Toxic Mold at the Spartanburg County Courthouse

They found mold at the Spartanburg County Courthouse in South Carolina and they have a clean up crew on the job. This news story is titled “Nontoxic mold closes parts of Spartanburg Co. Courthouse”

Sounds like no big deal, right?

That's not necessarily true.

The people who work in that building are concerned that the clean up will not be good enough and they have a good reason to be concerned. Some people will get sicker than others in buildings with toxic mold. About 25% of people are more sensitive to toxic mold. Those people will not be able to work in that building unless it is cleaned up and the air purified so that ALL the toxins are gone. If they do return to work, they may experience headaches, nausea, seizures, strokes and even cancer.

moldy papers and files
Moldy Papers and Files
See, all those papers that they keep in government buildings?

They have mold on them too.

If you don't do something about the surface mold and the mold that is hidden in file cabinets, furniture, behind walls and in the heating and cooling systems… you are going to have at least 25% of the people who work in that building having some kind of symptoms from toxic mold.

After the work is done to stop leaks and clean up the mold… You need to measure the square footage of that building and install an air purification system… preferably one that purifies air rather than filtering air. Filters get clogged, collect toxins and redistribute them. If you want a system that cleans the air, check out the air reactor I use in my own home.

Here is the original news story of the mold that is in the Spartanburg County Courthouse, in case you missed it.

Right in the beginning of the video, they stress that the clean up is of non-toxic mold.

I beg to differ. People tend to think that Stachybotrys is the only toxic mold and that is just not true. I'd like to see the air testing results and look at the mold that was found. I bet there is some aspergillus and other toxic molds in that report.

So, then a little later in the video they mention that they have been saying it has been non-toxic mold all along but last night they found “black mold” (a.k.a. stachybotrys) in an air test and in a second test they didn't find it at all.

They are estimating to be done with the remediation in three weeks and the date of this video news report is September 6th.

That puts a re-entry date of September 27.

The company that is doing the work is JMAC Environmental, LLC. owned by John McNamara

I did a search of his name and found this earlier news story on the workers wearing masks because of mold at the Spartanburg County Courthouse

One of the quotes from the news story:

“This particular courtroom, I’ve had a judge, just a couple of weeks ago say, you know, I can’t go back in there, I feel sick every time I go in there.”

The photos show how the air vents in that room were covered in black.

Even after being replaced, the recent indoor environmental quality investigation revealed “Microbial contamination within the wall cavity” of the courtroom.

The Solicitor’s wing has elevated levels of mold in the air.

Judge Turner’s room has toxic black mold in the walls.

But what concerns employees the most is the fact that there are spores in the HVAC system.

That is a legitimate concern. And let me tell you, the mold is everywhere.

Unless you get an air purification system in there, or you REMOVE EVERY BOOK, PAPER, OFFICE CHAIR, SHEET ROCK, RUG, CEILING TILE, INSULATION AND ALL POROUS MATERIAL… people will continue to get sick.

The air purification system I use in my home can be sized for any building and it cleans the air. Not filtering. Cleaning.

The article goes on to say that they are concerned the fix may be more a band-aid than a permanent solution. They have to fix the leaks! If they are not fixing the water leaks, no amount of mold remediation, filtration or air purification will clean up the mold.

Once the source of the water intrusion is fixed and the mold is cleaned up to the best of this mold remediation company's ability…

Get the permanent solution. An air reactor. Purify the air.

No matter how good any mold remediation company cleans that building (or any building) there will always be some mold and other toxins left behind. It's best to install a system that works in the background to insure everyone is breathing clean air!

Here is the video that began the story on July 18th, 2016.

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I'd love to hear your comments on the toxic mold found at the Spartanburg County Courthouse!

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