural Candida Yeast Infection Treatments

First, you have to know if you have candida, before you can treat, right? So, my stomach has been swollen for years. Some call it fat… TomAtoe- TomAHHtoe Do you know how it feels to just not feel right in the gut? I could eat nothing for days and eat one thing and gain pounds …

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Hair Analysis Interpretation Guide

Cordell E Logan, ND This is a short guide on interpreting hair mineral analysis if you selected to have only the chart printed. Blood generally looks at blood chemistry. Hair analysis looks more at tissue physiologyand is a more longer term picture.For the toxic minerals, it most likely means the mineral is coming from some …

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Propolis Diffusers and Essential Oils for Toxic Mold

This post is in response to a question: “I have been meaning to ask about the propolis diffuser from Dr Klinghardt Ki Science. Am I understanding it does not work or it does, also essential oils.” I used to travel with a propolis diffuser before I found Hi Tech 2012-2014. Now I travel with Hi …

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Barrie Trower – Scientist or Conspiracy Theorist

When someone is helping people live longer and healthier lives, Big P-Harma and other powers controlling entire populations smear them on the Internet, put them in jail or murder them. I’ve seen too many people die under mysterious circumstances to ever trust our government or the cartel that controls most governments. We need to be …

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Bad Reviews on Hi Tech

What better way to keep mold remediators and mold consultants in business than to say that something that is clearing toxic mold without need of their services doesn’t work. Intentionally smear a product with bad reviews online to discredit it. I mentioned the bad reviews in the first talk I did on mold for the …

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