NASAL CLEAR (WAS NASAL WASH) by Physician Standard

I have been using Nasal Clear by Physician Standard for a couple of years.  I use it whenever I start to get the sniffles, if I get a mold hit, or if something feels stuffy in my nose. It is not a substitute for neti-pot or other total irrigation therapies that clear the upper passageways — it helps with maintaining clear nasal passages.

I went on a trip and my bottle opened up and spilled leaving me without my go to nasal wash.

I did find Super Good Stuff Nasal Wash – which has the exact same label as the Physician's standard and seems to be made by the same company and is available online!  It's $25 a bottle and there is a discount for getting 3 bottles.

Nasal Clear (and Nasal Wash)

Sinus, Throat, and Respiratory Support

Suffering from nasal and sinus congestion puts a damper on your workday and your social life. Postnasal drip can leave you feeling like your head is underwater, and if sinus congestion continues, it can lead to respiratory infections.

When nasal and sinus congestion symptoms strike, irrigating or rinsing the nasal passage is the time-honored, doctor-recommended technique for fast relief. Take back your health (and your day) with Super Good Stuff’s Nasal Wash.

Our Nasal Wash is the perfect neti pot replacement that not only irrigates your nasal passage, but its proprietary formulation of botanical oils, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes also help support your throat, sinuses, and nasal passages.*

With over two dozen ingredients, including immune-supporting ingredients, our Nasal Wash works synergistically to help:

  • Promote easier breathing*
  • Support normal mucus production*
  • Support healthy sinus function*
  • Promote respiratory health*
  • Promote a normal inflammatory response*

Nasal Wash Suggested Use
Tilt head back, spray 2-3 times an hour for the first 4-5 hours. Expel any waste material. Continue to use twice a day for the next 30 days. This product is very intense during the initial flushing of nasal cavitites.*

Contains colloidal silver, L-Carnosine, MSM, Trace Minerals, proprietary blend of oils (Castor, Olive, Clove, Wormwood, Black Cumin, Walnut, Marjoram, Cinnamon, Bitter Almond, Frankincense, White Thyme, Furfural, Coconut, Primrose, Flaxseed and Pumpkin Seed) Iodine, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vegetable Surfactant, Beta Glucan, Chaga mushroom, Orange oil, Lomatium dissectum and Taurine.

Other Ingredients
Saline water

If you don't have a doctor who works with Physician's Standard and you are looking to get a bottle .

Physician's Standard  is not an easy supplement to get if you don't have a doctor that carries it.

The Physician Standard website says, “With the Physicians’ Standard Healthy Patient Program (HPP), your Healthcare Practitioner can set you up as an approved patient, allowing you to purchase your nutritional supplements directly from us. Then, you can conveniently order Physicians’ Standard supplements online or via the phone. Purchasing on this site is available only to Healthcare Professionals and their approved patients.”

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9 thoughts on “NASAL CLEAR (WAS NASAL WASH) by Physician Standard”

  1. Heather, I would be interested in getting some of this. Just wondering when 1st starting to do if there will be lots of detox reactions? Reading the link between air pollution and dementia. Interesting about that ALZ drug. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Susan – It’s not available at most stores. I was lucky enough to have a practitioner recommend this for me and it worked really well. I learned something new last weekend when I was blessed to have a booth at a Klinghardt conference next to Keith Morey of Physician’s Standard – the makers of Nasal Clear.

      1. He improved the formula to include anti viral properties
      2. If you lie down on your back and hang your head upside down and spray this in – it really cleans out the upper nasal passages. He did 10-12 sprays per side of the nose and if you stay with your head way back it works on whatever is stuck up under the eyes.

      I had more of a problem than I knew about… so I am still working on releasing all that junk that is stuck up there. Who knows what it is made of. BLAHHHH!!

      It does hurt some releasing this unwanted stuff – but better out than in!

      I haven’t seen any herx from the release of these toxins from the nose – but you definitely want to get that junk out! If your general detoxing is clogged up somewhere than you want to work on that. If you haven’t seen my blog post 7 Steps to Detox you should give it a read.

      If you have trouble finding Nasal Clear, let me know and I will help you find it to buy.

      1. Hi, I lost my instructions about this product, can you help me? Can you let me know about other directions, I remember something like you said before, 10 to 12 in each nasal cavity, in the first hour, after that, I have to do again…
        You know something?:(

      2. I would love to buy Physician’s Standard Nasal Clear, my bottle is virtually gone and it is the only thing I have found that works.

  2. I thought it was only through a health practitioner? went to his website, basically what it said. How much is it, btw? Yes, I’ve read the Detox steps b4, but will re-read. Thank you so much, Heather! 🙂

    1. I will send you a message with price and details on the Nasal Clear. I’m glad you read the detox post already. It’s nice to know what has helped us is helping others.

  3. My Nasal Clear has ‘Silver water’ listed as an ingredient. On this page it’s not. Unless it’s ‘trace minerals’. I am concerned about ingesting silver in any form. Any comments on long term use?

    1. I don’t know why you would be concerned with ingesting silver. I use copious amounts of colloidal silver and would consider it a good thing in a nasal spray, not bad. Colloidal silver is antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Go for it. You might change your mind

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