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I didn't know a lot about colloidal silver when I was on my quest for health and therefore I never used it. I have heard rave reviews from some friends of mine and I will share the information with you so you can make your own decision whether or not to try colloidal silver.

I have had very good results with colloidal silver and am in fact using it every day right now to eliminate infection from some wounds I have on my stomach.. side effects from some recent surgery… I have been using the silver topically for the last 2 months when dressing my wounds and they are nearly healed now.
~Bill Vanderbilt, creator of Advocacy. Toxic Mold Victims, a facebook support group

Why is there so much MIS-information about colloidal silver? Perhaps it is because it works so well that Pharma does not want you to discover the truth because they can not compete with the price, safety nor strength of colloidal silver.
~CareMan, Quotes From Scientific Studies Show Why You Need Colloidal Silver For Great Health

One of the most misunderstood areas of the natural health field is ionic silver or colloidal silver. Here we will attempt to clarify the key areas of confusion. Education & FAQ

Journal Studies on Colloidal Silver

“COLLOIDAL SILVER UPDATE: There are so many antibacterial studies on colloidal silver, that I would faint just trying to list them all in a single day day. There are THOUSANDS of studies online that prove colloidal silver is an antibacterial AND an antifungal. I know many Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses (my mom among them, several dentists, etc) who use Colloidal Silver as an anti-biotoxin internally AND topically. A local store was selling bacteria-laden milk that STUNK to high heavens. They would not believe me when I kept returning the milk and complaining about it. They asked me how I knew the wretched odor was from bacteria, and I showed them a quick little experiment. I had them open the carton of milk right off their shelf in the store and the clerk said, “OH MY GOD, IT OPENED UP MY NOSTRILS!!!!!” (meaning it stunk to high heavens). I placed 2 drops of colloidal silver into the gallon of milk and gently mixed it throughout the milk. ONE MINUTE LATER THE PROFUSE ODOR WAS GONE! The store clerks apologized and I called the FDA and told them to take the contaminated milk OFF THE SHELVES at the store!”
~Jeannette W.

Argentyn 23 Colloidal silver believes in the natural healing of both mind and body through proper nutrition and lifestyle. Whenever possible, this nutrition should be obtained through a proper food diet of plants and animals as God created us to do, but the availability of essential nutrients in today's food sources is very limited.

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11 thoughts on “Colloidal Silver”

  1. Hi Heather.. I am really impressed with the job you have done with this blog. Thank you kindly for the help getting the word out about the colloidal silver.. It really is amazing stuff. I also want to thank you for all of your help in our advocacy group too… It is really nice having some support .

    Sincerely,,, Billdaddy

    1. Thanks, Bill. The advocacy group was the first place I found to connect with people who were going through similar circumstances. I am happy to help out there. I am glad you created the group. It is a lifesaver for so many who are drowning in mold.

  2. Love your blog Heather! I noticed your post on Colloidal Silver. I have been making it and using it for year’s. I cannot tell you enough great thing’s about it here! I was sick and a vendor at work told me about it. She wanted to buy a machine and had no computer, so I invited her to use mine, She bought a $300 machine!

    I was not convinced so I spent week’s researching. I am now, and I made my machine for $9! I make 2000 PPM for pennies.

    Keep up the great info. Heather!

    To Your Success,
    Cheryl Ryning

    1. Cheryl, that is incredible that you made a machine that makes colloidal silver for $9. Are the parts and instructions available online?

  3. You know, I did get it online. But it has been so many year’s I don’t think I have the link anymore. But if I look at mine, I may be able to measure my silver wire and the rest is easy. If I’m not mistaken the silver wire has to be 999.99% pure silver. I had to buy mine online. A little light bulb, electrical wire, alligator clip’s, and a 9 volt battery. I will have to do a little research and give it to you Heather.

    I know where to find you, lol. Will get in touch. Thank’s so much for asking.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Thank you so much for your free e-book Heather, great read! It’s full of some really good info. People need to be more aware of their environment, and you’re doing a great job of informing them.

    Cheryl Ryning

  5. HI! I too have been exposed to mold and have developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, almost consecutive sinus and chest infections. I have used colloidal silver on and off per an N.D. I used to see. How much do you use for biotoxin/neurotoxin illness and chronic candida. Thanks!

  6. Chris, I don’t know how much Colloidal silver to take… but my friend Bill uses it and so do some others who have been injured by mold. I will ask over at the Advocacy group on facebook and see if I can’t get you an answer. If you would like to join a great group of people (on facebook) who are working through their mold injuries,

  7. Hi Chris.. The dosage would really depend on the specific cause of distress or symptom.. I have used up to 2 ozs. per day while fighting a terrible staph infection that led to tunneling all through my stomach.. I would say that a normal therapeutic dose would be about 1 table spoon per day for as long as the problem persisted.. I have never heard of any ill effects from using silver as long as it is true colloidal.. There are also lots of research references online with information about how to use colloidal silver.. I wish you well and please do let us know how things turn out..

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