Surviving Mold – The Book That Saved My Life

My son had been very sick for 9 months.

I had been sick… but not as sick as him… for 20 years.

We had both been told it was all in our heads. We both had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and many other things. I had 3 surgeries which, in hindsight, were all avoidable. My son had been on IV antibiotics that nearly killed him. Those were some scary times. Especially the last couple of years before we found the mold.

Everyone was sick. Including the dog. Seizures, throwing up, bloody noses, heart attacks, pain all over, fatigue, fainting, asthma, you name it, we had it. I thought I was losing my mind.

We found the book Surviving Mold in February of 2011 and we finally figured out why we could not get well. If you are living in toxic mold, you will get gradually sicker and many will even die living in mold. Many have died.

“It's all in your head” was something we heard from many doctors.

In a way, it was. Our heads (and bodies) were full of toxins. Mold toxins, mercury, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses… all of the above! When you are sick from mold, your immune system is suppressed and you can catch anything that crosses your path. Somewhere between 50% and 80% of buildings have some sort of water damage that was not repaired quickly enough and caused mold. Most people think it's no big deal. I am here to tell you it's a very big deal and it can make people very, very sick!

Many closed minded doctors tend blame the patient (or the patient's mother) when they can't find a pharmaceutical or a surgery that fits your symptom list.  Believe me.  I've seen dozens of doctors who did not help us! And we were very sick.

We never did go to Dr. Shoemaker as patients. Since I have been well, I have met him at a couple of different “indoor air quality” and “mold” conferences. He's a brilliant man who paved the way for millions to have a path to wellness.

In this video, Dr Shoemaker talks about mold awareness and how mold can form in a home.  His book and website, “Surviving Mold” has brought awareness to many! 

It's great to be aware of mold, but even better to be free of mold. 

Ask me how to get mold out of the air, off the surfaces and stuff and out of your body. 

Get the free mold book, today!

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