After Super Storm Sandy

The air quality after super storm “Sandy” and other natural disasters is not fit for human beings to breathe in many areas. People are sick and calling it the “Sandy Cough” when really, they are being poisoned by the buildings they live and work in and around.

Heather Plude is working with people who are sick because of mold and environmental illness. She empowers them so they can get their health back and get their homes healthy enough to live in so they can move on with their lives.

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You don't have to live or work in a building that is rotting away to be affected by the air quality that sick building is creating. If your neighbor's house is abandoned and growing mold, the spores will travel through the air and contaminate your house. You and your family can get sick walking through a neighborhood where the buildings are in poor repair. Cars can get moldy… cross contamination is a real problem.

There was a health department worker in Nevada who fell ill at work. He suspected it was the air quality in the Nevada Health Department building and went to his supervisors with his suspicions. They ignored his complaints. He later died. His whole family got sick from him bringing the mold spores home with him.

Death by Mold and Indifference — The Dan Pauluk Case

Heather Plude's Story

My son and I got very sick from mold behind the walls of the tub in our home. My husband, daughter and dog were also sick… but not to the extent that my son and I were sick. Mold effects everyone differently. We contacted the New York State Health Department several times during our illness… and they were very dismissive that mold might be making us sick.

We moved out of that house in April of 2011. We fixed it. It took $37,000 and my husband did most of the work himself. He removed all building materials that were moldy, wet or questionable. He fixed the water intrusion that caused the mold. He encapsulated the cellar, cleaned with ammonia, ozone and HEPA filtration.

It took 10 1/2 months… during which time, my family lived between motel rooms and tents. My husband did the work on the house… while I did the research on how to safely execute the removal of the mold so that it would not come back.

We were successful and we are able to live in the house again without getting sick. I don't know a lot of people who are genetically unable to detox mold who can say that they have remediated a home and can now live in it.

Many people are not having the success we did when cleaning up mold. They are sick and getting sicker and they need help. They need guidance in how to clean up the mold, they need reputable contractors to do the work. They need a place to go to get their health back while their homes are being cleaned up.

The health departments and government agencies need to get an education in what mold can do to a person's health. Doctors need to be taught about mold in medical schools. The CDC, FDA, AMA and the IDSA all need to study the real effects of mold and mycotoxins on human health… so that we can work together for a real solution.

Many experts will be speaking and gathering at this conference: Safe and Effective Flood and Mold Remediation after Super Storm Sandy and other Natural Disasters.

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