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I found this video – put out by Dr. K in Europe – and was not at all surprised that it is in his native tongue, German.

Instead of giving up and not getting any info from it, I decided to put the closed caption on and tell it to translate to English.  We may not get every golden nugget he shares — but at least I will come away some great information.

From my understanding – there are many versions of the HomeoK and in this video – he goes over the HomeoK Trio (use thankyou20 for 20% discount)

Translation of this video below!


The most important antioxidant for the brain. It also has the effect of detoxifying the brain of poisons like lead, cadmium, nickel, aluminum, mercury – these things and brain parasites, viruses, bacteria are detoxified from the brain

Melatonin is a peptide hormone – peptide hormones cross the blood brain barrier.  If I give melatonin by itself as a treatment, it only has peripheral effectiveness outside the brain and the melatonin level in the brain is not enough to fulfill homeopathic frequencies that give melatonin the ability to block smells- the melatonin was blocked by electromagnetic pollution by smelling chemicals again.

By itself, it still has a mild detoxing effect from the brain but of course so that each body cell has what it need of melatonin and also has an overall antioxidative and detoxifying effect on every body cell, that one ingredient, we must add a second ingredient.

Antidiuretic  Hormone

(in the translation by youtube – this was translated antitheoretical hormones – it was suggested in a group I Admin for and where I shared this blog that it is probably Antidiuretic Hormone – I did a search for antitheoretical hormone and found nothing -therefore I am changing all references from antitheoretical to antidiuretic. ADH or antidiuretic hormone is measured in mold illness, causes diabetic like symptoms of dire thirst plus peeing a lot and also causes electric shocks – like static electricity)

The antidiuretic hormones regulate the water balance in the body and not just that. Regularly going to the toilet, people with a lack of going or was so pressing all the time or have so-called diabetes.  Also, they drink lots and the water which runs down immediately back out to pee.  The problem here is the water they are drinking is not rich in minerals and electrolytes.  The deficit of minerals comes from the bone and from the tissues and the patient has a lack of antisemitic hormone depleted throughout the body. Lack of Minerals and electrolytes with thousands of diseases are related – this is not the only success.

Known aspect of antidiuretic hormone – the antihormonal theory also regulates the water balance in the cell mitochondria and in helping the water to organize along the membranes. The fourth phase of the water for the responsible is that membrane cultivate potential to the cells, build up, they are necessary so that the whole transport of materials in the cell – works from inside out cell – but also that the transport of the material transport into the cell organelles.

For example, through my own works and transport of materials to these membranes – potentials needed to be built – solely by the presence of the correct quality and quantity of water and that is all regulated by the antidiuretic hormones.

phases of cellSidenote – I believe this is what Dr. K is talking about – he says the 4th stage – which may be G2 or mitosis. if you wish to understand the cell process, division, etc – do some more research.: Second gap (G2) phase: In the G2 phase, preparations are made for the nucleus to divide. Mitochondria and other organelles replicate. Hollow protein fibers called microtubules are assembled. G2 phase ends when mitosis begins.
Mitosis: The process during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell is divided into two nuclei is called mitosis, each with a complete set of the cell’s chromosomes.

And again why should there not be in physical form.  In physical form are the molecules too large that barely cross the cell walls, the barriers in this.  The cell is, however, the frequency medium that stimulate their own measured production as regulative medicine, thus leading to an enormous improving when the amount of the water and balance of the water quality and the structure of the membrane balance the potential of the electrical voltage in the system.


The third substance provided is oxytocin – most known as binding – yes hormone if the mother is giving birth to a healthy child at the time of birth a high oxytocin may be present – the psychologically one for the mother connection to the child triggers for the baby persists for life.

A problem was when oxytocin is following through situation in is injected birth to the baby – initiate what is done frequently is simulated the system of child that a huge offer of oxytocin because and is the time of birth oxytocin recipes of the total number attached to the cell where much oxytocin.  There's too much – there is only one. Very small number of receptors at the cell wall, the time for life so continue and this is kind later if not in adulthood capable of binding to partnerships to address the long remain problem that we see more and more often which is a part of it.

 Sidenote: Some intersting info on Oxytocin

Then there is a whole list of other functions that also oxytocin effects in our metabolism.  Oxytocin has a parent functioning of all this —receptors in the cell wall are insulin receptors, the receptors for hormones thyroid hormone, etc.  These grants? have receptors will need to be activated by the presence of even them pull? and If we oxytocin in proper form on how done it in conventional medicine happens again the same as in the birth is faking the system. There is too much pull on them and the number of recipes on the will itself reduced down-regulates the even more so that ever higher doses must be given to this effect. (this paragraph is difficult to translate – I could use some help with what he is meaning here. My understanding is that if we give the wrong form of oxytocin – it will make the body not produce on its own and therefore we give the homeopathic form as he goes on to state…)

To achieve the desired if we the give in homeopathic form regulated by the body itself – exactly the right form to the body so that the recipes the cell needs and all other receptors have the material for they are wanting.

Why the Trio of Substances?

Why we have these three substances together these three substances have joined in our whole system in a higher-level function, actually for everything else that we know for the production of neuro transmitters. These three materials are an overriding factor for the production of all hormones. These three have an overriding factor and if materials such as regulation mechanisms not only what I just said about the materials have but that we regulate all hormone and  new transmitters and all emotional mental states of the patient. Of course the hormone of the longevity organism and it has a huge antiaging effect. and halt effect of many, many aspects that we ourselves wish, making it one of the perhaps affordable anti-aging drug and or disease preventive medicines or feel-good drug.

This is the moment the dosage so pi times thumbs wide at the frequency-forward (need help with this translation) the dose is not so crucial as perhaps the abundances and frequency is taken in.  We generally recommend this medium to take before sleep in front five to ten drops depending on the treated in our system work when we work with ART (a type of energy testing that is very effective in dosing)

We can often find out that it is favorable to take three four times a day in a small amount to give 2 -3 drops three or four times a day and night so after time a larger amount. There are for me no patients, it does not get through because the moment it just when I moderate this inserts disappears the necessity for 15 and 20 other things we otherwise have used. All massive intervention in the biochemistry of patients so that would .

What Causes The Need for Supplementing This Trio?

This is an elegant way very many to bring back order the question that might open it on end yet why we all have a lack of regulation of these three substances.  The answer to that is relatively easy: that both frequencies yields the so wifi systems of radio frequencies used for cell phone transmitter radio have an enormously destructive effect on the enzymes that are necessary to regulate into us the right establish dosage.

Then there are quite a lot of pesticides, hebicides and organophosphates which also, again block this same enzyme which are necessary for these materials to get to the right spot in the body in the right dosage at the right time. These make it that we always influences this can control less in electrosmog 24 hours we can but it failed to prevent them. Reduce these contaminants: the organic food today gets 80 percent of the same contaminants as the non organic food!  We are all taken from.

This trio mix means that it is a good moment a good way out additional drug to revive this insane time and so here it is again Trio means what it says and it comes with a pipette dropper bottle and is placed under the tongue occupied under the tongue is important because there under the tongue certain aspects of the active immune system operates and other are that allow that a homeopathic medium very much more by strikes and much more is taken stronger and body.

–I hope you enjoyed the translation – it is not perfect – and I am open to suggestions of edits or better translation.

(above, translated through Google Translate)

Note: In all of the above-mentioned methods, the basic active ingredient is exclusively in an energetic form. By means of a self-employed by the company biopure.eu in co-operation with Dr. Klinghardt developed process, the frequencies of the original substances are increased.

The statements of Dr. Klinghardt rely exclusively on his experiences. In this case, this interview gives a promise of healing for one of the above-mentioned remedies. None of the remedies is intended for medical treatment, or as a substitute for a medicinal medication. The interview shown here is in no way intended for self-medication.

If you are sick, you must go to a doctor or medical practitioner!

You can obtain all of these materials from Biopure.eu

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