Doctors and Moms Prosecuted for Getting Kids Well

My son went from a normal kid to a disabled kid in about 6 weeks. Starting when he was eleven and for about 9 months, he was having trouble walking, playing, eating, drinking, sleeping, he was in terrible pain and couldn't go to school.

summer science camp
This pic was a week before my son got sick. He was graduating a two week camp he was chosen for at Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp at RPI in June of 2010.
We didn't see that smile for 9 months after he got sick.

 Too much pain.
     Christmas 2010
     Too much pain.
We didn't take a lot of pictures when he was sick. Here is one on Christmas. I tried everything to make him smile that day. Nothing worked. We used to watch or listen to comedy at least once a day. Never a smile. Too much pain.

He was diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease and when he was not better in 28 days, we were told by two different doctors that it was normal to have pain, throwing up every day and that this was all in his head. He was depressed and a little prednisone would make the pain go away.

I gave him the prednisone and about 4 days into the prescription, he started having neurological problems. It started with facial tics, then it was staring off and not being present in his body, then arm flailing, and last but not least – falling down seizures.

I made an appointment with a “pediatric infectious disease specialist” at Albany Medical who told me that my son needed to be admitted to a “special floor” for kids who are “depressed” and “unable to handle life changes.” This was before she ever did any blood tests!

I said I would take care of my son at home and asked her to do some blood work to check for infectious diseases since that was why we went to see her. But this doctor said he was at an end result and his symptoms were all in his head.

When the Lyme Disease test came back positive (his second positive Lyme Disease test in 6 weeks) this ID doctor called me at home with the results and she said she still believed my son had been treated adequately for the Lyme and he needed no further treatment.

Now, mind you, my son was still throwing up every day, at a 9 1/2 on the pain scale, unable to sleep at night because of the pain. He was unable to eat most foods without throwing up, and not feeling like eating anyway because he was in so much pain and so sick.

Naturally, I found another doctor.

For our first appointment, our new doctor asked us to fax over any recent testing. I called the ID doctor for the tests we had done at her office.

When we attended our first appointment with my son's new Lyme literate Pediatrician I was told that she had received a phone call from the ID doctor he had seen.

The one that said my son needed his head examined.

This ID doctor told our new doc that she believed my son was not sick and if I continued to “seek treatment” for my son she would consider having me prosecuted for Munchhausen's By Proxy.

I watch my back now. And I warn you to watch yours. Whether you are a mother or a doctor who is helping children to treat the cause of their illness naturally… you are a target.

6th grade graduation
  6th grade graduation!
He was not able to attend any of 6th grade until the very end of the year when he started to get better. He made it to the 6th grade picnic and 6th grade graduation!

We are so grateful he has his health back!

There are two doctors that treated my son like a human being and helped him to get well. One of them is not practicing medicine right now because of an investigation and the other one is being investigated but currently still able to practice medicine.

It's scary to share a story about being threatened with jail because of my choosing to seek humane treatment for my very sick son!

It's even scarier to think that the doctors who are actually helping people to get well are being taken out systematically. It's a witch hunt and something must be done about it.

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3 thoughts on “Doctors and Moms Prosecuted for Getting Kids Well”

  1. What the devil is happening to doctors these days? It’s getting that the profession that was once among the most respected and caring has become the most hateful and greedy and some of them – just plain stupid about all things medical. Trusting them is getting harder and harder with every case like this one.

    1. So true, KC, it’s sad. Seems like 99% of the doctors are not interested in getting people well. “Its all in your head” is getting to be a common diagnosis. 🙁

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