Warm Lemon Tea Stopped Seizures

It wasn't just any “warm lemon tea” -it was the best way to get magnesium into a body that was needing magnesium badly! Skip to the recipe

I realized today, when I searched for this link on my blog that I never published it!
Much of this was saved as a draft, written in 2013. Published, March 26, 2022.

This period of time was very difficult and I still have a hard time going back to those times and pulling up memories. It's as if my body goes back there when I write about it. My breathing gets labored, my heart feels heavy…

Too much pain.My son @ 10 years old, was having seizures, pretty constantly for many months after a grand mal seizure that I think was caused by prednisone… or the prednisone suppressed his already bad immune system so much that the viruses and bacteria and spirochetes he was dealing with had the opportunity to go deeper while the mold and mycotoxins we didn't know about yet gathered up around his brain stem.
At least that's my theory, looking back at the whole nightmare.

The problem is when you are being poisoned. It's hard to see what's going on.

Poisoning – whether its toxic mold – like with us, or any other kind of poisoningit affects your mind. And you still may be stuck on what I meant by “any poisoning” – we live in a toxic world! If you are eating the SAD diet or the Standard American Diet – you are likely being poisoned by food, if you live in the “free world” you are likely being poisoned by chemtrails. And if you still see modern doctors, you are likely being poisoned by Rx drugs.

If doctors would look for a cause of discomfort instead of trying to mask symptoms maybe medical malpractice would not be the 3rd leading cause of death.

Six (6) Days after Starting Prednisone:

I was trying everything to slow the seizures down or stop them.

In an online support group with others who were diagnosed with Lyme but not being helped by the mostly corrupt medical system… someone suggested magnesium.

magnesium typesWe tried many types of magnesium oral supplements with no change in the frequency of the seizures. When I say all kinds, we were trying tablet, capsules, and trying different types of magnesium. I was doing research on the many kinds of magnesium.

We tried magnesium oil but he hated it because it burned. He was already in so much pain and discomfort, spraying oil on him while he says, “it burns” was not high on my list for acceptable treatments. I did know he was low in magnesium. If magnesium oil feels like it burns, its a sign that you are low.

importantAlso – important to know – whether adult or child – if you (or they)
HATE doing a treatment, you are not going to do it.
Find something you like doing – or at least you don't mind doing for your health and DO THAT THING DAILY. Daily habits change lives.

We tried a detox bath with epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) but he had a seizure in the bathtub! – always watch loved ones in the bathtub and shower if they are experiencing seizures. Luckily, I knew that!

I read a book called, “Clear Body, Clear Mind” where it states that calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate need to be supplemented together with Vitamin C in order to allow the body to absorb all the nutrients -with the mag and calcium preferably in a powdered form – the book calls for cider vinegar as the vitamin c portion.

I already knew, the cider vinegar was a problem unless I can disguise it really good!

I bought both calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate and followed the directions in the book —

From the book, Clear Body, Clear Mind

This wound up being something a kid would not drink without some doctoring up.
I sweetened it with stevia and added lemon until it tasted good and he loved it!
The more he drank, the less seizures he would have. He was keeping it down (at that time there were a lot of things he would throw up) and he would ask for it.

I was making tea 3-5 times a day. We started having seizure free days for the first time in a long time, so this became a habit. We were soon looking to purchase more calcium and magnesium when I found a pre-packaged product with the exact amounts of the correct forms of each product at the Cal-Mag Store. This is how I have been making the warm lemon tea ever since. My son never knew I switched and his seizures were managed as long as he sipped his “warm lemon tea.”

Sweeteners that promote wellness

Xylitol is a great sweetener for someone chronically ill who really should not have sugar – it is antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. We used xylitol ever since we found it but I think back then we were still using stevia. Either is good. Just don't give sick kids white or brown sugar or any form of fructose syrups.

Look for xylitol that is non-GMO. I like xylitol made from birch bark better than the corn just because I feel most corn is contaminated with GMO.

Just never give xylitol to pets. It is toxic to dogs and I am not sure about cats.

magnesiumWarm Lemon Tea
(helped reduce my son's seizures)

  1. Boil clean, fluoride and chlorine free water
  2. Put one rounded teaspoon of CalMag-C powder in a mug
  3. Fill cup 1/2 with water and stir until clear
  4. Top off with cool water until “tea” is warm
  5. Add xylitol and fresh lemon to taste (optional)
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