Hidden Toxic Mold Behind Your Walls

When I mention mold to some people they get defensive.


They don't understand that your house can be clean and you can still have Toxic Mold.

Have you ever had a book or an antique that smelled of mold?
Some molds are harmless.  Others are toxic.

If one toxic mold spore gets into your house and attaches itself to something…
that can be enough to make you sick.  Or enough to make some people sick.

I am one of those people who gets sick from mold.  It's genetic.  So, my son gets sick too.

My husband doesn't get as sick but he still gets grumpy, headaches, nosebleeds and tired.

My daughter has breathing problems and shortness of breathe.  She breaks out in acne.

We all respond differently, but we are living in the same environment with the same toxins.

And when we clean the air, we all feel better.

Go figure.  It's that easy.  Clean the air.

Find out how.

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