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Toxic Mold Presentation for Healing ALS

Yesterday, I gave a presentation on toxic mold for the HealingALS.org community.
I was honored to be invited to present and was praying that I would give the information that would help people see that toxic mold could be contributing to some of their symptoms. The longer someone stays in toxic mold, the sicker they get.

Whenever I am done giving a presentation, I think, did I do enough?

Did I help enough people?

Healing ALS

ALS is such a devastating disease to many. Scott and Tish of Healing ALS were at a Master-Mind event in Kauai, HI in 2014 and there was joy in their voices when they talked about their hopes and dreams for helping people who have an ALS diagnosis. They had already seen ALS reverse with natural treatments and they wanted to film and share these stories and help more people reverse their symptoms and completely reverse ALS.

ALS and Toxic Mold can be Related

The whole basis for the talk was that ALS can have a toxic mold component.

I told our story to try to convey how difficult it can be to distinguish symptoms.
Once we get a diagnosis – no matter what that diagnosis – it's easy to get stuck only looking at that diagnosis and not looking for the cause.

Mold Symptoms

More on Healing ALS

At HealingALS.org they are seeing ALS completely reverse because of their work.
It's free to be a member and then you have access to all the recorded webinars and notes for those webinars.

Tish and Scott both saw the similarities in the extreme sickness my family experienced and the extreme symptoms many people with ALS suffer with.

Several times over the years, Tish and I have talked about the toxic mold nightmare our family went through and the possibility of sharing that experience to help the HealingALS community.

Just being aware of the stages of mycotoxicosis (being poisoned by toxic mold) and the symptoms of mold illness can open eyes and save lives. If you didn't get a chance to screenshot the pages of the powerpoint during the presentation, the entire pdf of the slides as well as my notes is available for download HERE.

Tish called me in 2021 to present about toxic mold to the HealingALS.org community.

I started to put together a presentation and got overwhelmed. I told Tish I needed to work on me in order to be able to put together a good presentation for the ALS community. Let's do the presentation for HealingALS in the spring of 2022.

Toxic Mold and Chronic Illness

I tend to think everyone who is sick in any chronic and serious way probably has some toxic mold in their homes unless proven otherwise, so if 100 people are watching my presentation, I want 100 to have A-ha moments and take action.
I give options for action steps in the presentation:

  • Test for toxic mold: in the body or the home
  • Get out or get a Hi Tech Air Reactor.

Getting out means a lifetime of running. Mold avoidance is not easy. The steps are outlined IN DETAIL in the presentation. So, if this is the route you choose for your life, you may get some tips you do not know.

Getting an air reactor means a normal life where toxic mold is a non-existent thing.
Almost 8 years with Hi Tech and my life is back to normal and the most beautiful thing is seeing other people enjoy normal lives again with no fear of mold.

I saved the powerpoint in a pdf – you can download it with this link:
Mold Poisoned and Back to Health

The presentation video will be available on HealingALS.org when they have a chance to upload it. In the meantime – there are many recordings of other presentations available for free – become a free member and start reversing ALS symptoms today.

Testing Buildings and Your Body

The lab I recommend for testing your home is Mycometrics
These are instructions for doing the HERTSMI test ($160)

Testing your body is a little more complicated. I do not recommend urine tests for mycotoxins because they don't really tell you much and they tend to be expensive. If these tests are covered by insurance, go ahead, maybe you will find the results useful.

I tend to think if you are sick and the house tests positive for toxic mold, don't waste your money on testing – put those $$ resources toward detoxifying yourself and your home!

Most people in the U.S. have health insurance that will cover at least some of these tests that can give you biomarkers and document improvements.
The tests I recommend (if you have insurance) are the blood tests, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker recommends at Surviving Mold. He provides diagnosis codes and ranges for the test results at Surviving Mold, Resources for Patients

These are the labs we checked when we had a doctor we were working with

Find more about these labs at SurvivingMold.com

Tests for Toxic Mold for people (like me) who don't go to doctors anymore or if you don't have medical insurance.

Our body temperature and pH levels were both low.
More about pH testing and how to raise body pH

My son had a pH of 4.5 and my pH was 5.5. I found that raising our pH artificially with baking soda and diet would raise our body temperature also, and eventually with diet and hard work detoxing, we were able to stop artificially raising pH because pH normalized at 7.34 — which is healthy.

Hi Tech Air Solutions

Right now, and through March 31, 2022 there is a 10% off sale at Hi Tech
The coupon code is SPRING22

For homes, I recommend one Hi Tech 101 for every 1,500 square feet.
UNLESS, someone is sick and/or you have evidence of high toxic mold counts.
THEN, I would consider getting one Hi Tech 101 for every 1,000 square feet.

10% of all Hi Tech purchases made through me will be donated to HealingALS
Make sure you choose Heather Plude as the “Salesperson” at Hi Tech Air Solutions

Choose Heather Plude at HiTechAirSolutions.com

Or contact me and I can help you with your order.

Here is the money back plus testing guarantee

We started with one Hi Tech 101 in our 1334 square foot home and wound up adding another. I am not always running both in the house. I use one to clean cars, basement, shed, garage and when I travel. It's nice to be able to keep everything clean without losing the cleaning power in my house.

If the house is feeling a little toxic: usually if someone brings something moldy in the house, we can run both in the house. I have 3 floors, so usually I have one going in the attic or the basement while the other is running in the house.

This also makes it possible to loan a Hi Tech to a family in need: usually they are sick and open to trying the Hi Tech to see if it will help with how they are feeling.

For more information or questions on toxic mold and mycotoxicosis:
Contact me or schedule a 1/2 hour phone call.

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