Stress causes more stress

Today I felt like a wind up toy or one of those toys that runs when you pull the zip cord. One big ball of stress, ready to explode.

I had an appraiser coming to the house at 3:00 and I was just a bundle of nerves. Around 1:00, sat down and ate lunch… then by quarter of three, I felt like throwing up.

The whole time I was worrying about this home inspection, I was thinking about how I am leaving for a 4-5 day trip TOMORROW… and I am not even packed. As we speak, I am still not packed.

I decided to sit down and write a blog INSTEAD of packing.

A blog about stress… and how it is not good for you. Or me.

Stress should be avoided at all cost.

What causes stress?

Today, the stress I was feeling was caused by caring too much about the outcome and not having control of what happens.

We did a lot of work on our house last year and in order to pay for it, I borrowed $28K on 0% credit cards. The introductory period just ran out… so now I am paying hundreds of dollars per month in interest. I NEED to roll those credit cards into a mortgage.

This appraisal HAS to come back close to $140,000. I am so focused on that number… I have to let it go. It is causing me stress to focus on that number… because now it is out of my control. I am asking for help from you, my friend. As you read this… concentrate on that number. $140,000. Help me get my mortgage.

Letting go

After I pack, I am going to relax with a meditation CD. That usually calms me when I am feeling like this. Right now… I have to pack. Then… I will let go and let God. It is out of my hands now.

Tomorrow I will be traveling to the conference on “Safe and Effective Flood and Mold Remediation after Super Storm Sandy and other Natural Disasters.”

I am so grateful to be going to this conference! I give thanks to all who have made this trip possible! I am so blessed!

This is a fabulous learning opportunity!

I will be taking lots of notes so I can share with you on my blog and in support groups. I will be asking questions for myself and for some other people who have asked me already… and if asked, I will be sharing our personal success story.

If you have a question you would like to ask about mold remediation, health, or advocacy… ask me in the comments! I will do everything I can to get your question answered by one of the experts at the conference.

Here is a link to the list of speakers: Conference and Training Topics

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3 thoughts on “Stress causes more stress”

  1. My question is about legal representation. Many of our lives have been destroyed by mold as a result of improper building technques in our new homes. How do we find legal representation which represents the client and not the defendent? We understand that mold is difficult to prove, but when you have home tests that say mold is in our homes, and you have Mycotoxin tests that say mold is in our bodies, how do you get someone to fight for us??? How do we get someone to help us take our lives back when we’ve lost everything?

    1. Your question aligns with the very reason I am going to this conference, Faith! I believe every individual that is going through a mold/health crisis should be assigned an advocate. There should be an emergency plan that is available to everyone. Safe housing, group counseling, legal advice, community support, detox support and whatever else is needed. I will ask your question with enthusiasm… and I will be on the lookout for someone who can help!

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