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Originally posted on Facebook – February 2nd, 2012

Too much pain.
Christmas 2010
Too much pain.

Doctors don't always know best.  If you are sick or you have a sick child, never stop looking for answers.  95% of the doctors out there are making too much money off sick people to want to help… but there are the 5% who really want to help people get well. Find a good doctor, nutritionist, or naturopath.  We have seen dozens of doctors and I can recommend two.  Please contact me if you are looking for a doctor.  I will try to help you find one.  Last March Tammy Stevens and the Whitehall Elks held a fundraiser for Cullen … at that time he was only getting worse, day by day. His immune system and his body were so weak, he looked like a 70 year old man and he was only 12.

Part of the proceeds from that fundraiser helped me figure out what was making him sick.  I had suspected environmental issues for a long time. I had called the NYS Department of Health asking if they could help me determine what was making us sick and they dismissed me.I couldn't afford the testing.  We were spending so much on doctors, medicine, supplements, and other appointments… not to mention that I was not working and I was getting sick too.

I tested for radon, I tested the water, then I tested the dust… and I got a positive… VERY POSITIVE.  The test that gave me some answers was the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index or ERMI(ERMI).  The scale went from negative 10 to positive 20… our test came back that our house was a 20.3.  I called the lab to confirm that we were indeed off the scale.  Yes, we broke the bell curve of mold, they had never seen a house so high.  We moved out.

Moving out made many of our family's health problems go away.  We knew within 4 days that we had done the right thing.

My son was the sickest of anyone in the house.  He had pain all over, no energy, major brain fog, neurological tics, difficulty sleeping, difficulty reading, short term memory loss.  Because of his sickness he had zero quality of life.  He was just sore and sick all the time.  You know that scale they give you at the Dr's office?  We did that scale on 3 things: brain, stomach and all over pain, and he was always a 8 to a 10 in each.  Every day.

He did not attend any of 6th grade. He was tutored at home for 2 hours a day and sometimes he was too sick to even do that.

When we moved out, Cullen started to get better four days later. That was all the proof I needed that the house was making him sick.  We have not lived in that house since.  We lost our health first and then our home and everything in it: furniture, clothing, toys, mattresses, bedding, rugs, and $1,000's worth of stuff we threw into dumpsters.

So sad… 2009

My daughter had allergies and asthma and that completely went away.  She was on 3 medications, had an emergency nebulizers, allergy shots once a week, and an emergency inhaler.  She doesn't need any of these medications any more.  She used to get spontaneous nose bleeds and chronic sinus infections… all of this is gone.

I was having major brain fog.  I could not remember appointments, I would get lost without my Garmin and I was starting to become dyslexic.  I was seeing things backwards.  I couldn't remember words or which side of an envelope the stamp belonged on.  I had been in and out of the hospital with major GI problems and had a tendency to get ovarian cysts.  I hadn't had my time of the month in years and I was only 39.  I bruised very easily and I lost a lot of hair.

Mike had been to the ER twice with heart palpitations.  He has fungal toe nails.

The dog went lame and would not get up to eat.  She had mucus coming from her eyes and could not “assume the position” to go to the bathroom.

Healthy Again!
2014- Healthy Again!

We are learning how to live with this. Thank you mom and dad for owning a motel and the land that we camped on last summer!   Thank you to everyone who came to that spaghetti dinner that Cullen was to sick to attend.  I just want you to know he is better now and our house is almost done.   We moved out April 16th, 2011.  Today is February 2nd, 2012 and we looking for furniture and mattresses so we can move back in.

I would not have been able to afford the testing without the fundraiser. THANK YOU WHITEHALL & TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED US!

Please, if you think you have mold in your home or work, get out first.

If you bring anything from the home, you can bring the mold with you! Take nothing with you.  If you have to take clothes, stop at a laundromat and wash them with 2 cups of ammonia and no detergent.  Then, put the clothes in new bags that did not come from the mold contaminated home!

Figure out how to fix it when you are living somewhere safe.

Update!  As of November 19th, 2014 I use Hi Tech Air Solutions air reactors and mold is not a problem for any of us anymore.  This machine cleans the air and surfaces of mold and unlike ozone, it is safe to use 24/7 – it is always protecting us from mold and other toxins that could harm us.  I love my Hi Tech!

Want to learn more – start here==> Hi Tech Testimonials.

I am a Hi Tech Consultant and you can contact me if you have any questions.

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