Natural Kidney Cleanse

When my son was very sick, I was sick but most days I was able to function. My son was completely disabled by his illness. I put all my energy into getting him well. All the while, I was getting sicker.

kidneysI pushed on no matter how bad I felt. I slept very little and spent every spare moment either in a Library book or on the Internet, looking for answers as to why my boy was so sick. Some days my body would fail me, like when my kidneys got clogged up and I needed a natural kidney cleanse.

I didn't know this at the time, but these symptoms were all caused by the mycotoxins that were accumulating in our bodies. We lived in a house that had toxic mold for 4 1/2 years before we figured it out. I called the New York State Department of Health four times while my whole family got sick. They assured me it could not possibly be environmental. I kept looking for a reason we were so sick… while I treated symptoms.

Our House Was Making Us Sick

Both my son and the dog could not walk. Their legs would go out from underneath them and the NYS Dept. of Health was telling there was nothing in my house that could be causing them to have those symptoms. Three out of five people in the house had regular nausea. One person had asthma and allergies and another had heart problems… but no. It couldn't be our house!

back-painOne day, my back felt like it was bruised. When I sat down and leaned back it felt as if a horse had kicked me in my back. It was impossible to lie down on it because the pain was so intense.

I asked my husband to take a look at my back.

He said he could see bruising on either side of my spine. In the shape of ovals. We should have taken pictures because I looked in the mirror and saw dark, kidney shaped spots. I was beyond worried. I wound up going to see my kinesiologist and she did some testing and suggested I take Solidago.

If you can get it through a health care professional, this is the kind she supplied – Marco Pharma Solidago. It is available to members at: Marco Pharma Solidago No. 5 Homeopathic Liquid

If you don't have a health care professional to get some of that brand from, try some of the ones I found on Amazon. I have tried several of them and find them quite effective in cleansing the kidneys of toxins.

For those of us who have trouble detoxing, it is important to keep the detox pathways open. Solidago (or Goldenrod as it is also known as) is a great natural kidney cleanse.

As with anything else, start with a small amount (one drop) and build up to the recommended dosage on the bottle. I believe my goal was to get to 40 drops of the solidago.

Go slow, so as not to cause too much discomfort. Especially if you are in crisis like I was.

It is a good idea to have a kinesiologist perform muscle testing on you, or ART testing, or some people are trained in using a tensor, or many of the other energy tests that are available to make sure your body “wants” the solidago.

Using Solidago as a natural kidney cleanse helped me tremendously when I was having lower back pain and bruising. Within weeks, the bruising went away and I was no longer having the back pain.

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  1. Thanks for this information. I will look into getting some of this. I will go looking for a Kinesiologist too….it sounds like it would help with my detox. Thanks again.

  2. Hello my awesome friend. Stopping by on my Go90Grow Bloggers blog hop. Valuable information here. Having had kidney and bladder issues myself, I’m definitely going to look into this more.

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