Gluten Free Flour

With Thanksgiving only a week away… and so many people with gluten sensitivities, I know this information about gluten free flour will help with gluten free baking.

Gluten Free Conversion Chart

Gluten Free Conversion Chart

Too tired to bake?

My health food store has pre-made gluten free pie crusts in the freezer. There were many years when I didn't have the energy to bake… these pie crusts work well in a pinch! And no one has to know!!

More options for Basic Flour Blends

Rice Flour: Links

How to Make Rice Flour

King Arthur Rice Flour

Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Flour

Potato Starch: Links

What is Potato Starch?

King Arthur Potato Starch

Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch

Ener-G Potato Starch Flour

Tapioca Starch: Links

Tapioca Starch vs Tapioca Flour

King Arthur Flour Tapioca Starch

Bob's Red Mill Tapioca Flour

Xantham Gum: Links

What is Xanthan Gum

Guar Gum vs. Xanthan Gum

10 Facts about Xanthan Gum, a very popular food additive

Allergic to Guar Gum and Xanthan Gum, What to Do?

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3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Flour”

  1. Hi Heather! This post gives lots of options for those who need more information about gluten free flour. I’ve never seen the chart before but I’ve seen similar ones. Can’t speak to whether or not it works; my guess based on my experience with gluten-free baking would be that it’s a very loose guideline as opposed to a hard rule. Thanks so much for sharing my flour blends with your readers!

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