Klinghardt Lyme Cocktail

This remedy is based on 150 lbs body weight. The dosage has to be adjusted according to the weight of the child. The KLC has helped many autistic children to improve significantly.

    • Then add,
  • D-galactose : 5 grams (increases ATP dramatically)
  • 10 -20 drops 20 % Propolis Tincture (anti-viral)
  • Quintessence (Lyme, Ehrlichia, Bartonella) =5 energetically enhanced anti-Lyme herbs (S.Buhner)
  • 15 ml Rechtsregulat (enzyme mix to break biofilm)
  • MicroSilica 100 mg
  • Co-curcumin (Ayush Herbs): 1 tsp plus pippli 2 caps (pepper to increase absorbtion)
  • Vit C powder 2000 mg
  • Acai powder (anti-microbial, anti-oxidant) 1 tsp
  • Mucuna powder 1 tsp (increases L-Dopa for language and motor development)
  • ? glass grapefruit juice (important for artemisinin absorbtion)
  • ? glass water
  • Optional:
    • GSE 10 drops – grapefruitseed extract ( anti-microbial, anti-biofilm)
    • freeze dried garlic 4 capsules
    • Energized Neem: 2 caps three times/day

Drink this amount twice daily, 5 days on, 2 days off. 3 weeks on, 1 week off. Most products from BioPure (425 462 8414 ? info@biopureus.com www.biopureus.com

When I had major brain fog, I couldn't have found all these ingredients… so I listed each ingredient with a link – Edit—-many of the links went bad – so I removed them.  If you wind up finding these elsewhere— comment below!

Brand Price Size
Phospholipids Biopure $75.00 6.95 ounces
Phospholipids Allergy Research Group $21.50 4 ounces
Artemisinin Powder Biopure $140.00 24g
Artemisinin Capsules Nutricology $34.49 9g
Quintessence (Biopure) $72.00 4 fl.oz
Propolis Tincture (Lucky Vitamin) $8.30 1 oz
D-galactose (Biopure) $120.00 200g
Rechtsregulat (Biopure) $72.00 350ml
MicroSilica (Biopure) $120.00 6g
Co-curcumin(Healthy Element) $37.40 5 oz
Vit C Powder (Lucky Vitamin) $12.67 8 oz
Acai Powder(Lucky Vitamin) $28.99 8 oz
Mucuna powder(Biopure) $30.00 8 oz
GSE Nutribiotic (LuckyVit) $15.53 4 oz
Organic Garlic(LuckyVit) $13.97 90@4.2mg
Organic Garlic (BioPure) $57.00 100@5.4mg

Total cost of the least expensive ingredients = $586.85

NOTE: All the ingredients that are mentioned in putting the KLC together are not for everyone. Please understand that all ingredients are tested with ART or muscle testing before it is recommended to be included.

Basically they should be good for most people except the ones who are still very toxic where a very slow approach is needed.

Its best to learn to test yourself for the ingredients or be tested by someone with ART, or any good form of muscle testing.

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  1. The links to the above products were not active. Is there a place you can direct me to purchase these products. Many thanks, Josh

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