The Secret to Health

The man introducing Dr. Group says his philosophy is that disease is caused by a build up of toxins. That has been the theory that got us well and the way we stay well. Keep the toxins out and if you get toxins – get them out.

I have learned so much from this man and this video was one of the first videos of his that I watched. Thank you, Dr. Group – I really appreciate all the information you give away for free.

Watch this video if you want to understand why you are sick – or why a loved one is sick.

Disease is not genetic – Bruce Lipton (cellular biologist) – the environment controls the organism – genetic adaptation – we adapt to what we are exposed to.

What Causes Disease?
what causes disease

There is no such thing as a separate disease for diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and the list of diagnoses that are out there – disease is a toxic overload.

It's all just one thing: Too many toxins coming in and not enough going out.

What Causes a Toxic Body Environment?
toxic body

Ways to Get Toxins Out of the Body
Menstral Cycle (women only)

Women have 5 ways to get rid of toxins – men have 4 ways of getting toxins out. This may be one of the reasons women live longer than men.


Years ago, there was 20% oxygen in the air – now we are down to 6% in some areas. Trees are disappearing and oxygen is depleted.

30,000 breaths per day – must be getting clean air to heal properly and stay healthy.

Indoor and outdoor air are important.

Carpet is especially bad for air quality
babies carpet

Dr. Group used to go into people's houses – filmed “Doctor Detox” – did it in the clinic – had a cancer patient with testicular cancer because of an electric field that went through his bedroom at the groin area.

  1. In the last 10 years, Respiratory disease has moved from the 8th leading cause of death to the third. (#1 is doctors)
  2. The average bed is home to anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites
  3. 80% of the material you can see floating in a sunbeam is actually human skin flakes (dust-mite food!)
  4. Indoor air may have toxic chemical concentraions of up to 100 times higher than outdoor air
  5. 50% of all illness, according to the American College of Allergies, is caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution

At 33 minutes – Dr. Group starts talking about chemtrails and what is in those. Aluminum, Barium, Uranium, pathogens, pesticides – bad stuff. Aerotoxic syndrome – pilots and crews are developing sickness from breathing bad cabin air.

How to eliminate toxins from the air

  1. Live plants in house and office
  2. Taking walks in nature and near water
  3. Take oxygen supplement
  4. Change air filters regularly
  5. Aromatherapy diffusers – crystal salt lamps
  6. HEPA vs. REME (ionized hydro-peroxides)
  7. Natural cleaning products
  8. Natural paints – replace carpets
  9. The bedroom
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