Giving When You Don’t Have Much

I am so grateful for where I am today.

I would not be where I am today without the help of others.

3dmanheartThank you.

I appreciate you.

Even if you never did anything for me directly. I love you.

I appreciate you.

I love and adore you for the things you have done for other people. That's what life is about.


Imagine a young woman on her way to the store.
She only has $20 to feed herself and two children for the week.
She's wondering how she will be able to keep them fed.

She sees a woman begging on the street with a sign that says,

NEED $10
4 Sick Son

She gives the woman $10 and a ride to get the medicine her son needs.
She feeds her family for the week on the remaining $10.
They have plenty to eat… they even have enough for guests.

Giving can save a life!

The youtube video ^ above was circulating facebook and it hit me how great it feels to give and to know that the universe will provide a way if you expect it to.

Always be giving of yourself. Even if you can't financially afford to give, you can give the gift of friendship, support, advice or whatever you are good at.

Treat others as you would like them to treat you. That is the way I like to live. No matter what happens, I continue to give with happiness.

Get Happy with Giving

givingEven if you are buying the essentials: food, rent, utilities, supplements, herbs. You can still get a healthy attitude about money. Feel great about giving your money away for whatever the reason.

Dov Baron, author of Don't Read This Unless You Want More Money!: Subconscious Tactics of the Truly Affluent wrote GBAM on every bill he gave away which stands for “God Bless And Multiply“ This trains your mind to think good thoughts when giving money away.

Try it, it works!

A friend of mine once said that the day he became and F.O.B. he began having more money.

F.O.B. = friend of bills

He had happy thoughts about the bills he had to pay and he had more money left at the end of the month. Your thoughts around money could be keeping you in the poor house!

I would love to hear about your favorite way to give!

Leave a comment, below!

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3 thoughts on “Giving When You Don’t Have Much”

  1. The world would be one happy place if everyone practiced these principles. And as you pointed out, giving doesn’t required money. A visit with an elderly person, helping someone who has car trouble, or just being an ear for someone who is down on their luck can mean more than all the money in the world.

    Thanks for sharing and make it an awesome day!

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